10 Best Modular Sectional Sofas For Your Family Room (2024)

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Your seating is the most important feature in your family room. And sofas are a big investment. It needs to be comfortable and practical for all the family. A modular sectional is a great alternative for your space instead of a sofa.

Having a modular sofa is a great option for creating a flexible space. With modular sofas being broken down into small sections. And they’re a really good option if you have narrow doorways and hallways. As that can be a big issue with getting larger pieces of furniture in. So they’re really practical as well. 

Best Modular Sectional Picks 

Difference Between A Sectional Sofa and Modular Sofa

A sectional sofa is usually made up of two or three seat pieces. Combining two or three seating pieces and one or two chaise pieces to stretch out on. 

A sectional with two chaises on both sides is a U Sectional. And with one chaise is an L Sectional with the chaise being situated on the right or the left hand. With an L sectional the chaise configuration is based on the position of the chaise while you are standing and facing the sofa.

The main difference with a standard sectional is the seating is fixed. So if you choose a sectional with a left sided chaise you won’t be able to swap it over to the other side.

With a modular sectional that’s not the case. 

What Is A Modular Sectional?

A modular sectional is made up of different seating pieces. These different seats can be changed and swapped to sit next to other pieces. Making a number of different seating arrangements. This depends on the type of seating pieces you buy and the number of them. 

Seating pieces for modular sectionals include arm pieces, armless seats, corner pieces and ottomans. 

The seating pieces are then clipped underneath to keep them secure to make your seating. With the ottoman pieces, this may be optional depending on the arrangement and your preference. But in the end it’s up to you. 

If you’re renting your home having a modular sectional is a good option. It can be easily moved to your next home. And be separated or expanded with new pieces to fit your new space. If that’s something you’re thinking of doing make sure the sofa isn’t on sale or being discontinued when you first buy it. 

Tips For Buying A Modular Sectionals

Measuring for Modular Sectionals

Even though modular sofas and sectionals are designed to be flexible, still check the dimensions of each piece.

For small spaces you can get modular sectionals that are smaller in size. This makes it a much better fit for a small living room space than a normal sized modular sofa. As you’ll get the right proportions and scale for your living room space. 

Don’t automatically assume that because it’s modular the seating will work for you. You might be able to get a couple of pieces in, but is it comfortable and does it look right?

Check and measure the width and height of your doorways and hallways. All your access ways need to be double checked to make sure you can get into the room. 

How Many Modular Pieces Do You Need?

Plan your modular sectional out on paper first.

Check the individual sizes of the modular seats as well as the overall dimensions when you’ve decided on your arrangement. See if it’s a good fit for your space and you have enough room around your sectional. 

Also think about how you like to sit. And which type of seats you’ll need. A popular combination usually include one corner piece, one armless seat, one 

What Material?

Some companies have stock fabrics for seating available meaning it’s slightly cheaper in cost.

But ultimately what matters is you buy the right material that suits your lifestyle. This could be leather, an organic fabric like cotton or linen. Performance fabric is a synthetic material which is good for stain resistance and pets at home. 

Modular Sofa Structure 

It’s important to check the other materials the sofa is made from. And that they’re all good quality. Not just the fabric. Check that the sofa frame is made from a good strong wood. A hardwood frame that is kiln dried is likely to last longer.

Is A Modular Sectional Worth It? 

A modular sofa can work out pretty expensive. If you only have the room to position your modular sectional in one arrangement, you might be better off purchasing a standard L Sectional sofa. 

One of the best things a modular sectional offers is flexibility in its arrangement. If that’s something you’re not able to do and you know you won’t be moving anytime soon maybe you should hold off on it.

Best Modular Sectionals

1. Block Nomad Sofa Sectional

Nomad Modular Sectional Sofa Burrow
Image: Burrow

The Nomad sofa from Burrow has the most top rate reviews from customers. The chaise can be moved any side of the sofa, even the middle. So you have the option to turn it three seater sofa if you like too.

It’s easy to put together and the back cushions are customizable. So you can choose to keep the tufted cushions or plain. Another handy feature is the built in USB charger for your devices.

According to customers the Nomad sofa pieces are easy to put together. And to move about for when you do need to change. The mid century style sofa comes with different five fabric options made from up-cycled materials. And for the legs you choose from three wood finishes and three metal finishes.

There’s more customizable features too. Including three arm styles and three arm styles heights. Extras you can choose from include a sleep kit for when visitors come over. As well as lumbar pillows for extra comfort.

2. Harmony Modular Sectional

Harmony Modular Sofa West Elm
Image: West Elm

A lovely modern and comfortable modular sofa from West Elm. The Harmony sofa has deep cushions to sink in to and throw cushions included to make it even more cozy. It makes a good alternative to the RH Cloud sofa. As it has a similar style to it. You can position and add to this sofa making it as big as you need to. Great for a social centre piece in your living room or for a theatre room.

3. The Kova

The Kova Modular sofa from Albany Park
Image: Albany Park

The Kova from Albany Park is another sofa that comes with great customer reviews. It has the comfortable element as the sofa is 30″ deep. But it does offer a bit more firmness in the cushions.

You can choose from seven different fabric options with the Kova. If you’re struggling to get an idea of what the sofa could look like in space, then definitely have a peek at the #MyAlbanyPark inspired photo gallery. It’s easy to put together and you have a trial period to see if it’s right for you.

4. Earsell Upholstered Sectional

A transitional style sofa that you can use for you living room. This is a more affordable option from Wayfair. The Earsell upholstered sectional comes in two colour options, cream or grey.

5. Field Sectional Lounger

As Burrow is one of the best companies for modular sofas, the Field sectional is another option on the list. This style more of classic clean look. And is available in four fabrics and three wood finishes for the legs.

You can start off with a small arrangement and add modular pieces later when needed. The sitting is good size and firmness. So it’s durable and built to last. And you won’t have to worry about stains and spills with the fabric choices.

6. The Jones Modular

The Jones Modular Sofa from Maiden Home
Image: Maiden Home

The Jones modular sofa and has a nice low modern profile to it. A very minimalist style design. It’s totally customized and comes via white glove service.

There’s a wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Including velvet, linen, boucle, mohair and lots more. You can also get a range of leathers. The cost will vary depending on your choice. There are smaller configurations available too, from just a two seater modular.

7. Like Butter Small Sectional

The Like Butter sofa is a nice modern family option, perfect for those days lounging and relaxing. A nice comfortable and soft cushions that have a sink in feel. This is a low profile sofa so it’s a great option for an open plan space.

8. Loom Modular Sofa

The Loom modular sofa from Industry West

The Loom modular sofa comes with zero fuss. No extra cushions, just a simple and elegant style. With the ability to change up your living room space whenever you like. With only two grey shades to choose from it makes your decision a lot easier. You just need to choose the seating configuration that is right for you.

Terrain modular sofa in Nova Velvet Bronze from CB2
Image: CB2

The Terrain sofa is a super stylish and contemporary sofa from CB2. This shows their stock option in a bronze velvet fabric. Which is gorgeous and there are other fabrics available which would be a custom order. The base of the sectional is in a walnut wood finish giving a luxurious feel. This sofa would definitely make a stunning focal point for your space.

10. Owen Pit Sectional

Owen Pit sectional sofa from Arhaus
Image: Arhaus

Now this is what you call a sectional. This Owen pit sectional is made for movie nights! If you have the space to make a lounge pit, then this is the sofa to choose. It has a choice of six fabrics to select from. And deep, large feather-filled cushions makes an ultra soft landing zone for the family to chill out on.

That wraps up the best modular sofa post. This should help you with getting a better idea of what you looking for. And all the knowledge you need to pick the best one for you.


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