17 Laundry Room Essentials For An Easy Laundry Day

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Let’s face it: laundry is not the most fun task you’re looking forward to this week(end). But that doesn’t make it any less important.

To make your laundry routine a little less daunting yet very, very effective, we’ll help you simplify everything related to the process. – right from offering a comprehensive list of laundry room essentials to laying out valuable tips to keep your space super organized and functional. Whatever the size of your laundry room.

So, let’s get started!

Laundry Room Basics 

So, you have your major appliances such as your washing machine and your clothes dryer all set up in your laundry space. What are the other laundry room must-haves you need to make an organized space and your laundry day a whole lot easier? 

Laundry Supplies – First things first, you’ll need all your laundry products, including your: liquid detergent, stain remover, fabric softener, bleach, and more. Make sure you place your supplies right above your appliances for easy access. 

Linens – Do you have lots of extra old hand towels you don’t know where to store? Bring them to your laundry room. This can be a great way to prep for any messes and find your linens quickly whenever you need them. 

Cleaning Supplies – Your laundry space is also going to need cleaning paraphernalia like paper towels, all-purpose cleaners, hand soap, and glass cleaners. You can also include your cleaning implements such as mops, gloves, dust pans, brooms, and more. 

Ironing – Your laundry space is all about priming your clothes to perfection, right? So, why not bring in your iron, ironing board, and other relative supplies?

Thanks to this hack, you no longer have to store this stuff in your room and you get to iron your laundry the moment it’s out of the dryer!

Laundry Basket or a Hamper – To sort laundry out. Every laundry cycle requires separating light garments from dark ones, sorting garments that need hand washing, and more.

Separating your clean clothes from the dirty clothes. This is where functional baskets and hampers come in to make your laundry time easier.

Laundry Supplies List 

Laundry Supplies List

Here’s the ultimate laundry supplies list you’ll need for your laundry routine:

Cleaning products: These include detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, bleach, and brighteners for clean and fresh clothes. 

Detergent. There are countless detergents available out there. But the best ones often always come as liquid cleaners. If you’re looking for a detergent that is gentle on your garment, go for a natural detergent instead for your laundry load. 

Stain remover or stain bar. Whether you invest in all-in-one stain removers or like the homemade alternative of borax and baking soda – stain removers are an essential part of your laundry essentials.

Treat and soak stubborn stains before putting them in the laundry machines.

Bleach or Whitening Liquid. Perfect for whitening your laundry, a bleach or organic whitening liquid is an important laundry room addition.

White vinegar is a great natural ingredient to help with dirty laundry. 

Fabric softener for a nice smell to your clothes and to soften your clothes. 

A drying rack is one of the favorite products to have.

If you have a small space it’s perfect for hanging out a few small delicate items. Or if you’re saving money by cutting the use of the dryer or when it’s raining. Whatever the reason it’s always a great alternative to have on hand. 

Clothes hangers are great to keep at hand in your laundry room to help reduce the wrinkles in shirts and dresses so you can transfer them straight to your closet.

A small trash can for unloading tissues from pockets before the wash. And anything else that you find needs throwing away during laundry day like emptying your lint trap. 

Extra Items To Help With Laundry

Wool balls or dryer sheets are great for helping with static cling and cuts the drying time. These are the laundry room must-haves you’ll need to freshen and soften up your laundry in the dryer. 

Essential oils are great to help freshen up your laundry items, especially your bed linen. You only need a couple of drops in your wash. Or you add a drop to your dryer sheets in the drying process. See which option works best for you. 

An ironing blanket is a nice little investment if you’re ironing board isn’t well-padded. I hate seeing the metal mesh patterns come up when ironing the clothes!

With an ironing blanket, you can set up to iron anywhere. Does anyone else use the corner of the bed when they’re in a rush?

A lint roller if you have furry friends at home you’ll need this for removing pet hair.

A lint comb or shaver is great for removing lint, hair, or those annoying tiny fuzz balls that come up on jumpers and other knitted items.

Mesh laundry bags are great for washing smaller items like bras and underwear and other delicates so they don’t get pulled and snagged along with other items.

A laundry folder for perfecting folding t-shirts and any other clothes that will go in your drawers. 

Handheld steamers can be a great alternative to a steam iron for delicate clothes like dresses and blouses. 

A storage cart will help keep your countertops clear and everything you need right next to you. 

Laundry Organization 

Organized Laundry Room

You have your laundry room basics and supplies ready. Now what? 

The first rule of organizing a space is ensuring your laundry room essentials are super easy to access. This means strategically placing your storage amenities such as glass canisters, storage bins, laundry folders, and laundry baskets. 

Invest in a laundry product organizer storage cart to store all your laundry supplies in one place. For this, you can either go for a well-rounded laundry cart or create your custom rolling cart. 

Be generous with your storage bins to ensure your laundering supplies and folded linens are stored well. Laundry baskets are critical for sorting your laundry out. When investing in laundry baskets and hampers, think about every type of fabric that visits your laundry room.  

Glass containers are great for storing wool dryer balls, clothespins, and other miscellaneous supplies. These will make your laundry space look and feel organized but pretty too.

A great idea is to keep a small basket or a glass canister for keeping odd socks. It seems this is universal around laundry days everywhere. Somehow there’s always a sock missing their partner. This will be your go-to place when you eventually find the other side. 

Creating A Functional Space 

Your laundry routine isn’t just about your laundry products. Before organizing everything, make sure that your laundry space is super functional. Here are some laundry room ideas to get you started:

  • To ensure you save a ton of space, go for wall-mounting cabinets, floating shelves, and clothing rods. 
  • Invest in laundry baskets and hampers to sort garments with ease for a large load of laundry. 
  • If you have a large family, label larger baskets with the names of your loved ones. This ensures everyone’s garments separate when you wash, dry, or fold them. 
  • Label your canisters and bottled products to keep your supplies ultra-organized.
  • Ensure your floor and countertops are water-resistant. A rug runner or a mat is useful to have in certain areas of the laundry room.

Remember your laundry room should get just as much love as any other room in your home. So make it look pretty by adding some artwork to the walls, a candle or two.

And some fresh flowers every now and then. A few simple decor items can make it to your perfect laundry room.


Laundry Room Essentials FAQs 

What Things Are Necessary in a Laundry Room?

Washing machines and dryers are the main components of any laundry room. Shop around first and make sure they fit well for your lifestyle. Is it a top-loaded washing machine or a front-loaded? Do your research first and check the reviews.

Your laundry room must have all the essentials you’ll need for all types of laundry cycles you’ll run. Include laundry products such as detergents, fabric softeners, stain removers, cloth whiteners, a lint roller, and wool balls.

Other essentials to include are baskets and hampers, a drying rack, a drying rod, hangers, an iron, an ironing board, and a steamer.

If you don’t have built-in cabinets, you’ll need storage products such as rolling storage cabinets, a well-rounded laundry cart, baskets, and glass canisters. 

How Do You Stock a Laundry Room?

The best way to stock your laundry room is to first think about how exactly your laundry routine works, what types of garments frequent your laundry routine, and how much time you put into the process.

Then, do your research to determine the types of laundry room essentials your space is going to need and how you can store everything in a super accessible way.

Once you have a clear picture of what your laundry space should look like, make a list of everything you need (we’re sure this guide has got you covered there!) and start your shopping spree!


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