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5 Essentials Every Girl Needs To Keep Her Closet Organized

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No matter the size of your closet or dressing area there are few essentials every girl needs to keep clothes and accessories in order. Whether you have a huge walk in closet or a cupboard in your bedroom it’s going to end up a mess if you don’t have some kind of system in place.

Here are 5 closet essentials to keep all clothes, accessories and items in order and where they should be!

1. The Right Hangers

Having hangers is an obvious one for closet organization. The more important thing is having the right hangers for your clothes.

Not every item you need to hang but the clothes that you do need to hang need to stay put. This means getting the right length of hanger, and the right material.

Materials that a silky need a padded hanger to cling on to. We’ve all hung that silky piece up on a regular hanger before only to find its fallen off and crumpled on the floor.

2. Storage Baskets

Storage baskets and boxes will come in handy when you’re changing up for the season. Jumpers and knits can take up an awful lot of space when not needed, so when it comes to summer time you can pack up your woollens to save some space.

3. MakeUp Storage

Rummaging around in bags is not the best idea when it comes to make up. Keep your essentials close to hand and where you can see them!

4. Laundry Hamper

Clothes that you’re finished with for the day tend to end up as a heap on the floor or piled on the chair in the corner.

Save your time and the energy by clearing up the mess and just get a hamper to put your dirty clothes in. It looks a lot more attractive than a mess on the floor.

5. Jewellrey Storage

There’s nothing worse than going for that necklace to wear and finding that it’s all entangled with 3 other chains and necklaces you don’t care about.

You can find a jewellrey rack to put on top of your dresser or you might want to incorporate a sleek jewellrey drawer into your closet system.

What closet essentials can you not do without? Let me know in the comments below!


5 Essentials Every Girl Needs To Keep Her Closet Organized: Your closet and clothes are a daily part of your life inside and out the home you need to find what you're looking for easily! Navigate your closet with ease by utilizing these closet, wardrobe essentials for a tidy and organized area no matter how big or small! @chloedominik #closetessentials #closetessentialsforwomen #closetorganizationideas #wardrobeorganisation #tidycloset

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