8 Simple Tips To Design Your Minimalist Boho Bedroom

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The saying goes that to break the rules you need to know the rules. And it’s no different with design trends and interior styles. Bohemian decor has been a long time favourite in the home world. And from the boho style has come different versions.

One interior style being boho minimalist. Which normally, minimalist and boho decor you wouldn’t put together. But that’s where the rules can be turned on its head.

The minimalist boho bedroom is a popular choice for its easy going and relaxed mood. Combining an airy neutral design with some unique and natural decor elements. And lots of layering to make a cozy boho bedroom space. So it’s a great style choice for a bedroom!

What Is Boho Minimalist?

The Meaning of Bohemian (Or the shortened word Boho):

A few definitions of bohemian include a socially unconventional person or appearance. A wanderer or a free spirit. Someone who chooses their own way in life away from the conventional rules of society. People involved in the arts, poetry and writing. 

In the interior design sense a boho bedroom isn’t your traditional bedroom. With a matching furniture set and a neat polished look. Boho design points towards a maximalist style. It’s lots of colour, different textures and pieces that don’t match but work well together. 

The Meaning Of Minimalist:

Definitions of minimalist or minimalistic refer to a design aesthetic favouring clean lines and neutral colours over pattern. Also relates to a reduction of material possessions, choosing to be purposeful and intentional in life. 

Minimalist design is becoming a popular design choice throughout the home. Choosing intentional furniture pieces that are practical and necessary.

Boho Minimalist Style 

During the 70’s Hippies were living differently from the normal and accepted rules and way of life and often travelled about. And the bohemian style was adopted. Bringing it back to today’s minimalist boho style, think artistic traveller with unique items. And putting it all together in a creative and intentional way. With minimal clutter! 

How To Decorate Minimalist Boho For Bedroom

Sometimes bringing together two design style opposites makes a really great combo! This guide talks all about bohemian minimalist design and how to create your own minimalist boho bedroom design. Here are some simple tips to get the interior design style….

1. Maximize The Light

Making the most of the natural light in your bedroom is a must. The boho minimal style is light and airy. You want to be refreshed and uplifted when waking up in the morning. This means making sure you paint your bedroom walls a nice light colour. Clean white walls are best for bouncing light around the bedroom.

Think about your windows. If your room isn’t being overlooked you might choose to leave them bare. For privacy you can use sheer curtains. Sheers will still allow for a lot of sunlight into your bedroom. 

2. What Colour For A Boho Minimalist Bedroom?

Minimalist Boho Bedroom Neutral Color Palette

With the minimal aspect of the style, the main colour for the bedroom should be neutral. Choosing a neutral paint colour is not only to maximize the natural light. But to keep things simple and let the decor pieces you do choose stand out. 

With neutral colours there are so many tones to choose from. A white colour palette or cream backdrop to the bedroom is always a good choice. Choose warm or cool neutral tones depending on the amount of sunlight you get in the bedroom.

But the key is choosing a muted colour palette. As you want the bedroom to look and feel larger to get that sense of air and lightness. 

The lightness is a big part of the minimal design aspect. Popular choices for wall paint colours are whites, creams and light earthy tones. The wood tones that are used should be washed light to warm mid tones. 

3. Minimal Clutter

With a bohemian room you can get away with the more is more look. But with minimalist boho keep clutter to the minimum. This means being intentional about what you have and bring into your bedroom. Is it for a practical purpose? And is there enough space for it to fit in comfortably?

Make sure that you have enough hidden storage like drawers and stylish storage boxes. This will keep things that aren’t for decorative purposes hidden and out the way. 

4. Accent Colour

Minimalist Cozy Boho Bedroom

For more of the boho look you can use accent colour to add visual interest. Use the accent colour sparingly. 

You could do a half wall in your accent colour. And paint the bottom half of the walls with colour. Or choose just one wall to paint a different colour or colour block a shape on there. Otherwise add your pops of colour in your soft furnishings like bedding and cushions. And decor pieces like artwork. 

The best accent colour for a boho minimalist room are colours that relate to nature. Earthy warm tones like browns, reddish tones, ambers. Deep greens tones are also nice for a touch of colour.

If you’re leaning more towards the minimal look, contrast your main neutral colour darker neutral. A darker beige, grey or even black for a modern design.

5. The Bohemian Look: Layering

Minimal Boho Bedding Layering

One of the fun ways to add interest for a minimalist bedroom is to add lots of layering. Layering things like cushions, and a throw blanket or two is an easy way to achieve a super cozy vibe. Instead of the bedroom being cold and bare. And feel free to add in fringe and tassels anywhere!

With the bedding the options are endless. You can layer chunky or fine knit tassel throws over the end of your bed. And layer different size cushions, tones and textures at the top of your bed. 

Layering with natural textures helps create that lived in feel but with a casual coziness. And makes your bedroom a place where you want to retreat and spend time in. Giving it an intimate and comfortable feeling.

Layering Bedding

For the bedding go for natural fabrics like cottons and washed linens. These kinds of fabrics fit in with the minimal aesthetic. The main bedding it’s best to go for a solid colours. You can layer heavier textured fabrics with textured bed throws such as wools and chunky knits.

Layering Cushions and Pillows

Adding in cushions and throw pillows is a favourite for any bed feature. Experiment with various size cushions and shapes. Use any shape for cushions. Square, round and lumbar cushions. Play around with different textures and materials for interest. 

To get the minimal and boho balance just right, use tonal colours. If you have added an accent colour (one extra colour other than a neutral) stay within that colour range. Using tones from the same colour family. If you’ve chosen an earthy brown accent colour, stick to those brown tones.

Throwing in a couple of embroidered patterned cushions will finish off the bed nicely. 

Layering Rugs

Remember layering rugs is also a great idea for the boho minimal bedroom style.

Putting down a bedroom rug will immediately soften the space. And add warmth to your bedroom. Instead of the normal boho style of clashing patterns and colour everything is pared down. Any pattern used if at all is minimal. Geometric print are good to use. And the main colours are still kept neutral. 

Layering natural fibre rugs like seagrass and jute rugs with a soft neutral rug would work well. Or layer on a muted and subtle pattern on top of the textured rug. Using rug runners to the side of the beds can work too. 

6. Choosing and Styling Your Bedroom Furniture

Boho Minimalist Bedroom Layering bedding and mixing furniture

No matching bedroom sets allowed here! This is where you can feel free to mix things up.

The great thing is there’s no restrictions in terms of the shape and style. Just stick with natural materials for your furniture pieces. But you can choose rectangular and linear. And curved and smooth pieces and mix them together.

The same goes for modern and vintage pieces. Have a look in your antique and vintage stores. Rather than buying everything brand new. Because finding one off pieces can make your bedroom more unique and artistic. Old pieces fit in with the traveller aspect of the boho style. So don’t be afraid to mix and match anything! 

Choose materials such as rattan, cane and wood. The organic materials relate the minimal side of the design trend.

Boho Bed Focal Point 

We have the material down for the right boho bed. But it’s up to you how minimal or decorative you want your bed to be. After all, it is the focal point of your bedroom.

With cane and rattan you get so many great beds available. With these materials it’s easy to create amazing decorative features. If you do go for more decorative bed, go more minimal with everything else in the bedroom. 

Or you go for a more simple wooden style bed frame that’s low profile. Or the bed sits on legs so it’s off the floor. Whichever bed style you prefer, remember the style should have a lightness about it. Or you can choose no headboard for a more clean look.

If you choose a curved decorative bed opt for an open cane weave. The two style beds are totally different. But you’ll still have open sight lines along the floors or the walls. Or both. Which emphasizes light and space. 

Nightstands & Dressers

Try using different furniture pieces instead of two matching nightstands. This can be a stool for a side table or a decorative ladder. Or mix and match styles and shapes of your nightstands. Dressers can be one off vintage piece for a unique style.

Extra Furniture Pieces

Remember you don’t want to overcrowd your bedroom space. But if you have a large bedroom you may be able to fit in an accent chair or a daybed.

Keep in mind the style of the furniture. Nothing big and bulky or visually heavy. Something like a hanging rattan chair would be ideal. Another option is to have a leggy bench at the end of the bed. This makes the extra seating useful.

A beanbag is fine as it’s low profile and is relaxed and comfortable. 

7. Minimalist Boho Bedroom Lighting

Boho Lighting Open Woven Rattan Light Pendant

Keep your bedroom light fixtures simple but pretty. Or just keep your lighting to a minimal look. And again choose natural materials and a light style.

Materials and finishes that work well for the lighting decorative clay pendants. Open woven rattan shades, fabric or paper pendants would be a great fit too. 

A really affordable option for lighting is putting fairy lights up on the walls. Or draping twinkle string lights around your headboard. 

8. How Much Decor For The Boho Minimal Style?

Boho Minimalist Decor Macrame Wall Hanging and plants

The great thing about the boho minimal style is that decor is still important. It’s about choosing your decor with intention and purpose. 

A simple grouping of framed artwork is ideal as well. You don’t want to overcrowd your wall space or clutter any area of your bedroom. The decor that you do choose should stand out.

Choose decor accents that are personal to you. Pieces that are handcrafted from places like Etsy. Or have a look around the flea markets and antique shops. And anything you’ve picked up from travelling will be great as a display piece.  

Boho Wall Decor 

Textured pieces like macrame hangings look good. Or woven basket decor as a wall display will fit perfectly with this style. For artwork choose minimal style pieces like abstract art, botanical prints or framed quotes.

Decorating With Plants

Adding indoor plants to your bedroom adds a natural bohemian design element to it. Plants are a great way to add some calm to a space. And add natural colour.

If you’re not a plant lover try a dried flower arrangement somewhere in your bedroom. It’s just as pretty and much less maintenance. Using pampas grass is another nice alternative for boho decorating. You can even try cacti plants for something unusual.

Other Decor Accents

Natural materials and textures are such a big part of boho-style bedrooms. So adding in some rattan or wicker baskets will make a nice decorative feature. And give you extra storage.

Mirrors are always a great and practical way of enhancing any bedroom, especially a small space. For small boho bedroom ideas use a statement floor mirror to make the space feel bigger. 

Hope you found this minimalist boho bedroom style guide helpful. If you like this design style you can check out some similar trends below:

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