12 Best Console Tables For Entryway For An Open Feel

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Having a console table in your entryway can be a lifesaver. If you’re anything like me coming back from a school run with multiple things in your hands you need to offload. But if your hallway is narrow or tight it’s a good idea to go for open style console table.

An open-style console table will allow you to organize your things and won’t overload your entryway. This still allows your space to be practical and functional but still stylish. 

These console tables all have different lengths, styles and materials. Of course, you can use these console tables in your living room or anywhere else that is suitable. This post rounds up the best console tables for entryways that are simple in style, design, and light on the eye. 

Favourite Picks 

Best Console Tables For Entryway

1. Waterfall Inlay Console Table

Dimensions: 48″W x 16″D x 32″H

Anthropologie’s Waterfall Inlay console table is a luxurious addition to your entryway or living space. A gorgeous decorative piece made from inlay bone with a minimal but curved shape that softens the design.

This console table has two options, a grey and white or a blue and white that both come with brass-capped legs for the finishing touch. It’s a popular piece and has top reviews from its customers. 

2. Pieter Console Table

Dimensions: 72″W x 18.25″D x 30″H

The Pieter wooden console table comes with the bonus of a concealer drawer. It has clean lines and open space underneath but with some drawer storage for smaller additional items. I love the table’s finish with the reeded texture and tapered legs.

This beautiful table could be easily used as a bedroom dresser or a home office desk. The Pieter console is an elegant and classic piece to add to your entryway and many other places at home.

3. Vernon Rectangular Natural Pine Wood Storage

Dimensions: 44″W x 16″D x 30″H

This console table is perfect if you’re looking for a clean and modern piece. And has top customer reviews on Crate & Barrel. The Vernon console table comes in two finishes. A warm natural and black that will beautifully contrast a neutral space.

It’s a minimalist design with ultra-practical details, including the two concealed wide drawers and the integrated shelf at the bottom. Which you can use store a few more things or keep it clean and simple. It’s up to you how you style it! 

4. Tanner Console Table

Dimensions: 44″W x 16″D x 30″H

The Tanner console table is a lovely shape and curve to the base of the table. But still in keeping with a simple and modern style. It comes in a warm wood or black finish. With these options and style of the table, it’s a great choice for a Japandi space.

The size of the table is just 45 inches so it’s suitable for a smaller entryway and keeps your space minimalist and stylish. 

5. Travertine Console

Dimensions: 54″W x 15″D x 30″H

A natural travertine tops the iron frame giving an elegant look to this console table from McGee & Co. It’s an understated statement piece for anywhere you choose for your home. The Travertine table is a modern design that’s elegant and beautiful.

6. Peekaboo Acrylic Console Table

Dimensions: 38″W x 15.25″D x 29″H

Acrylic is the best material if you’re working with a small space or you’re keeping visuals in your space open and light. This acrylic table from CB2 makes your space seamless for a clean and open feel.

These kinds of pieces are great for the back of a sofa, a really narrow hallway and home offices too. The Peekaboo console table comes in a longer length of 56 inches.

A perfect size to use for a desk and pair it with an acrylic chair to disappear into your surroundings. 

7. Mid-Century Mini Console

Dimensions: 34″W x 12″D x 32″

The Mid-Century Mini console is great for narrow spaces. It’s thoughtfully designed with a bottom shelf and drawers at the top. So even though it’s small in size there’s plenty of space for storage and decorative items.

Another great option if you’re limited on space. It has two wooden finishes available an Acorn wood and a Cerused White. And a longer length of 42 inches if you need a bigger size.

8. Emmerson Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Dimensions: 78.75″W x 15″D x 30.75″H

If you’re looking for a piece that mixes the organics with the contemporary, the Emmerson console table is what you’re looking for. It’s already a bestseller at West Elm with its rustic texture and unique design.

It’s a long console table and comes in a longer length of 94 inches. You have three options for finishes, a Weathered Wheat, Rustic Natural and an Aged Black Pine. The Emmerson console is a great piece for your dining room space too. 

9. Cayman Console Table

Dimensions: 48″W x 15″D x 34″H

Pottery Barn’s Cayman console table is the ideal piece to fit the warm minimalist design style. Its design is simple and soft with rounded corners and curves and a lower shelf for styling home decor books.

This is also a great kid-friendly table that’s super stylish. And still has space for storage bins underneath if needed. So ample storage space for a minimal entryway table! 

10. Balboa Rattan Console

Dimensions: 56″W x 17″D x 28″H

Rattan and wicker materials are excellent for injecting warmth and texture into your space. The Balboa Rattan console table can be used for a variety of designs. From a cool vintage style or a modern look this rattan table is a great pick.  

11. Delaney Marble Console Table

Dimensions: 36″W x 10″D x 30″H

The Delaney console is slender and slim which takes up a little space visually. A narrow console table with just a 10-inch width which is great for smaller spaces. It comes with a gorgeous marble top and you can choose from a brass or an iron frame. 

12. Intarsia Rectangular Mosaic Teak Wood Console

Dimensions: 49.75″W x 13.75″D x 30.5″H 

The Intarsia table is a beautiful unique piece that is a conversation starter as it’s so different. It comes highly reviewed by Crate & Barrel customers and comes in 50-inch or 70-inch lengths. It’s made from wood and bone inlay to create a stunning pattern that adorns the whole table.

Definitely a cool statement piece! 

Those are my favorite console tables to make an entryway feel open and clutter-free.



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