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7 Amazing Design Tips Based On Office Feng Shui Principles

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Recently I wrote a post all about Feng Shui after watching expert Marie Diamond talk about how it can work in your home and improve your life. One area in particular that can drastically make improvements in your life when certain changes are made is the office.

Your office at home and at work is focused around your career success, wealth and potential opportunities. And the art of Feng Shui is designed to enhance all those benefits in your work environment.

The first thing is to create a clean and tidy space by cleaning your office. Or just refresh your workspace. Clutter is a definite no in Feng Shui.

There are some changes you can make the arrangement in your office to improve your work space for the better! It’s all about creating the best energy you can in your environment. In the Chinese art of Feng Shui that energy is called Chi.

Here are the main design tips for office Feng Shui to keep in mind. To set your and your work space up for success!

Office Desk Feng Shui

7 Office Feng Shui Principles

1. Office Colour

The featured image is a neutral space injected with life from the green plants. Depending on what your job is, colour can help with your focus in that area.

Colours have different meanings behind them and depending on the person evokes different feelings. What colour may work for someone else might not work for you.

But calming colours that represent nature are best suited to the workplace. This is to help with focus and work productivity.

2. Solid Support

One of the key elements in the office Feng Shui dynamic is having something of a “solid support” behind you. A solid wall or a bookcase is ideal in a home office. It signifies protection and a strong foundation behind and around you. As if there was a door behind you, you can’t see who is coming in and out.

Choosing a good desk chair is also a factor in creating a strong support system. High-backed chairs are a good option for providing good support at your desk.

If you can a dedicated desk for your work helps in representing a good foundation for your career. It also helps with productivity and focus. As you’re not having to shift into different modes as you might do if you were working at the dining table.

Even if your workspace is in your bedroom it helps to have a dedicated work area.


The Feng Shui principles are based on the five elements:

  1. Water
  2. Fire
  3. Wood
  4. Metal
  5. Earth

So it’s important to maintain balance in your office. Try to incorporate a little of each element in your office. This can be through colour to represent an element or by using the material.

For example, using blue to symbolize water. This doesn’t have to be a wall colour. It could be in a desk accessory. And you can use a wooden desk which would be the wood element. There are lots of different ways you can choose to design your office.

4. Gold Symbolises Wealth

The colours and finishes make a difference in your office too. Gold represents wealth and success so it’s good to have some gold somewhere. Use gold accessories or choose furniture with gold detailing.

Don’t worry if gold isn’t your thing, place a bowl filled with gold coins in a bowl on your desk. The coins can be fake as long as they’re gold. It’s what they represent that’s most important.

5. Career Focus

Often people put up photos of family and loved ones in their office. But your office might be the best place to put them. Instead, put up your logo, your vision board and your work. This is to keep you focused on where you’re heading on your goals in your work and business.


6. Natural OFFice Settings

If you have natural light available, make the most out of it! Also, add in plants whenever you can as it helps to purify the air and connects you with nature.

Plants signify the earth element. The practice of Feng Shui tends to avoid putting sharp angles and points around us. So it’s best to use plants with rounded leaves.

7. The Command Position

Remember the most important Feng Shui office rule. Have your desk facing the door if possible. This position symbolizes career opportunities and potential clients that could walk through the door.

You want to see what’s coming your way. No one should have their back turned away from an opportunity! This is important for the office Feng Shui layout. Think about all the big business leaders and even world leaders. They have their desk positioned to see the main door.

If you’re unable to have your desk facing the door, try to move your chair so you can see the door. Another alternative is to place a mirror so that you can see the door if you’re facing the wall.

Office Feng Shui Layout

What do you think about the Feng Shui principle for the office? Will you be trying them out? Let me know in the comments below!


Office Feng Shui

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  1. I will definitely be implementing the Feng Shui rules for the office as we renovate. My husband and I both need to share the office space, with different careers our focuses are different, yet we both desire success and abundance. If you have any recommendations on how to set up a dual office space implementing Feng Shui rules that would be appreciated.

    Thanks so much for sharing what you have already!

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