8 Great Tips On Adding Colour To A Neutral Living Room

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Even though there are lots of design ideas for decorating with bold patterns and colors, a neutral living room is still a firm favorite. Neutral tones are calming and restful and a good starting point to build on for interiors.

Neutral walls and living room furniture always make for a solid neutral base. But adding color to a neutral living room injects life into the space. Reflecting your personality and interests on a safe neutral color palette to those who are, let’s say a bit color wary! 

When you’re working with an open plan scheme, neutral becomes a good option when you have a kitchen and dining area to fit in as well! The fun thing is that a neutral living room can be styled so many different ways depending on the person.

Adding a little color will stop the living room from feeling cold and boring. Whether you like a subtle hint of color or bright pops of color in key places you can make it work. Here are some great ways to how you can incorporate color into a neutral living room!

Adding Color For A Neutral Living Room Ideas

1. Rugs

Area rugs are a great way of adding color and pattern to any space. A bold geometric pattern or a traditional motif makes a big difference between a plain neutral living room. Choosing a colored rug will instantly help warm up the space and make it a bit more cozy as well.

Because the area rug is on the floor and underneath furniture items, it usually won’t be the most prominent thing in the room. The rug will of course be noticeable but gives the living room color without being too much.

By adding an area rug it gives you the chance to introduce and repeat the color in other places in the living room. Just on a smaller scale. Choosing a rug first is one of the best ways to introduce color to a neutral scheme.


2. An Accent Wall 

An accent wall is an effective way of adding some color to your living room. This could be a paint color or a wallpaper, it’s up to you. Just remember if you are going for an accent wall it will be a focal point of your living room.

One of the way an accent wall goes wrong is that it’s painted or wallpaper and there’s nothing else to it. An accent wall is to highlight something is already a main feature of the living room. For example a fireplace wall.

3. Color With Cushions & Throws

Your seating areas are the best places to add some visual interest. This is where you can have a lot of fun!

Throw pillows are the perfect size to add bright colors or a complimentary accent color into the space. There are no big risks involved and you can mix and match different patterns and different colors into the neutral color scheme.

However, you might want to set yourself a limit for your cushions and throw blankets. If you’re really on a budget you can easily make your own accent pillows. You can swap in and out different colors, textures and patterns to jazz up a neutral sofa depending on the time and season.

It’s up to you how much or how little color you use. You might focus more on patterns instead.


4. Window Treatments

Using curtains in your living room is another way to add color. You don’t have to go with bold colors. But a soft pattern is a nice addition of color to the living room. Just make sure that the pattern or color is repeated somewhere else in your living room for an intentional design and look.

5. Colorful Artwork

Artwork is so very personal. So if you choose to go this route make sure it’s a piece that you love and cherish. You can pick colors out from the artwork to select other furnishings and decor items for the living room so that it all works well together.

An art piece is a great way to add a focal point to your living room space as well. This can be a large canvas piece or a gallery wall. Either way, it will add a pop of color to your room.


6. Decor Accessories 

The pieces you choose and how you display them say a lot about you and your personality. Using some colorful accents or contrasting accents is the perfect way to reflect this. So bring out your favourite pieces and think about the best places to put them.

Think about the color, scale and sizing and pair it with other pieces. Accessories could be anything from sculptures to lamps and other decorative objects displayed on side tables or in cabinets. 

7. A Pop Of Nature’s Color

Bringing fresh flowers to your living room is such a simple way to add color. Flowers bring in nature and a fresh feel to the living room. And depending on the season, will give your space a totally different look and feel.

If you’re feeling for more a laid-back vibe, then maybe greenery plants is the only colour you feel to use in the living room. Adding different types of greenery energizes the space and brings in visual interest with various shades, shapes and textures.

Nature’s green is the best accent color to use for a beautiful and relaxing room and gives your space a biophilic element.


8. Book Styling Color

Are you a bookworm? Then use your books as a color aid for your living room. There are so many fun ways to style your bookshelves like color blocking and using coffee table books on other surfaces for some color interest.


We usually have a few books at home and this way we can put them to good use. It’s simple to do and you can use the books you already have and play around with the colors.

Those are my best tips for adding color to a neutral living room. I hope you found them helpful! Remember you don’t have to use all these ideas in your living room. Just using two or three of these tips may be all the pop of color you need in your living room.



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