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10 Great Tips To Create A Productive Home Office

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Working from home is a whole different ball game compared to working in the office. There are of course advantages and disadvantages to working from home. But let’s focus on the good things! How can you create the best productive home office for you?

The main advantage is that this is your office. Your space. Your working area. And you get to to decide how you want it to be. How it looks and feels. A home office by you, for you, which works for you!

Here are the top tips to create a productive home office that you will love!

Productive Home Office Tips

1. Location, Location!

Working from home there are too many easy distractions for us! Kids, food, the tv, the list goes on. (The distractions may still be less than the company work office though)! There are lots of considerations to factor in when working from home.

Deciding where you’re going to be setting up is the most important thing.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a whole room to yourself. Or just a small area or area to work from, then that’s enough. Think also about who else might around when you’re working.

Do you need total concentration? Then a private space away is the best solution. Somewhere where you’re able to close the door behind you. So you have the option for total quiet if that’s how you work best.

Are you ok to pop away every now and then if you have children for example? In which case a designated corner in a main space might be the best idea. You can make your working area your own and something that works for you regardless of size.

10 Tips To Create A Productive Home Office - Corner Window Home Office
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2. Clean Out & Declutter

Now you have decided the best place that works for you, is it ready to work from?

There’s nothing worse than having a messy office area. It is the number one productivity killer! So make sure your area is neat and tidy.

Have a clean out. Anything that you’re not currently working on can be filed away or thrown out. Get rid of anything that isn’t office material. (If you have a work corner in another room, some boundaries will have to be established). Decide where your workspace begins and ends.

No matter how small your office space it will help to separate and define your work area.

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10 Tips To Create A Productive Home Office - Home Workstation Nook in Living Room
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3. Office Furniture

Depending on your space you’re going to be mapping out your office layout plan.

What have you got the space for? Can you utilize the wall space by putting up some shelving? Have you the space for under the desk drawers or a filing cabinet? A single drawer system or double? These are all important things to think about.

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Make sure you measure out your space carefully. If it’s a smaller space you might consider some custom options to get the most out of the space available.

Double workstation setup
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4. office Equipment

If you already have all you need, i.e desk computer, printer, maybe a drafting table then you’ll have to work round your essentials. Now is the time to review if certain things are worth keeping or if it’s time to update. Decide on their spot in your work space and make sure it can hold its weight.

If you are working totally from scratch, do some online shopping, look at reviews then do a short list depending on your needs. Then map out the measurements and size and decide where its going to go.

Depending on your priorities you might have to make a couple of alterations to your working space.

Printing Station Work Station
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5. Desk Chair

The price of a good and comfortable office chair can range dramatically.

If you can get a good office chair that suits your space and feels good for you then do so. But it doesn’t have to be pricey. It might be a comfy extra dining room chair you use.

Or you might want to buy a nice swivel chair. As long as it has good back support and cushioning. And you find it comfortable.

Make sure it fits as well! If you have chosen a chair with armrests can it fit under the desk? Or are the armrests adjustable? Maybe a desk chair without arms is best?

Also, bear in mind that getting a good chair design makes a big difference. A suitable desk chair can make your home office look stylish or overcrowded.

10 Tips To Create A Productive Home Office - Simple Desk and Chair Setup
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6. Productive Working Flow

Ok, you know you best. You know your job and how you like to work.

That being said there should be some kind of order, to make it easier for yourself. What items are you constantly using on an everyday basis? Pens, highlighters, paper? It should be within arms reach all the time.

Your essentials might be out in the open on the desk, or on a shelf. Maybe you prefer it hidden away in the top of your desk drawer. Decide on what your essentials are and keep them close by and in good order.

Also considering a work routine at home will help in having a productive day. This could be as simple as writing a to-do list the day before. Or planning a week’s schedule in advance will help keep you on track for work. That way the first part of your work day isn’t wasted on planning but “doing”.

The art of Feng Shui can help you even further in creating a successful home office layout.

7. Storage

Storage is an important part of keeping any area in order. You could label your drawers to keep everything in its place. Having drawer organizers is another helpful idea to keep your small accessories in order. Otherwise, your desk drawers could turn into mini tip!

If you have the space above you might consider a mixture of hidden and open storage.

Upper Storage Cupboards and Shelving for Home Office
Source: The Ultralinx

8. Inspiration & Decor

Having some inspiration and something to keep you focused is a good idea in your office. This might be a goal planner, where you can track your monthly progress. A vision board or just a little framed quote on your desk.

You can perk up your workspace by bringing in plants too. They will bring in some colour and life!

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep the motivation when working from home by yourself. So daily inspiration and nice surroundings will definitely help!

10 Tips To Create A Productive Home Office - Inspiration Artwork

9. Colour

Colour will have a great impact on your working area!

Using a neutral colour may be a good option for you. Especially if you know that the walls will be covered with information. Neutral colours are calm and less distracting.

Of course, other colours will work too. You might consider a colour blocking effect to provide some interest and to define your working space.

10. Office Lighting

Think about what kind of lighting you need. Do you have enough natural light coming through in the daytime? Do you tend to work later in the evenings? If so another source of light is going to be needed.

A desk light or a floor lamp might work well for your needs. Having a lamp that has different lighting variants is a great option.

Creating the right working space for you can increase and improve productivity and focus. As well as enjoying the space that you work it helps with benefits in other areas of your life.

Those are the top tips for a productive home office! Do you work from home? If so what are your favourite things about working from home? Leave your comments below!


Productive Home Office

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