23 Best Canopy Bed Frames For Big Bedroom Impact

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Are you looking to make a big statement in your bedroom? Then one of the ways to add big visual interest is with a canopy bed. After all, the bed is supposed to be the main focal point in the bedroom. And with the structure of a canopy bed frame you’ll certainly get the big impact you’re after! 

With lots of different options to get the look you’re after. There are so many ways to style a canopy bed frame. You can add light drapery to add a romantic feel. And of course choose the right bed frame to start with. Wood frames, metal frames and upholstered canopy beds. From a traditional ornate design to a modern clean style, there is a style and price to suit all.

Here are the best picks for canopy beds starting from as little as $400. 

Best Canopy Bed Frames

1. Bridgeway Four Poster Bed

If you’re going for that light and dreamy look then this beautiful bed from Serena & Lily hits the right note. It’s built from wood with slight decorative details in the turned styled legs. Bringing the right mix of modernity with a hint of traditional.

You can change the headboard upholstery from a white perennial if you’d like something different. This bed is available in different sizes, from twin size up to California king.

2. Bodhi Canopy Storage Bed

You can still make a strong statement with a simple style canopy bed. This modern and minimal style has a bold look about it. With it’s clean lines and dark ebony wood colour. It also has the added bonus of storage drawers underneath.

The Bodhi canopy storage bed is available is a lighter grey and comes in a queen and king size.

3. Whitby Canopy Bed

You’ll definitely feel important in a beautiful bed like this. It’s elegant metal frame decorated with finials gives a regal traditional look.

To create even more elegance you can add some light sheer curtains to the canopy frame. The Whitby canopy bed also comes in a silver frame instead of the brass finish.

4. Gracia Upholstered Canopy Bed

I love this modern take on the canopy bed!

A criss cross canopy instead of the traditional linear structure. The soft white of the bed upholstery softens the look with the tubular metal frame. And creates an inviting modern piece that makes a unique focal point for the bedroom.

5. The Thompson Canopy Bed

The Thompson bed is a beautiful canopy that gives you sense of comfort and lightness with the materials used. A light natural finish made from Ash wood and a textured boucle fabric gives the canopy bed a simple updated look.

6. Modica Solid Wood Bed

A canopy bed that’s made from solid wood adds some weight to the room in a good way. The natural wood colour and grain adds interest. This sturdy bed frame can be used for a teenagers bedroom or an adult room due to it’s beautiful simplicity.

7. Melrose Canopy BED

Although the Melrose bed doesn’t have the overhead structure, the height of the bed posts still create a beautiful bed alternative. The strong contrast between the dark bed frame and the white fabric gives a great contemporary design.

8. Malone Canopy Bed

A combination of different finishes pull together a contemporary and elegant bed. Textured shagreen panels in the headboard and a metallic canopy frame provide elevated detailing.

23 Best Canopy Bed Frames Page 2:
9. Emilia Metal Canopy Bed | 10. Charmaine Bed | 11. Highland Park Bed | 12. Veronica Wood Canopy Bed | 13. Franklin Four Poster Bed | 14. Dahlia Forged Steel Upholstered Canopy Bed 15. Nordland Upholstered Bed | 16. Frame Canopy Bed

9. Emilia Metal Canopy Bed | 10. Charmaine Bed | 11. Highland Park Bed | 12. Veronica Wood Canopy Bed | 13. Franklin Four Poster Bed | 14. Dahlia Forged Steel Upholstered Canopy Bed 15. Nordland Upholstered Bed | 16. Frame Canopy Bed

9. Emilia Metal Canopy Bed

Classic style beds like this will always be in style. The traditional and ornate metal work of the frame is a style that will last for years. I love this bed for a little girls room and it’s available in white or black. And it’s from Target so it’s a really good deal on price.

10. Charmaine Bed

The tapered posts of the Charmaine bed along with the natural grain of the wood provide subtle details in the bed design. The headboard and bed frame all in one finish gives a unfussy and organic feel.

11. Highland Park Bed

This bed offers a great blend between rustic and a sleek aesthetic. Combining a herringbone wood pattern on the headboard and footboard. And a metal accent finish for the frame.

12. Veronica Wood Canopy Bed

If you’re looking for a traditional and simple bed style, then this another great option from Target.

13. Franklin Four Poster Bed

The natural Raffia material on this canopy bed makes an interesting finish for a bed. But this style of bed instantly transports you to a holiday resort by the beach. So if you’re wanting a relaxed beach vibe for your bedroom this bed can make the cut.

14. Dahlia Forged Steel Upholstered Canopy Bed

The slimline steel frame that surrounds this bed makes the style equally edgy with a light and open feel. Neutral fabric always helps to soften the look and makes it an easy option for many different styles of bedrooms.

15. Nordland Upholstered Bed

For a farmhouse style bedroom, the Norland upholstered bed has two available options. A finish in a black with grey fabric. Or a gold frame finish in a natural linen colour. Either of the two will work well for the farmhouse decor style.

16. Frame Canopy Bed

This stylish canopy bed from CB2 is a popular choice for good reason. You might have seen it on the socials already. It offers a clean modern style with a touch of glamour with the gold accent bracket corners. There’s just enough visual interest without being too much.

17. Keiry Canopy Bed

A simple bed frame in a light tonal wood is perfect example of a minimal statement piece. The impact and height is within the bed structure combined with clean lines and a neutral colour. This is a nice choice for a warm minimalistic design.

18. Connagh Upholstered Bed

A high velvet headboard gives you extra back support when sitting up in bed. As well as extra drama and comfort. The Connagh bed is a popular bed on Wayfair and has over 300 customer reviews. It has three colour fabric options of cream, grey and pink. And comes in king and queen size.

19. Sutherland Canopy Bed

This beautiful bed from McGee & Co. is a great choice for anyone choosing a transitional design. It has a sophisticated look and balances modern elements with the traditional. Plus there’s the added comfort of the fabric headboard.

20. Briella Metal Canopy Bed

The most affordable canopy bed on the list is the Briella bed from Target. A simple bed frame that gives the same elegant look that you can style to your personal taste. The Briella comes in four different metal frame finishes. A gold finish, grey, black and white.

21. Moyers Upholstered Bed

For real bedroom drama the Moyers has a full height padded headboard. It gives you a great focal point with still the openness of the rest of the bedroom.

22. Canyon King Arched Canopy Bed

Crate and Barrel have come up with a beautiful arched canopy bed frame. So if you’re looking for something different, away from the usual canopy frame then this is a bed to consider. Definitely a statement piece for any bedroom.

23. Wood Canopy bed

A timeless duo of natural wood with a black finish. This simple style canopy bed frame is suited to almost any bedroom decor. This bed is also available in the smaller sizes, a twin and a full bed as well as a queen size. So this is another good bed pick for a children’s bedroom.

FAQs in Relation to Best Canopy Bed Frame

Is a Canopy Bed a Good Idea?

Yes, a canopy bed can be an excellent choice for those seeking both style and functionality. Canopy beds provide an elegant focal point in the bedroom. They also allow for easy customization with drapes or sheer curtains to match your personal taste.

Check the height space of your bedroom and the width and the height of the path the bed will take to get the to the bedroom before purchase.

What Is the Point of a Canopy Bed Frame?

The primary purpose of a canopy bed frame is to support the overhead structure that holds fabric or curtains. This creates an enclosed sleeping space, which offers increased privacy, warmth, and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, it serves as an attractive centerpiece in any bedroom design.

What Is the Best Material to Make a Bed Canopy From?

The best material for making a bed canopy depends on your preferences and desired look. Popular materials include wood for its durability and charm; wrought iron or metal frames for intricate designs; and lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen if you prefer softness over structural elements.

Are Canopy Beds Durable?

Canopy beds are generally durable when made from high-quality materials such as solid wood or sturdy metal frames. Proper assembly and maintenance ensure longevity, so it’s essential to follow manufacturer guidelines during installation and care practices throughout use.

That wraps up the guide to canopy bed frames and the best picks. Remember to check the requirements of the bed you choose. Not all of them need a box spring to go with them. And let me know what your favourites are.


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