9 Tips How To Create A Spa Like Bathroom

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Over the past few years, self care has been high priority on everyone’s list. Even more so during the last couple of years. And where better to practice self care than at home? In terms of interior trends, spa like bathrooms has seen a rise in popularity.

More of us are willing to invest more in doing up not only bathrooms but other rooms in the home. But redoing your bathroom obviously can come at a big expense.

Creating an amazing wet room or your dream bathroom with a beautiful deep free standing bath tub takes a lot of time, money, effort and planning. Maybe that dream bathroom is a bit further down the road… For the moment the bathroom you have, is what you have.

Then there are some simple spa ideas to create your own home spa bathroom retreat in the mean time. Perfect for a couple of hours of indulgence at home. And to enjoy and make the most of the home you have already. A spa bathroom on a budget…

How To Create Spa Like Bathroom Tips

1. Organize & Declutter

When you think spa, think clean, organized and relaxing. The same goes for your bathroom. Have a good declutter of your bathroom. If you haven’t got the time to organize properly, decide on what you would like to leave out on display. (Usually the absolute essentials and the pretty stuff).

Make the most of you wall space by using shelves to organize and display your chosen items. Add in a few baskets here and there to keep everything organized. And put all other items stored away in the bathroom cupboard.

If you have glass front cabinetry in the bathroom it’s best to sort out all the stuff as soon as possible. It’s hard to relax when you can still see messy stuff peeping out at you.


Painting your bathroom is the most effective way to get a dramatic change. And choosing the right colour is going to help you in getting that spa like bathroom at home.

Neutral tones like white, creams and greys are the best option to go with. You can also go with more earthy colours like browns and beiges and even greens.

It depends what look you’re going for. A light and serene bathroom? Or a cozy cocoon spa bathroom? You could try pastel colours too.

3. Display your Linens

Invest in some good quality towels to keep on hand. Hang a couple from your towel bar or over your radiator. Think of creative ways you can display a few towels, by folding a few extra and keeping them on an open shelf. Or rolling some of the smaller towels in a nice storage basket.

Hang up a cozy terry robe ready for your spa days. Don’t forget laying out a nice bath mat as well!

Self Care Checklist

4. Unify The Essentials

Store your every day essentials in some pretty canisters or storage jars. Just to keep the look more unified and less visual clutter. Unless of course you like the packaging that the products come in. You can have some fun with it and come up with a colour scheme using the products.

Bare in mind how much space you have on the counter and on any open shelves you might have. The less stuff you have left out the cleaner it will look. Much more spa like! Anything that doesn’t belong can be stored away out of sight.

5. Health & Beauty Items

If you’re wanting to go the extra mile and make some time for a pamper session then buy a few bath goodies. It’ll get you excited for a self-care bathroom session. Think sponges, scrubs, face masks and bath salts. These are the kind of items that will help give that spa like vibe.

The decor finishes will really help adding that spa like feel in the bathroom. Try adding scented candles. They’ll look and smell great regardless if they’re being used or not. An oil diffuser or some lanterns will give a similar kind of feel. Adding a nice scent with aromatherapy or candles will

Remember to include some practical decor items as well like a shower or bath caddy to help things organized. And instead of a bath mat, you could opt for a cedar or teak bath mat which will last longer.

6. Lighting

Our lighting in the bathroom can tend to be basic. But there’s no reason why you can’t swap out the main light to a more attractive light pendant. It might be the biggest expense on the list but it will make a big difference.

7. Spa Greenery

Adding some greenery to the bathroom will add a natural and calming sense to the space. Certain plants will love being placed in the bathroom where there is more moisture in the air. Connecting with nature is one sure way of helping us to relax.

8. Artwork

Putting up some artwork is optional depending on how much space you have. But it is a nice touch for your bathroom. Go for one large art print rather than lots spread out. Having one large print in a simple style is more toward a minimal and spa like look.


The accent finishes you choose to finish off your space matter too. If you’re already working with a metal finish like brass stick with that same finish. Don’t mix too many metal finishes together in your bathroom. No more than two metal finishes are ideal for a spa like style bathroom.


If you’re planning a pamper session at home here are few items to add to goodie basket…

  1. Keep your beauty supplies neat and organized with stylish clear canisters.
  2. This Olay exfoliator face brush is a best seller on Amazon.
  3. I love this stylish ceramic stone diffuser. This aromatherapy diffuser doubles up as a nice bathroom decor piece too.
  4. Turkish towels made of 100% cotton for a luxury spa like feel to display and use in your bathroom.
  5. Have a natural bristle body brush on hand for after your bath session.
  6. Sheet masks are an easy addition into your pamper routine.
  7. Lay some cooling eye patches underneath your eyes after a long day to relax in the bath.
  8. Choose from a nice little set of essential oils depending on your mood for the day.
  9. A vanilla and fig scented candle, you can save the pretty jar after the candle’s finished!
  10. Using a quartz facial roller is said to be help with anti-aging and promoting blood circulation. Something that can be added to your beauty routine.
  11. Keep a good manicure set in your bathroom. This cute little set you can take with you on your travels as well.
  12. If you’re planning a long soak and a good read in the bath, then a bath caddy is always a good idea. This natural slate bath caddy fits right into the modern spa style.

That wraps up how to create a spa like bathroom on a budget. I hope some of these ideas get you excited for some future home spa sessions!


How To Create A Spa Like Bathroom On A Budget

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