8 Quick Declutter Easy Wins In Under An Hour

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Sometimes all we need is a few small wins to get us in the right frame of mind to tackle the big things. It’s the same for when it comes to decluttering! Stalling on decluttering can be down to lack of time or simply just the overwhelm of starting it. Once the smaller things have been tackled you’ll feel a lot better and will be ready to go on to bigger areas and rooms. So here are a few easy and quick declutter wins you can get under your belt!

These categories and items are the most simple things to start off with because it’s mostly practical and not much thought needs to go into keeping it or not. They’re mostly yes and no answers.

Quick Declutter Wins

1. Email Inbox

It’s not a physical item per se but we carry our phones with us pretty much with us all the time. If the number popping up on your inbox is ever increasing then this is a chance for you to declutter digitally! And reduce that number down on your inbox significantly. And there’s usually a way where you can delete in bulk. If it’s been sitting in your inbox unopened for a week or more chances are you won’t be opening it.

Delete all the unopened messages if it’s been two weeks or more. Once you have your inbox down to reasonable number you’ll be able to decide more quickly if this is an email you’re going to read or not.

2. Fridge

For a quick declutter win with the fridge just concentrate on throwing out expired foods. This keeps it simple and easy. The organization of the fridge can come later.

3. Kitchen Counter

Getting your kitchen counters clear is practical for when you have to get in the kitchen for later for cooking or anything else needed. Put your dirty dishes in the sink for washing and anything else that isn’t being used put away in the drawer or cupboard.

4. Home Linens

Towels and bed linens. Again keep it simple. Anything that has holes in it, ripped, discoloured or faded needn’t go back in to the linen closet. Put them to one side and decide whether to donate or throw away.

5. Dining Room Table

The dining room table is place that can easily get turned into a dumping ground for passers by especially if it’s part of an open concept living area. Just take everything off the table and quickly put in their right places. Or for an even quicker win put it into a storage basket. That way it’s out sight and the table is clear. You can go through and organize whatever you put in the basket later.

6. Pens

I’m sure most of us have a place somewhere in our home where keep a stash of pens on hand. Maybe it’s in the home office, or in the living room or somewhere in the kitchen for when writing a quick shop list. Bit there’s nothing more frustrating than needing a pen only to find out that the first 3 pens you went to write with have run dry.

This is such an easy quick win! Get a piece of paper and scribble. Immediately throw away any pens that have no ink left in them. Super simple and will save you from going crazy the next time you need a pen!

7. Makeup

Sorting out you makeup bag should give you another quick declutter win. It’s pretty clear when makeup is getting on the old side. Check the expiration dates and throw out anything that’s past. Also throw out any empties, dried up products like mascaras. Nail polishes that are separating can also be binned.

8. Purse

Our purse is worth a quick look through too. How many old receipts are stuffed in there that you haven’t looked at since the purchase? Chuck away old receipts, cut up expired bank cards and reward cards that you haven’t used in the last year or so.

If you’re struggling to declutter, these tips will give you some quick declutter wins. Which will get you motivated and give you the energy as well as the confidence to go on to decluttering the rest of your home. You can get my 7 Step Declutter Workbook which will give you all the steps to declutter room by room.

Once your home is in order you can do some quick daily tasks to keep on top of it. In the meantime which quick declutter wins will you be trying first? Let me know in the comments!


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