The Best Round Coffee Tables For Any Living Room

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When it comes to choosing a coffee table there are so many options. Is a square or a round coffee table better? It all depends on what your personal style is.

Round coffee tables are great for small spaces as it doesn’t take up as much room as a rectangular or square coffee table. And there are no sharp edges to watch out for. Which is a bonus if you have small children running about.

You might also want to consider your storage options. Sometimes it’s nice to change up the shapes in your living room and a round table helps to visually soften the space. And it’s a nice focal point for your seating area. 

Here are the best coffee tables you can pick from if you’re looking for a new coffee table. These top coffee tables are all round in shape. But with a variety of styles and materials to suit your home decor and your practical use.

Best Round Coffee Tables

1. Whilem Round Coffee Table

This gorgeous marble-topped coffee table is a unique design. It has a great contrast in materials, with the marble and wood finishes.

The wood supports around the outside of the top make it seem like the marble round top is floating. So if you like to keep your living space light and airy but stylish the Whilem round coffee table is a great option.

2. Pentwater Round Coffee Table 

The Pentwater coffee table is a modern design for the middle of your seating arrangement. Black coffee tables certainly bring attention to your living room design and are a perfect choice for a focal point.

But if you’re wanting something a little less dramatic it comes in a natural wood grain colour too.

3. Espira Round Cream Marbled Resin Coffee Table

A pedestal coffee table is always a popular choice but the Espira coffee table offers a unique look and finish. It could stand alone as it’s own art piece!

It’s minimalist silhouette and organic form is very different to your usual wood or glass coffee table. The table top width is just over 35 inches which is a great choice for smaller spaces.

4. Jace Round Coffee Table 

Wooden coffee tables add another layer of softness to a round table with its warm grain texture. And the Jace round table has double the curves with its spherical base. It’s made from Acacia wood and comes in two finishes. A black finish or a natural acacia wood.

5. Hourglass Indoor/Outdoor Coffee Table

This coffee table from Anthropologie is a perfect coffee table for outdoors or indoors. And its beautiful tiled table design top means you don’t even have to style it and it’ll still look great.

6. Rose Park Round Wood Coffee Table

The Rose Park wood coffee table is a simple design but a popular choice from Target.

Its clean lines and light wood finish make it a practical option for almost any living space as it’s quite a stylish coffee table and an affordable price. It doesn’t take up much space so this is another pick great for a cozy living room.

7. Monti Lava Stone Coffee Table

The Monti Lava is a bestseller from West Elm. And it’s clear to see why it’s a favourite, a minimalist design that’s of natural beauty is a great addition to your living area.

8. Volume Round Storage Drum Coffee Table

What’s better than a storage coffee table at home for a busy family? Having a hidden storage area in your living room is always a bonus.

This is another top choice from West Elm and comes in three different wood finishes. Winter Wood, Washed Oak and Cool Walnut. So if you want your remote controls and other things out the way you’ll have some extra storage space.

9. Tanner Round Glass Coffee Table 

Glass coffee tables are the best for keeping your living room space light and open.

The Tanner glass table from Pottery Barn has a shelf to keep your essentials and space to style or place your mug on top. This kind of coffee table is one of those timeless designs so you’ll be able to put it anywhere at home.

10. Targua Inlay Coffee Table 

The Targua coffee table from Anthropologie is a real show-stopper for the center of the room! The decorative bone inlay in the tabletop is a beautiful and unique feature.

And the gold table base adds another layer of luxury to this coffee table design. This table deserves its own perfect spot to gather all the attention.

11. Kerstan Coffee Table

The design is in the details of this solid wood coffee table. With a beautiful light wood oak finish, the Kerstan table shows off its simplicity by bringing attention to the joinery details in the coffee table design.

12. Fluted Coffee Table

Fluted Coffee Table - West Elm

Yes, we’re still loving the fluted furniture pieces! This fluted coffee table could be used in a contemporary design or for a classic look. A style like this works equally well for both.

13. Point Reyes Round Coffee Table

Point Reyes Round Coffee Table - Williams & Sonoma

The Point Reyes coffee table is available in two different sizes. A 31-inch or a 51-inch size. It’s wrapped in a handwoven Abaca material which gives it a great coastal feel.

The removable glass top is a practical feature so it’s up to you whether you prefer to leave the glass top on or off.

14. Rustic Farmhouse Round Coffee Table

Who doesn’t like the Farmhouse look? This rustic farmhouse table is currently a bestseller at Pottery Barn proving that the rustic looks are still highly favoured. A wooden top table with wood stretchers is a simple and ultra-functional design that will always stay in style.

15. Martel Coffee Table 

Anything in a marble finish always adds a level of sophistication to your living room space. The great thing about the Martel table from McGee & Co is that it’s a faux marble finish. So even though it’s a drum-style coffee table and adds weight to the room, it’s actually a lightweight piece that you can move around if needed.

If you’re looking for a modern round coffee table then the style and the finish of this table is perfect.

16. Troupe Round Pine Coffee Table 

When you have a large sectional sofa, it can sometimes be hard to find a coffee table big enough to accommodate the seating space.

But the Troupe white marble top table is 56 inches in size. So it’s almost as large as a 5-seater dining table. It is a heavy table but is a statement coffee table that won’t get lost in a large space.

17. Tree Dwelling Coffee Table 

Tree Dwelling Coffee Table - Anthropologie

This coffee table from Anthropologie has a beautiful delicate design to its table base. The base of the table along with the glass top gives a lovely open style making it an interesting talking piece for any visitors.

18. Burl Rotating Coffee Table

Burl Rotating Coffee Table - CB2

A showstopper coffee table that has a couple of extra features that make it a super functional piece. It has a hidden push drawer to stash your things and a 360-degree swivel base so you simply turn the table to access the drawer. A super luxe piece with clean lines.

19. Salento Coffee Table

Salento Coffee Table - Anthropologie

The Solento table is from Anthropologie’s outdoor collection but is quite at home indoors too.

20. Ishan Round Driftwood Ridged Coffee Table 

This small size ridged coffee table is made from solid mango wood in a 30-inch size diameter. The Ishan coffee table is a nice table design with it’s textured surface and a nice option for a small living room that needs to be kid friendly.

21. Bellaire Coffee Table 

Bellaire Coffee Table - McGee & Co.

I love the strong shape of the Bellaire marble-top coffee table. The white marble top table is available in three different finishes. A white and two different grey colours for a sophisticated focal point in your seating area.

22. Alexandra Round Marble Coffee Table

Alexandra Round Marble Coffee Table - Pottery Barn

If you’re after a classic look then this wood table strikes the right balance of modern and traditional. It has a beautiful turned table base set with a clean white marble top. A great table for styling your decor.

23. Manila Round Hammered Drum Coffee Table

Manila Round Hammered Drum Coffee Table - Target

The Manila drum coffee table is a popular pick from Threshold at Target. This decorative modern piece has over 200  customer reviews and can easily be incorporated into many different style room designs.

24. Modena Round Coffee Table 

Modena Round Coffee Table - Arhaus

The Modena coffee table is a simple and elegant design made of stone. You can choose from a light travertine stone or a white Carrara marble for a luxurious centerpiece of your living room.

​That wraps up the favorite round coffee tables, saving you a bit more space around your living room and from right angles! If you want some ideas for coffee table decor then you get some styling ideas here. 


FAQS Round Coffee Tables

What Size Coffee Table Is Best For Sofa?

The best size for your coffee table should be about two-thirds the length of your sofa. This is a guide guide to work to as your coffee table will cover a good length, so when people are sitting they are able to reach over to the coffee table. 

Should The Coffee Table Be Higher or Lower Than the Sofa?

The height of your coffee table should be level with the top of your sofa cushions. But the coffee table height can be a couple of inches lower if you prefer. It depends on the design style you like. Modern and contemporary furniture tends to sit a bit lower than average. 

Does A Round Coffee Table Save Space?

Compared with a square or rectangular coffee table with straight lines, a round table can save more space as there are no corners or edges to navigate.

Best Round Coffee Tables for any Living Room

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