Modern White Living Room -The Curved Sofa: 4 Reasons Why The Interior Trend Is Taking Over: A beautiful modern white living room that makes the most of the space by featuring a gorgeous white curved sofa to the interior design makes it more luxurious and modern. Adding open set furniture which expands the living room area even more. @chloedominik #modernlivingroom #whitelivingroom #modernwhitelivingroom #curvedsofalivingroom #curvedsofalivingroominteriordesign

The Curved Sofa: 4 Reasons Why The Interior Trend Is Taking Over

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You might think that curved furniture only looks great in huge fancy apartment rooms! Yes, it does look fantastic in a huge apartment, (what doesn’t?) But a curved sofa or chairs can look just as great in your everyday living room too. Curves in furniture are making a big come back!

Softens The Room

Adding curves in your room whether big or small helps soften the feel of the place. More often than not our spaces tend to be boxes. The curves of the furniture help take the edge off. Literally!

The sofa is where everyone gravitates to. It’s a great statement piece for a living room. Bringing in curved furniture, especially a sofa is guaranteed impact and something unique if you’re considering a more contemporary look.


A curved sofa helps define the room. They make the best areas for conversation and intimate gatherings. So if you host and entertain a lot this might be good option for you.

The Curved Sofa: 4 Reasons Why The Interior Trend Is Taking Over: Anthropologie has some great curved sofas for your living room a perfect statement piece and to create an interesting and intimate living room setting for friends and family. @chloedominik #curvedsofa #curvedsofalivingroom #anthropologielivingroom #anthropologiecurvedsofa #livingroominterior
Source: Anthropologie

Art Piece

Consider a curvy sofa a functioning piece of art work. It’s sculptural and attractive. Once you have an investment piece of furniture like that in the room, you can do as little or as much with the space as you like.

This room is able to fit in the curved sofa by using a sliding door instead of traditional hinge door. Making the absolute out the space.

Good Flow

It’s good Feng Shui! Harsh edges and points are said not be good in our home environment. Affecting our personal well being with negative energy. Of course there might be other pieces in the room that will be more linear. Having curves in the living room will balance out the flow. Creating more positive energy.

Sleek White Curved Sofa: The Curved Sofa: 4 Reasons Why The Interior Trend Is Taking Over: With a big living room space you have the option to go for a bigger sofa like this sleek curved sofa which will seat a lot people. It's scale is in proportion to the room and the curve adds a sculptural element to the interior design. @chloedominik #curvedsofa#curvedsofalivingroom #curvedsofasinlivingrooms #curvedsofadesign #curvedsofadesignideas
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What do you think of having a curved sofa? A waste of space or love it? Let me know in the comments below.


The Curved Sofa: 4 Reasons Why The Interior Trend Is Taking Over: The trends in Interior design recently has been shifting to taking my creative risks away from the norm and the curved sofa fits that sentiment something unusual, a talking feature and focal point in the design. A classic piece that will last a lifetime adding interest to the space. @chloedominik #curvedsofa #curvedsofadesign #curvedsofa #curvedsofalivingroom #interiortrends

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