7 Great Tips To Organize & Style Your Hallway

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The hallways of homes can often be the most over looked area of the house. It’s a place to run through when rushing out the house. Where shoes are left by the door as well as bags and other bits and pieces. Especially when you feel it’s too small to add anything to it. But the hallway or entrance of the home is the first place you step in when coming home and for guests. It’s the first impression that counts as they say!

1. Assess The Space

It’s sound obvious but the bigger the space you have in your hallway entrance you can do more with it. But because so many things get left in the hallway it’s tempting to put furniture or storage things you might need but actually haven’t enough space for.

If your hallway entrance is on the smaller side, it might just come down to the fact you’re not going to be able to leave everything you would want to leave there. Some things might have to go in a cupboard closet and other things might have to travel upstairs.

Don’t clutter the area with furniture and storage if you haven’t the space. The smaller the space the more it’s going to come down to narrowing down to the essentials only.

Minimal Hallway Decor - 7 Great Tips To Organize & Style Your Hallway: A hallway entrance with a small space makes the most use by having minimal decor placed on the wall like this wooden mirror and single shelf combo. Interior unknown. #hallwaydesign #hallwaydecor #hallwayideas #minimalhallway #minimalhallwaydecor #minimalhallwaydecorentrance
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2. Think About Your Day

You know best how you function when getting ready to leave the house and coming in. What are the things do you pick up when you’re ready to leave? And what things to do put down as soon as you step into the house? Make your hallway entrance a functional place that works for you and the family.

For you it might go keys, phone, mirror check. Out. Coming home it might be pick up the post, coat and shoes off. Running through the day will help you determine in what items will serve you best.

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3. Storage Needs

Sometimes all there might be enough to work with, is the wall. The wall is still enough to get some storage essentials up like hooks, a mirror and maybe a narrow wall ledge to keep your keys safe.

The smaller the hallway area it’s best to keep any storage solutions off the ground. The wall is your best option. Ikea have some great shoe storage solutions that are narrow enough to be fixed to the wall.

Otherwise if you do have the space, benches, storage baskets and boxes will keep you organized as long as theres not too many.

Source: Ikea Hackers

4. Built Ins

It might be a bit of an investment, but using built in is worth considering for the long term. Especially if you have an awkward areas where you might not be able to utilize the space properly. In some cases it’s more work to try find and buy a piece of furniture for the spot. There are some great Ikea hacks I’ve seen using the Billy Bookcases and Pax systems.

Built ins in give you a great option of combining open and closed storage solutions and seating too. This built in is small but still has enough space to fit a bench seat, hooks and space to stowaway basket bins.

Built In Hallway Seating - 7 Great Tips To Organize & Style Your Hallway: A beautiful hallway entrance built in provides a great storage solution with a bench for seating to keep the front of the home neat and organized while looking great. #hallwaystorage #hallwaystorageideas #hallwaystoragebench #hallwaybuiltins #hallwaybuiltinstorage #organizehallway #hallwayorganizationstorage #hallwayorganizationideas
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5. Use Colour

This doesn’t mean you have to do a big paint job for the hallway although that might be option. Colour blocking just an area of the hallway would make a big difference. Painting the front door would be is a way to make a big impact.

Using something a bit more simple like a floor runner with pattern or colour will help liven up the hallway.

6. Get Creative

As well as your hallway area keeping organized you want it to be stylish and welcoming for you and your guests. Use the hallway as a feature wall with a picture gallery or artwork to display. If your hallway is too narrow for displaying art focus on your site line at the end of the hallway. Make that you focal point.

7. Lighting

The hallway is so often a “passing through” area that just a plain flush mount or pendant gets thrown up. Pick a light fixture that highlights the hallway in the best possible way. Using the lighting is another way to divert the attention to another focal point, if again the hallway is too tight for much else.

Let me know what you think about these tips for styling and organizing your hallway in the comments below. Feel free to add any ideas that have helped you as well!


7 Great Tips To Organize & Style Your Hallway: Your hallway is the first impression guests have in your home so the hallway entrance should get just as much love as the rest of the home. The hallway can be a drop zone going in and out so it's important to keep the area organized. Here are 7 tips to style and organize your hallway entrance. @chloedominik #hallwayideasentrance #hallwayideas #hallwaytips #hallwaydecoratingtips #organizehallway #stylehallway

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