Closet Organization Essentials

11 Helpful Closet Organization Essentials Every Girl Needs

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Have you ever started the day looking for that one pair or jeans, or top that you needed to wear that day? Only to waste a whole lot of time searching through your whole closet without finding it? It’s so frustrating. We’ve all been there! To finally pick out another outfit that doesn’t quite feel right and starting your day off well, off. There are a few closet organization essentials that will help you get your morning started right. Not to mention a wardrobe that you can be proud of!

Whether you have a walk in closet or a cupboard in your bedroom, it can end up in a mess very quickly without having a good organization system in place. You can organize you closet according to the season. But the important thing is that your closet works for you.

Here are the top closet organization essentials to keep all clothes, accessories and items in order and where they should be!

Closet Organization Essentials

1. The Right Hangers

Having hangers is an obvious one for closet organization. The more important thing is having the right hangers for your clothes. Velvet slim line hangers will save space in your closet. And because of the velvet, clothes are less likely to end up on the floor.

For heavier knits or cardigans that you don’t want to fold, a padded hanger will stop the garment from stretching out in the wrong places.

2. Garment Bags

There are some clothing items that we just can’t bear to fold up and pack away. Because they’re just far too fancy! Keep your favourites and expensive items safe, wrapped up and separate from the rest while hung up with a garment bag to protect it.

3. Storage Baskets

Storage baskets and boxes will come in handy when you’re changing up for the season. Jumpers and knits can take up a lot of space when not needed, so when it comes to summer time you can pack up your woollens to save some space.

Even if the basket aren’t for seasonal use,keeping certain items stored in the baskets will help with keeping your closet more organized.

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4. Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers keep your clothes on display and separated but neat and tidy. A different option instead of keeping items in storage baskets. These mesh shelf dividers double the storage space with space on top and underneath.

5. MakeUp Storage

Your makeup might not be kept in your closet area, but it’s still a part of getting ready for the day. It is for me anyway! So it’s helpful to keep your favourite makeup items organized and clearly where you can see them.

6. Laundry Hamper

Sometimes after a long day, we all know where our clothes end up… on the floor. Maybe flung over a chair or the side of the bed. A nice laundry hamper will keep your clothes out of sight. And save you from having to clean up after yourself later. Hampers made out of natural materials like seagrass look good almost anywhere. So if it’s out on display you don’t have to worry.

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7. Jewellery Storage

There’s nothing worse than going for that necklace to wear and finding that it’s all entangled with 3 other chains and necklaces you don’t care about.

You can find a jewellery rack to put on top of your dresser or you might want to incorporate a sleek jewellery drawer into your closet system. Otherwise a little accessory stand to hang your necklaces will do the job nicely.

8. Shoe Storage

Our shoes can end up all over the place! Downstairs, in the hallway in our bedroom so shoe storage needs to be considered in probably more than one place. Setting some storage aside in your closet will help you keep track of what pair is where.

These clear storage drawers from The Container Store give you easy access without having to unpack boxes on top of boxes to the pair of shoes you want.

9. Vacuum Storage Bags

When the winter season is over there can be a few big and bulky items that take up a lot of space. Using vacuum storage bags will help you keep items fresh and reduce space in your closet. Also great for storing those winter blankets and duvets!

10. Hooks

Fixing a couple of hooks to the inside of your closet or your bedroom wall will save precious space. Mount a single hook or multiple hooks depending on the wall space you have. Making use of your vertical free space will reduce the clutter on the floor and other areas.

Double hooks are a practical solution. And of course there are lots of different styles to choose from. Make it as decorative or simple as you like. I love this decorative knotted gold hook from Anthropologie.

11. Double Storage Closet Rod

Double your hanging space by utilizing the space underneath your main hanging rod. With a double hanging storage rod you can hang shorter items that won’t drag on the floor.

That wraps up the closet organization essentials for your closet. I hope this post inspires you to a neater and tidier closet!


Closet Organization Essentials

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the affiliate and terms and conditions page.

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