10 Great Tips How To Make A Bed Look Luxurious Styling Guide

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One of the simple pleasures after a long day is coming back to your bedroom and having your bed look amazing! Just like the beds you find at Restoration Hardware. A well-made bed can totally transform and complete your bedroom.

Making your bed is always a good habit to get into as the bed is your focal point for your bedroom. If you want to get that luxury look, like it’s just been styled by a pro interior designer then there are a few top tips you can use to make a bed look luxurious. 

When it comes to dressing your bed there are of course personal preferences involved. How you like to sleep and the climate plays an important part. But take the tips that apply to you so you can make your perfect bed. 

Bed basics

Choosing Your Mattress

Getting the best mattress you can afford is the important thing. The type of mattress you have affects your sleep or therefore lack of it.

If you haven’t already got your perfect mattress or you’re looking for a new mattress, test a few out. You need to have a comfortable mattress.

Nowadays companies offer mattresses dropped to your door and with a great return policy. So you should be able to find the right mattress for you quickly. 

Mattress Toppers

​You may not be able to see the mattress topper but it will go a long way to making your bed feel comfortable and luxurious. Having a mattress topper is optional but it will increase the comfort and make your bed super soft.

A Mattress Protector

Using a mattress protector or a box spring cover is always a good idea to protect and maintain the life of your mattress. A mattress cover is a barrier to moisture from things like sweat. Which then can then build up bacteria over time.

It will also save you from having to get stains out of your mattress. You can just take off your mattress protector and throw it in the wash instead. This will help extend the lifespan of your mattress. 

Upgrade Your Bedding

Invest in high-quality sheets from materials like Egyptian or organic cotton, bamboo or linen comfortable and sophisticated look. These kinds of fabrics are also the best to sleep in.

Organic materials like cotton and linen help keep your body temperature even throughout the night. They’re breathable and comfortable for a good night’s sleep. For the look of a luxury hotel bed go for all-white bedding. 

How To Make Bed Look Luxurious Styling Guide

Now to Make A Bed Look Stylish

1. Layering Your Bed

The most important tip to get a luxurious look for the bed is layering. Adding different layers to your bed elevates the whole bed and the bedroom space too.

Bed layering is practical as well because you can peel off layers of blankets or cover up extra blankets in the night if needed. Without having to get up in the middle of the night and search for extra bedding.

Layering your bed is also where the styling comes in. This is where you add colour and texture to the bed for an expensive look and to show your personality. 

2. Bedskirt

A bed skirt is optional depending on what bed you have. If you have a bed frame on legs you probably won’t need a bed skirt.

But I like to use a bed skirt when a bed frame goes all the way to the floor. A bed skirt is good for hiding the bed base when the bed isn’t particularly attractive. If you have a nice bed frame made from wood you can leave the bed skirt.

Or if you have drawer storage built into the bed you can miss this step out just for easy access to the drawers. Have a look at what type of bed you have and decide if you need a bed skirt or not. 

3. Fitted Sheet

I like a fitted sheet to start off with over the bed as a base layer. You can get a bedding sheet set that will include a fitted sheet and a flat sheet. You can use a flat sheet as the base for your bed but I like to use both. 

4. Flat Sheets

When it comes to bed sheets, one or two? Personally, I prefer using two flat sheets on the bed. The first flat sheet is to go over the fitted sheet. You’ll be lying on top of it when you get into bed. Having a flat sheet over the fitted sheet helps in a few ways:

  1. It’s an extra layer of protection. So if spills or staining happen it shouldn’t get down to your mattress protector. So it saves you from having to strip off the mattress protector every time. 
  2. Fitted sheets tend to ruche up underneath more when you’re lying on top of them if they don’t have enough elastic in them. (Most of us do not stay in one spot when we’re sleeping at night). 
  3. With an oversized flat sheet, you can get clean crisp corners on the bed. And the sides of the flat sheet tucked tight and neat under the mattress. This is using a technique using hospital corners for a bed you’d get at a five-star hotel.

The second flat sheet is for sleeping underneath at night and for making your bed look extra nice.

If you’re using a patterned flat sheet for sleeping under, use that sheet to add colour and interest to your bed. Turn your patterned sheet upside down and fold it over at the top so you can get a peek at the sheet.

Use this technique if you have a decorative detail on the edge of the sheet. You can use the flat sheet as your accent colour for the bed. It doesn’t have to be patterned. It can be a tonal colour change or neutral colours.

For that luxurious hotel feel use white sheets and bedding all over. Having a top sheet to sleep under is great when the seasons are changing and you’re not quite sure how warm or cold it’s going to be. 

Flat Sheets Parachute

​5. A Coverlet 

A coverlet is to go on top of the flat sheet. And usually has a stitching pattern on it. For the summer months, you may leave your bed with just a flat sheet and a coverlet to sleep under. 

6. A Duvet

You may not need a duvet in a warm climate but for those winter months, it’s a welcome extra. And definitely brings up the bed styling.

During the winter use a duvet cover or a comforter and fold back at the end of the bed. It definitely gives a sense of comfort and a cozy invite on those cold nights. For an extra thick duvet and warmth use a down insert.

Play around with colours and patterns for your duvet. So your duvet cover coordinates and compliments the rest of your bed.

7. A Throw Blanket

A layered bed gives an expensive look, so is it any surprise that you can use a throw blanket over the end of your duvet?

Adding a throw or thin blanket can tie together the colours and textures you’ve chosen for your bed. You can drape the throw blanket the width of the bed or angle it from a corner on top of your top layer (which would be your duvet or coverlet). 

Anthropologie and The Citizenry have some beautiful throw blankets.

8. Sleeping Pillows

For the sleeping pillows, you can mix together patterned and plain pillow cases to match the rest of your bed.

You can stand up the pillows so you can see them in front of the headboard. For a queen size bed or a king size use two sleeping pillows for each side (four sleeping pillows altogether).

Choose the right size of pillows and the right firmness inserts for comfy pillows. Down pillows are a good option. Opt for king-sized pillows if you have a queen-sized bed. If you’re using a patterned bed set you can set the patterned sleeping pillows slightly higher behind the plain pillows.

Satin pillows and silk pillows are great because they’re much softer for sleeping on for your skin and hair. Silk pillow cases are really nice but more expensive and delicate so they usually don’t last as long as satin. But either or are worth the investment! And there are lots of colour options to coordinate with your bed styling.

9. Throw Pillows

For the final details add some accent pillows in front of your sleeping pillows.

You can use euro pillows, (the square-shaped pillows usually 26″ x 26″ in size). Because the euro shams are larger these can be styled behind or in front of your sleeping pillows.

In front of your normal pillows, you can use smaller-size throw pillows and a bolster or a lumbar pillow. Experiment to see what throw pillows you like and how the bed looks. Vary heights, fabric textures, sizes, patterns and colour for the finishing touch.

I like to keep the accent pillows to only a few in front so I don’t have to heavily dismantle the bed when it’s time to climb in!

10. Extra Bedroom Ideas

How To Make A Bed Ideas

A perfectly made bed isn’t the only thing that’s going to elevate your overall bedroom look. Here are some extra tips that will create a luxurious bedroom:

  • Declutter your bedroom you feel so much more relaxed.
  • Organize your nightstands or bedside table.
  • Add a bench or a footstool to the foot of your bed to elevate your bed.
  • A padded headboard can instantly add a luxury feel to your bed and overall space but it’s not a must.

Here are some bed frames that will look even better after these styling tips:

And that’s how to make a bed look luxurious. All the styling done by you, for your own home. You can use these bed styling ideas for your own master bedroom and your guest room. (I’m sure your guests will appreciate it.) Happy bed styling!


FAQs How to Make a Bed Look Luxurious

How to Make Your Bed Look Luxurious

Follow the steps above in the guide. And enhance the bed further with a nice headboard and an area rug under the bed.

How to Make a Bed Like a Designer

Choose quality materials and use layering techniques. Select comfortable bedding materials and high-quality sheets. Create depth through layered pillows and accessories that coordinate well with your bedroom’s overall design. Incorporate different textures using throw blankets and decorative pillows for added interest.

Great tips How To Make A bed Look Luxurious Styling Guide

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