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6 Great Tips On Adding Colour To A Neutral Living Room

Updated 19th May 2021
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Even though there are lots of design ideas about decorating with bold pattern and colours, a neutral living room is still a firm favourite. It’s calming and restful and good starting point to build on. Adding colour to a neutral living room gives it life with a pop of colour. Injecting interest and personality on a safe foundation to those who are, lets say a bit colour wary!

When you’re working with an open plan scheme, neutral becomes a good option when you have a kitchen and dining area to fit in as well! The fun thing is that a neutral living room can be styled so many different ways depending on the person. Whether you like a subtle hint or a bright pop of colour in key places you can make it work. Here are some great ways into how your can incorporate colour into a neutral living room!

1. Rugs

Rugs are a great way of adding colour and pattern to any space. A bold geometric pattern or a traditional motif can make a difference between a plain neutral living room. Choosing a coloured rug will instantly help warm up the space and make it a bit more cozy as well. Because the rug is on the floor and underneath furniture items, it usually won’t be the most prominent thing in the room. So it gives colour without being too much.

2. Cushions & Throws

This is where you can have a lot of fun! Though you might want to set yourself a limit for your cushions and throws! Swapping in and out different colours, textures and patterns to jazz up neutral sofa.

3. Artwork

Artwork is so very personal! So if you choose to go this route make sure it’s a piece that you love and cherish. You can pick colours out from the artwork to select other furnishings and decor items for the living room so that it all works well together.

4. Flowers

Bringing in flowers to your living room is such a simple way to add colour. It brings in nature and depending on the season, will give your space a totally different look and feel. If you’re feeling for more a laid back vibe then maybe greenery plants is the only colour you feel to use in the living room. For a more simplified design approach.

5. Accessories

The pieces you choose to display and how you display them says a lot about you and your personality! So bring out your favourite pieces and think about the best places to put them. Think about the colour, scale and sizing and pairing it with other pieces.

6. Books

Styling with books could go under home decor but coffee table books are sometimes bought for the colour alone it needs it’s own section. Books tend to be one of things we usually have in our home anyway! There are so many great ways on adding colour and styling with books in the home. And its so simple to do and you don’t need stack on top on stacks to play with colours you have.

What are your favourite tried and tested ways for incorporating colour into a neutral space? Let me know in the comments below!


How To Add Colour To A Neutral Living Room

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