21 Best Flush Mount Lights For Low Ceilings

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If you have low ceilings at home don’t despair and go with the standard boob light. Yes, we know flush-mounted light fixtures normally don’t mean the prettiest. But when you look hard enough you’ll find some beautiful flush fixtures that still leaves you with plenty of height space.

Here is a roundup of favorite flush mounts in different design styles that still add the wow factor for lower ceilings. From modern flush mount ceiling lights to fixtures that are a bit more glam!

Best Flush Mount Lights

1. Tisse Oversized Woven Rattan Flush Mount Light

Bringing farmhouse-style and nature-inspired aesthetics to your decor isn’t always the task of large furnishings.

This woven rattan fixture is a lovely glowing overhead light for any space in your home. 

Thanks to its airy weave and dramatic wide taper, this piece instantly cozies up your foyer, bedroom, or living area.

This widely popular, insta-worthy decor item is just 4.5” in diameter. Switch it on to bathe your decor bathes in an ambient glow and sublime shadows.


2. Thurman 4″ Flush Mount

If elegance is the word that tops your decor dictionary, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to snag this timeless design style from Rejuvenation.

This stylish flush mount is perfect over a kitchen sink and will go with your home decor.

An artistic glass bubble hangs stunningly from a chic-looking spun-brass body to bring an understated glow to just about any area in your home.

It’s suitable for both indoor and covered outdoor use. We love how this item comes with different customization options based on your decor. 

Some choices of fixture finishes include black enamel, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, burnished antique, and more. You get to pick a light shade from a whopping 21 options including the 11” Clear Ogee Schoolhouse Shade, 12” Opal Eastmoreland Shade, 7” Stepped Deco Opal Globe shade, and more.


3. Staggered Glass 5-Light Flushmount

This is a bestseller from West Elm, a chic design that marries timeless sophistication for the shorter ceiling at a great price. And this lighting fixture is suitable for the bathroom too. 

It ties together five milk-finished glass orbs that hang dreamily from a stylish steel base.

Switch it on to let your living room, dining area, or even the powder room bathe in soft and warm iridescence. Priced at $299, this oh-so-soft-and-fuzzy light stretches across 17” in diameter and 9.5” in height.

It offers you a choice of three stunning finishes in polished chrome, dark bronze, and antique brass. So, wake that genius decorator in you and pick a piece that blends right in with your surrounding furnishings. 

Such a pretty option!


4. Nausica Frosted Glass Flushmount

If your home tells the story of understated elegance, warm sophistication, and chic decor – the Nausica Frosted Glass Flushmount deserves a space in it. Why?

This beauty features a cylindrical ribbed glass shade with a frosted finish. The glass shade hangs from a metallic base that comes in an antique brass finish.

Expect to have your home glow warmly and ambiently once you light it up. The Nausica Glass Mount is also damp-location resistant – so feel free to put it up in your bathrooms, kitchen, or covered outdoor spaces.

Priced at $199, this artsy modern flush mount lighting measures 10” diam x 11” h and weighs just 3 lbs. 


5. Poppy Flushmount

Infuse a massive dose of glitz and glamour in your spaces with the Poppy Flushmount from Arhaus. It features hundreds of faceted crystals that hang from a sleek, metallic gold rim.

When you switch it on, the light reflects and refracts, spreading beautiful sparkles across your living room and dining area. 

The Poppy Flushmount measures 18” diam x 10” height. While the price point sways north of $999, this decorative piece is well worth every dollar to glam up your room. 


6. Matthews Flushmount (12″)

 If you like to keep the decor simple but modern the Matthews Flushmount from West Elm is an excellent choice. 

A metallic collar of 4” height circles oh-so-smoothly around a white glass shade that exudes a warm and fuzzy glow in the space.

Featuring a dark bronze finish, this ultra-sleek and versatile piece lights up just about any space in your home. 

Hang these stylish beauties in a row across your hallway or let them look gorgeous in your dining room area. Priced at just $149, this contract-grade piece boasts solid quality and is great just about anywhere at home.


7. Mendez Flush Mount

 Chic, stylish, and stunningly refined, the Mendez Flush Mount is a decorator’s dream!

It comes with a magnificent yet delicate metal collar that features a distinct scalloped detailing. A matching finial drips elegantly from an opaque glass diffuser. 

The collar features an antique brass finish, and the overall design easily transforms it into a tasteful statement piece. The Mendez Flush Mount is UL Dry Listed, so use it only in dry areas (not bathrooms or outdoors). 

Priced at $1,498, this elegant piece spreads across a diameter of 19.25”.


8. McKenzie Iridescent Flush Mount

Looking for something a little different? Your heart will say a big yes to this stylish option, the McKenzie Iridescent Flush Mount. 

A sculptural clear glass shade protrudes elegantly from a champagne brass-finished base. This iridescent glass features a uniquely refined pattern guaranteed to enhance the aesthetics of any space in your home. 

With a price point of $248, this chic little mount measures 13” diam x 9” h and can be installed with a dimmer.


9. Farmhouse Metal Flushmount

This light fixture comes in some beautiful options. The Farmhouse Metal Flushmount is brought into the modern day with different finish options.

This classic style piece features a clipped pendant shade, allowing the light to cascade gorgeously across your hallway, dining area, kitchen, or even the bedroom. 

Pick a piece or a pair in finishes such as gloss black and tumbled brass or warm white and polished nickel.

Measuring 18” diam x 4.5” h, this neat little bundle of elegance will go flawlessly with a 60 W Type A standard bulb or LED equivalent.


10. Clarissa Oversized Crystal Flush Mount 

If your hopes were dashed of having a chandelier in your master bedroom because of a low ceiling, the Clarissa Flush Mount will bring up your spirits.

A bestseller from Pottery Barn. It has the functionality of modern flush mount lighting and the glamour of a full-sized chandelier collide dreamily here.

This glittery find features magnificent raindrop-shaped glass crystals that drip stunningly from a regal metallic frame with finish options in vintage brass, bronze, and nickel. 

Measuring 15” diam x 9” h, it’s perfect for low-ceiling homes that long for an elegant touch. This piece requires a professional installation, so don’t forget to tap into Pottery Barn’s white glove service here.


11. Champignon 5-Light Flushmount

The Champignon 5-Light Flushmount from West Elm takes ceiling light aesthetics to a whole new level. Statement lighting for flush-mount lights! 

This fixture will give you lots of light in your room. The design takes its inspiration from the shape of mushroom tops with five milky-finish glass balls dripping elegantly from a leafy patterned metallic base.

Place it in your dining area, living room, or hallway for a soft and calmingly understated glow. Priced at $499, this flush mount measures 23.6” diam x 7.8” h.


12. Olaf Flush Mount Light

Nothing styles low-ceilinged areas better than the Olaf Flush Mount Light. Its sleek and simple design and understated modern charm instantly enhance any space in the house.

Choose from a fun pop of color or a neutral shade. A style that’s suitable for a laundry room or a home office. 

Measuring 15.75” diam x 7.75” h, this fixture features a steel dome shade that hangs directly from the ceiling.

This flush mount comes in a variety of hues including rose, olive, black, blue, grey, and white. What sets it apart from regular light fixtures is its striking unique polish with touches of brass.


13. Foster 4″ Flush Mount

What happens when whimsical magic meets minimalist aesthetics? The Foster 4” Flush Mount takes form! Another best seller on the list, this stunningly versatile find features a variety of choices for shades and finishes. 

From glass balls to shades sculpted to perfection with unique patterns – you can pick a shade and base combination that works with your existing furnishings.

These stylish flush ceiling lights also feature eleven different fixture finish options ranging from brushed satin to black enamel and everything in between. The sizing varies with the fixture type you choose.


14. Marra Modern 6-Bulb Black Flush Mount Light 

Looking to add some retro magic to your home space? The Marra Flush Mount Light is a popular choice that comes highly rated on CB2. 

The retro globe bulbs come in a softly frosted finish, and the matte black iron canopy features exposed brass hardware to create a stylish accent.

Once you flip the switch your spaces bathe in a generous dose of warm lights. Priced at just $249, this glowing bundle of elegance measures 22.25” diam x 13.25” h.


15. Dakota Nickel Flush Mount Light 

Subtle industrial beauty marries clean and sophisticated modernity to craft the Dakota Nickel Flush Mount Light from Crate & Barrel.

This lustrous piece features a polished nickel finish spreading across a dome-shaped shade and top base. 

Measuring 15” diam x 11.1” h, this tasteful item features a timeless design and easy functionality suited for your hallway, walk-in closet, bathroom, or even pantry. 

The shade and the base are crafted using high-quality iron and the nickel exterior blends stunningly with a painted white interior.

This flush mount light comes in a warm brass, and a black finish. As well as a clear glass shade. So there’s lots of great options to suit your style.

And two sizes available including a 5″ diameter shade for smaller spaces.


16. Auden Polished Brass Flush Mount Light

Every modern home deserves a sleek and simple statement, and the Auden Polished Brass Flush Mount Light helps fulfill that purpose beautifully.

This smart design features an oversized shade and a small circular opening in the center for the light to sprawl warmly across your space. 

The Auden Polished Brass Flush light measures a whopping 30” in diameter and is perfect for larger spaces. This is the ultimate modern flush mount light.


17. Capiz Flush Mount

If you’ve envisioned a soft and dreamy decor setting, you’ll fall in love with the Capiz Flush Mount from Pottery Barn. 

The design strings together hundreds of capiz petals that dreamily transform into an iridescent lotus flower. The flower comes alive and emits a delicate golden glow when you illuminate the light.

This is a lovely alternative to pendant lights in a bedroom. 

The smaller piece is 15” in diameter and the larger one is 23” in diameter. The price ranges from $299 to $499 based on the size you pick.


18. Ankeny Alabaster Flush Mount

The Ankeny Alabaster Flush Mount is a stunning choice for modern spaces. Here, a stylish curved alabaster shade hangs from a metal base.

We love how the shade features natural veining over a smooth, polished finish. The protruding metal base in aged brass or oil-rubbed bronze looks magnificent with the alabaster shade diffusing the light.

Measuring 16” diam x 4” height, this flush-mount fixture can be used in outdoor covered spaces too.


19. Lombard Flush Mount

If you’ve been planning to give your porch or patio an elegant facelift, the Lombard Flush Mount is just what you need.

This sleek lantern-style piece boasts a solid make, with an opal glass LED panel emanating a warm glow.

Measuring 12” diam x 5.5” h, this beautiful sturdy beast comes with a price tag of $699. 


20. Arrow 3 Light Flushmount

 Merging the retro and the futuristic, the Arrow 3 Light Flushmount features a striking silhouette that paints any space in absolute elegance. 

Three ultra-durable mouth-blown glass shades blend seamlessly with a stylish metallic frame featuring bronze and brass accents.

Measuring 30.25” diam x 6.75” h, this $799 piece comes with free shipping.


21. Bristol Wood Bead Flush Mount

Are you currently brainstorming a million ideas to complete the look of your bohemian decor? Your search ends here with the Bristol Wood Bead Flush Mount from Pottery Barn! 

This elegant light sculpture boasts hundreds of handcrafted wooden beads of different sizes. Once illuminated, the light cascades through them to create an oh-so-glorious glow.

The powder-coated white finish conceals a solid iron frame that keeps the structure super sturdy. Priced at $499, this stunning structure sprawls across a diameter of 15”.


Those are my favourite picks for the flush mount fixtures, proof that you can stay safe from boring flush mount light fixtures. Giving you plenty of light, keeping the head space clear and no ugly shortcuts on the decor!



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