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7 Cool Office Designs Based On The Success Feng Shui Principle

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Recently I wrote a post all about Feng Shui after watching expert Marie Diamond talk about how it can work in your home and improve your life. One area in particular that can drastically make improvements in your life when certain changes are made is the office.

Your office at home and at work is focused around your career success, wealth and potential opportunities. The first thing is to create a clean and tidy space by cleaning your office.

You only have to make a couple of changes to the arrangement in your office before you see improvements for the better! It’s all about creating the best energy you can in your environment. In Feng Shui that energy is called Chi.

Here are 7 cool inspirational designed offices that have the basic Feng Shui set up for success! A couple office designs you might recognize….

1. Colour

The feature image is a neutral space injected with life from the green plants. Depending on what your job is, colour can help with your focus in that area.

Colours have different meanings behind them and depending on the person evokes different feelings. What colour may work for someone else might not work for you.

2. Solid Support

Feng Shui Office Success Principle Vita Fede Jewellrey Office by Amiee Song
Source: My Domaine

This is the office of jewellery line Vita Fede designed by interior designer and blogger Aimee Song. One of the key elements in the office Feng Shui dynamic is having something of “solid support” behind you.

Both physically and metaphorically. In this case the wall and books of inspiration that resonate with you. Like the classic Tom Ford fashion book on the shelf.

3. Balance

The office design of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop designed by RH. The Feng Shui principles are based on the 5 elements. Water, fire, wood, metal and earth. So its important to maintain balance in your office. Having a wooden desk is good starting point and adding in some plants doesn’t hurt either.

4. Gold Symbolises Wealth

The colours and finishes make a difference in your office too. Gold represents wealth and success so it’s good to have some gold somewhere. Use gold accessories or choose furniture with gold detailing.

Don’t worry if gold isn’t your thing, place a bowl filled with gold coins in a bowl on your desk. The coins can be fake as long as they’re gold. It’s what they represent that’s most important.

5. Career Focus

Often people put up photos of family and loved ones in their office. But your office might be the best place to put them. Instead, put up your logo, your vision board and your work.

This is to keep you focused on where you’re heading and on improvements you’re making. Artist Megan Hess has her art work as her gallery backdrop.

6. Natural Settings

If you have natural light available, make the most out of it!

7. The Command Position

Remember the most important Feng Shui office rule. Is have your desk facing the door if possible. This position symbolises career opportunities and potential clients that could walk through the door.

You want to see what’s coming your way. No one should have their back turned away from an opportunity!

All the offices shown in this post have that same set up. Toronto designer Anne Hepfer has kept to that rule in this office design.

If you’re unable to have your desk facing the door, try to move your chair so you can see the door. An another alternative is to place a mirror so that you can see the door if you’re facing the wall.

Which are your favourite office designs? And what do you think about the Feng Shui principle for the office? Will you be trying them out? Let me know in the comments below!




  • Victor Johnson
    26th November 2020 at 07:44

    Of course I would be trying them out, they seem so powerful and earthly. I love the rules

    • chloedominik
      26th November 2020 at 20:28

      Hi Victor,
      Yes, the rules of Feng Shui make a lot of sense really!


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