How To Create A Gorgeous Boho Bedroom + Style Guide

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When it comes to bedroom design and decorating the boho bedroom style is right up there in terms of popularity! Probably as there as so many different ways to interpret boho style. Ranging from boho chic, boho glam and even minimalist boho style. So there are plenty of ideas to suit your personality and for you bedroom space.

All in all the perfect boho bedroom should be cozy and unique, personalized with lots of layering! (You’ll see when you read further). As well as biophilic element to the design. So how do you go about creating a boho style bedroom here are all the tips to get started!

Boho Bedroom guide

Boho Colour Palette

Choosing the colour is always a personal choice especially when it comes to the bedroom. But for achieving a boho style, generally warmer paint colours will get you that look you’re after. The bedroom colour is going to be more dependent on the size of your bedroom and what you gravitate towards.

Having said that there are gorgeous boho bedrooms that are all white and neutral, as well as the warm mid rustic shades and darker colours. It’s definitely more about the main pieces (the bed) and the pieces chosen for styling.

Remember the boho look is tied closely to nature with plants being a big focus. You can incorporate plants and foliage with choosing a great botanical wallpaper too.

Boho Bed Frame

Natural warm materials are the best look for bed frames of the boho style. Bed frames made from materials like wood, rattan, wicker and bamboo. There are some amazing decorative bed designs if you’re wanting something really unique and to stand out. A canopy bed frame will work great for the space too. Or a simple low lying wood bed for something a little more boho low key.

There are lots of great ideas for for boho DIY bed frames as well. A simple upholstered bed from mid century modern style with wooden legs will help to balance out some of the wood elements in the bedroom.

Boho Rugs

I think that next to the bed, having a rug is the most important item on the list to nailing the boho bedroom look. Even if you have carpet down in the bedroom you can layer a patterned rug on top and under the bed. The great thing with choosing rugs for a bedroom is that there are so many style to choose from. Patterned, vintage, Moroccan and Persian rugs.

Jute and natural rugs always work well in any space and these plain style rugs will give you more options as to layering materials and balancing patterns with the simple. Just make sure that when putting down your rug your bed isn’t covering the whole thing. So your rug needs to be large enough to have two thirds of your bed.

Adding a couple of rug runners either side of the bed is another way you can layer the rugs in.

Source: Etsy

Boho Bedding Ideas

The boho vibe is ultimately about feeling relaxed and casual. So it shouldn’t be anything that’s overdone or fussy like ironed wrinkle free cotton sheets. Washed linens sheets and duvets and naturally dyed bedding is a great option. These type of linens will get softer the more they’re washed over time. And you don’t have to worry about ironing out the bedding as it’s all part of the look.

Layering your bedding is a big part the boho look as well. Working in patterned and tasseled throws or some chunky knit blankets over the end of the bed depending on the season. Make sure your bedding is bigger than the bed size so it covers the edges and sides of the bed generously.


Some more layering! Lots of pillows of different shapes, sizes and texture to add a feeling of playfulness and comfort the bedroom.


If you’re loving the boho style then, more than likely you’re a plant lover. Which is great because the more the better with this look. Any kind of plants, whether you hang them from the ceiling or use them for styling your shelves. We all know that plants help us in lots of positive ways!

Cacti plants are great for low maintenance if you like the idea of plants but aren’t into daily maintenance. There are lots other plants that are low maintenance as well like snake plants and a Chinese money plant. Also using dried flowers, plants and grasses will give a more vintage boho style which also looks amazing.

Faux plants will still work for a boho bedroom too!

Source: Kalk Katt


Mixing and matching your bedroom furniture is the key when it boho styling. Bringing in thrifted and repurposing furniture is a perfect way of creating a unique bedroom style to you. Have a look at some places in person and online for some good furniture finds! To change it up a bit use a stool or a floating shelf as nightstand for something different.

Extra Seating

If you have an empty corner it might be good idea to make the most of putting in some extra seating if you have the space. Use a wooden or woven bench at the foot of the bed. Or use some throw pillows in the corner to create a cozy reading corner. You might have the space to put in a wicker chair for yourself!

Boho Bedroom Curtains

Drapery is a way of making a room feel complete and finished. Hanging sheer curtains is probably the best way of stepping up on boho bedroom game. Gauzy sheer curtain tiebacks and tassel details compliment the boho look perfectly.

There are lots of different styles you can get as well as printed options. Sheer doesn’t have to mean just white! Whatever works best the boho bedroom colour scheme you’ve decided!


If you want the original boho look for your bedroom then rattan and woven pendant lights is the best idea for lighting. However I think that beaded, and tasseled lighting will also work really well especially if you’re thinking of something more modern.

A Capiz shell light fixture is a really nice lighting option. Or if you’re looking for something on more the boho glam side, a light with a burnished or antiqued brass.

Adding some other quirky lights like string lights and decorative lanterns is cute boho look too.

Boho Decor

As usual this is where the bedroom or any room takes on its own style with your personal touches! And with a boho bedroom there are lots of ways to get the look just for you. Lots of artwork in form of large scale canvases, gallery walls or use baskets as a feature wall.

Don’t forget hanging a rug as an art piece is another ideas for boho bedroom decor. Using tactile artwork like macrame hangings is a great way of decorating your bedroom walls. You can do a gallery wall with twist by mixing in art prints and other objects to create something special.

Boho Bedroom Style Guide

  1. Macrame wall hanging is a decorative and tactile piece of artwork that’s perfect for the bedroom.
  2. Spindle wood bed frame in a dark wood makes a great focal point for the bedroom with it’s dark and simple frame.
  3. Rattan light pendant dome ceiling fixture to balance out the colour and the shape of the bed.
  4. Seagrass bordered rug adds texture and a natural element to the bedroom
  5. Side table with a brass finish looks as though it’s come straight from a vintage store
  6. Moroccan rug patterned rug layered on top of the seagrass rug to mix and match
  7. Plant with basket to add greenery and life to the boho bedroom style!
  8. Velvet throw cushions bring in some colour and some playfulness to the room.
  9. Stonewashed linen bedding set to get the soft and casual lived in look.
  10. Boucle throw to add a touch of elegance and to layer over the stonewashed linens.
  11. Door hooks in a brass pick up the finish from the side table and provide storage and hanging space out of the way.

Hope these tips helped if you’re looking for some more bedroom tips on how to design your bedroom check out this post of design bedroom mistakes to avoid. And the top tips on how to refresh your bedroom.

What’s your ideal boho bedroom style? Let me know in the comments below!


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