3 Guidelines To ReArranging Furniture For Your Living Room

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Changing round your furniture in any room can make it seems like a brand new room! Without you even having to buy anything! Rearranging your furniture in your living room is a fun way to experiment and try out some new things. This way you can see what changes you might like to make in the future. Also what currently works in the room and what doesn’t.

This is a chance to get creative with the your living room space. Rearranging furniture is a free way to try out a new design with minimal risk (providing you don’t break anything!) Here are a few basics rules to guide you if you’re thinking of making a change in your living room.

1. Mix And Match

Just because you’re focused on the one room doesn’t mean that there might be a piece of furniture from another room that will work. It might be a side table, a chair or something small but the details make all the difference. Swapping in a floor or desk lamp and adding in mirrors will make a big change too.

3 Guides To Re-Arranging Furniture For Your Living Room
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2. Free Flow

Ok, there might be places that might be a tad awkward to put furniture. The general rule is 3 feet or a metre for walking around the space when it comes to living rooms. As long as there are no entry ways blocked or its difficult to walk around it’s fine. For smaller spaces furniture might have to make space of unused corners and walls to maximize the space.

3 Guides To Re-Arranging Furniture For Your Living Room
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3. Function

Sure, rearranging the furniture can be fun but it still has to “work ” for the space. So if you have a large sofa in your living room a simple thing to do might be to re-orientate the direction of it. For instance instead of having the sofa directed at the TV, bring a couple of chairs from another room and place them facing the sofa. This will make a more friendly and intimate setting and a whole different room!

3 Guides To Re-Arranging Furniture For Your Living Room
Source: Park And Oak

Have you made any changes to your living room and you planning to keep it that way?! Let me know in the comments below!


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