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7 Simple Daily Tasks To Keep Your Home Organized

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Sometimes it can be hard keeping your home tidy with all that life has going on. With work, kids and other day to day stuff, often the daily tasks can get left behind creating a bigger mounds to climb down the line.

Our home is the place we spend the most time. Having a tidy home is just one of the ways we can feel better on a day to day basis. The things around us (i.e. mess) does affect the way we feel. It’s proven that a clutter free home has a more positive impact on ourselves.

A big organization home haul can take at least a couple of days (when done properly) and can take a lot of energy. In the meantime there are a few home daily tasks that will keep your humble abode in order.

1. Make Your Bed

Making the bed should be one of the first things, if not the first to do in your day. Having your bed made as soon as you get up sets the tone for the day.

Plus it really is the worst feeling coming back to to go to an unmade bed! Even worse if you have to sleep in it. Especially when you’re tired. Getting a good sleep is important!

2. Pick Up The Post

Even if you’re expecting just bills (which nobody really likes), pick up your post straight way. And open them! Letters can mount up quickly and then it’s even more of hassle sorting through whats important and what’s not.

Throw the junk mail straight in the bin. All the other letters and bills that are important leave in a place you know you won’t forget about. Creating a drop zone is a good idea, a place to put all letters and other items for easy access. You’ll see the letters often and it will remind you to get them sorted.

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3. Plan Your Meals

One way to minimise mess that can accumulate, is to plan your meals in advance. This saves you from having to scour the fridge and the cupboards everyday to cook your meals.

Cooking a few batch meals in advance means you don’t need to think about what to eat. Just grab from the fridge and heat up. So no big clean up everyday from the saucepans and pots from preparation. A few days without cooking can be a welcome break! And frees you up to do other activities that might be helpful.

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4. Wash Up The Dishes

Washing up the dishes, can be another chore. But getting it out the way is better than a big pile up. Whether you have a rota system in your home or a dish washer its a lot easier to wash up the dishes after use. A 5 minute washing up job versus a 40 minutes or more?

Take your pick!

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5. Wipe Down The Counters

Having clutter on the kitchen counters doubles the work before you even begin to do anything. Cleaning the kitchen counters straight after use and you’ll be ready to go in the kitchen and cook any time.

6. Put Your Clothes Away

Its so easy to leave your clothes on the bedroom floor! But it’s just another job you’re going to have to do later or the day after. Organize your clothes, hang it up in the closet or fold them away in the drawers.

Make sure you do have a designated area for your dirty clothes in hamper or some place out of sight.

7. Re-fluff The Cushions

After relaxing on the sofa reading or watching tv you’re probably heading straight up to bed. Before leaving the living room give your sofa cushions a quick smooth over and pat down. Give a quick fluff of your throw cushions too.

It’s going to look and feel a lot better when you come down in the morning to a neat sofa. No bum imprints from the night before. Your sofa will brand new and last a few years longer if you fluff it often enough too. Buying a good sofa is a big investment piece so look after it!

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If you feel like you need to step up the organization at home here are few quick things you can declutter that will make a big difference!


7 Simple Daily Tasks To Keep Your Home Organized: There are some simple daily tasks you can do in your home that will help keep your home a bit more tidy and organized that won't take you anytime all! @chloedominik #homeorganization #hometipsandtricks #dailyhometasks #homeorganizationhacks

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.


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