9 Top Tips To Consider Before Creating A Great Wet Room

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I recently wrote a post on inspiration for wet rooms, as I think they’re becoming an increasingly popular bathroom idea. Not long after I happened to stay at an AirBnb that had a wet room. I have to say I did love it. I wish I’d taken better pictures of the wet room to share in this post! But the photos are still on my Insta highlights under design if you want to have a peek. If you are thinking of having a wet room in now or in the future here are 9 wet room tips to consider before you start!

Shower Fixtures

If you can have two shower fixtures. A hand held and an over head fixture. Just and overhead fixture from the ceiling is not easily adjusted. Especially whilst in the shower.

Built in Storage

Somewhere to put you much needed shower gels and shampoos. Keeping them on the floor is not really the best option. A wall niche or a built in ledge is always a good idea!

Good Ventilation

Good ventilation is a must in any bathroom. But definitely in a wet room.

A Defined Area

A defined area might seem contradictory, it’s a wet room its supposed to be more spacious. But think about using a screen or a higher level. and textures. A screen will still keep the water contained in a larger space.

I found that even though the area under the shower was slightly sloped for drainage, the water still spread a fair distance. The bath mats were soaked! If you don’t want to use a full ceiling to floor screen, you can put a ridge across the floor to create a low level boundary. Or a step up or down to the shower area.

9 Top Tips To Consider Before Creating A Wet Room - Screened Area
Source: AD Russia

Waterproofing & Drainage

The whole room is going to made to take a good amount of water. So good waterproofing and drainage is key. I would get the experts in for this kind of job.


Use smaller tiles for the wet room flooring or textured tiles. Using smaller tiles, textured tiles, slats or vinyl will provide some surface grip for under the shower. In the AirBnb wet room, large smooth marble tiles were used all over including the floor. It looked nice but it was slippery under foot.

Wooden Slat Decked Area Bathroom
Source: Lus Home


How close is your bathroom vanity to the shower? Think about the material used on the sink or if you are going to have a standing vanity in it. I noticed that the vanity in the AirBnb was slightly off the floor, which makes it harder to clean underneath if it’s close to the shower area.

With a floating vanity it’s easy access to clean all areas. Or a vanity all the way to the floor that’s going to with stand the exposure to constant water.

Modern White Square Tiled Wetroom - 9 Top Tips To Consider Before Creating A Great Wet Room: A modern wet room design using square tiles on the walls and floors contrasting against the dark grey upper ceiling and walls and finished with black fixtures and finishes through out. @chloedominik #wetroom #wetroomideas #wetroombathroom #modernwetroom #squaretilebathroom #whitesquaretilebathroom
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A wet room is probably going to be a good majority tiling. Tiled rooms are prone to get cold. So under floor heating is good idea to keep the room at a good temperature.

Shower Accessories

For towel rings and fixtures think how close to place them to the shower. You want them close enough for a quick reach. But far enough that they don’t get soaked before use.

If you’re looking for inspiration you can check out the wet room inspiration post. Are you thinking of wet room bathroom or do you have one already? Let me know in the comments below!


9 Top Tips To Consider Before Creating A Wet Room

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  1. We are looking for an option to make our tiny bathroom more handicap accessible, a wet room is the only solution we can find to make that happen.

  2. I’m thinking of creating a semi wet room bathroom in my master bedroom, which is a huge room but built without a bathroom at all! My biggest challenge is access to water and drains and also two big sliding glass doors that open to my balcony. I’ve been thinking the wet room option would look nice and prevent me from closing off one of my sliding glass doors from the rest of the bedroom.

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