30 Beautiful Gold Living Room Accents That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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Bring a touch of gold into your living room, and you can’t really go wrong, can you? I don’t think so! Gold accents seem to add elegance to any space and will always stay in style. It’s a classic look!

Gold living room accents work in so many different design styles. From a traditional home to a modern look living room. Gold accents are a great decorative element to use in a living space and there are lots of different ways to bring it into your home decor. 

Living Room Ideas Gold Accents 

There are so many great ideas of how you can bring golden accents into your living room space.

Depending on what your overall look for your living room is you can add hints of gold in places. Or go for some real drama with a statement piece for a bold focal point. Such as an accent wall or use beautiful light fixtures for gold metallic accents.

Ceiling lighting fixtures or you can use lamps as a decorative object. Instead of using metallic finishes, you can use a gold color for soft furnishings like your throw pillows in your area rug.

You can use gold furniture too or opt for just touches of gold in smaller decorative objects like coffee table decor and decorative trays. Either way, it’s such to bring a touch of elegance to your space and make your room look expensive. 

Remember there are different shades of gold you can use in your home design. It doesn’t matter if you mix in different gold shades and finishes but don’t go overboard. When using metal finishes stick to a maximum of three and space them out around your living room.

Interior Desin Cheatsheet @chloedominik

You can mix your gold pieces with other metallic finishes like bronze or silver. And gold is always a great color to use during the Christmas holiday season.

Gold is a great color combination for any living room space. Whether you choose white walls for a modern, glamorous clean look. Or a touch of drama with a bold colour. Jewel-tone colors are a perfect combo for a dramatic color scheme.

Gold is the best contrast for a light or dark color scheme as it always stands out. Using gold will always be an on-trend look for a transitional space, contemporary or traditional. Like I said you can’t really go wrong! 

Why Use Gold Accents in Your Living Room?

  • Gold is a great contrast and compliments any paint colour. Whether it’s a neutral colour or bold.
  • It brings warmth and has an inviting feel to it. 
  • Gold is known for its elegant and luxurious look.
  • You can mix gold with other metallic finishes to create depth and interest.
  • Gold is a great finish to use as your focal point.
  • Use antique gold finishes and designs for a regal and historical touch.
  • Or simple clean lines gold designs for a modern look.

Gold Statements Pieces

  • Gold ceiling light fixture or chandelier
  • Gilded statement floor mirror
  • A full accent wall with a gold pattern or finish
  • A large piece of wall art or wall sculpture 
  • Furniture pieces like a sofa in a gold-colored fabric 

Gold Living Room Decor

  • Chairs or sofas with a gold frame or finish on the legs
  • Gold table lamp, a floor lamp or light sconces 
  • A gold accent table
  • Gold pillows
  • Decorative trays
  • Decorative objects like vases and gold accessories, purely for display and interest as wall decor or table decor
  • Hardware on cabinets and drawers

Favourite Gold Accents For Living Room

Here are some favourite picks you can use and get inspiration for your gold living room ideas. And there are two options depending on what interior design style you like best. Gold accent decor with a modern twist and a vintage feel option.

Feel free to mix up the decor and ideas to what suits you and have fun with it! 

Modern Gold Living Room Accents

1. Apollo Round Chandelier – This chandelier is a great focal point for the living room as it has multiple light bulbs spread around for a central light source.

2. Homare Full Length Mirror – Has a slimline gold frame surrounding the mirror which means you get the maximum amount of light bouncing around the room. It’s simple, but stylish.

3. Arum Sand No. 3 Artwork – There are so many different pieces of artwork you can get! But as we’re talking about gold accents I thought this swirly metallic abstract painting was a great fit for a modern space.

4. Sprig & Heron Wallpaper – Usually wallpapers with geometric patterns are considered a modern look. But the colours used in this wallpaper are fresh and light so this is another patterned alternative which is gorgeous!

5. Cue Chair With Metallic Frame – Using furniture with metal finishes is another way to bring in a gold accent. The Cue chair from CB2 is a sleek and open design that fits the modern style perfectly.

The shiny brass finish on the frame takes the design to the next level. And you can change the fabric colour and texture to suit too.

6. Truette Tapenade Yellow Turkish Silk Throw Pillow – If you’re working with a white sofa then some gold throw pillows will definitely help to liven up the area if you’re not going for a minimal design. Solid colours in luxe fabrics are always a winner.

7. Dolores Animal Print Throw Pillow – This throw pillow is a subtle design take on an animal print. Mixing in patterned throw pillows with solid colours always works well.

8. Everywhere Velvet Throw Pillow – Add in a different textured pillow with a velvet fabric from Pottery Barn.

9. Danas Throw Pillow – The Danas pillow has an abstract gold leaf look in the design which is a popular choice from Wayfair.

10. Oswald Side Table – Marble and brass are the best duo for an elegant living room look.

11. Bates Round Coffee Table – The metallic tones found in the Bates table range widely from gold to dark brown and copper. Which makes an interesting piece.

12. Knotted Decorative Object – Styling the living room is one of the best parts and sculptural pieces are fantastic to use in displays for table decor or shelf styling.

13. Chelsea Cement Box – Sometimes all you need is a hint of gold to tie in decor pieces together. Just like this beautiful textured storage box in white that has a gold lip around the top.

14. Hagen Brass Picture Frames – With the Hagen picture frames you can mix up the sizes and orientation of the frames to create a cute family vignette.

15. Prix Leather and Polished Brass Modern Table Lamp – I love the leather wrap detail on this lamp. The brass base finish gives a sophisticated look to the design. This can be for the living room or a home office.

Vintage Looking Gold Living Room Accents

1. Nottaway Chandelier – A traditional style chandelier but the brass colour will lift any room interior that it’s in.

2. Mila Mirror – Look out for pieces with beautiful ornate detailing like this stunning floor mirror from Anthropologie.

3. Peonies in a Vase Artwork – Still life paintings and landscapes fit the vintage look so well! But you can just use gold wooden frames for your artwork to get the vintage feel.

4. Mind The Gap Byobu Wallpaper – This oriental wallpaper has a warm golden backdrop to it and the design is so beautiful. A dining room would be another ideal place to showcase this!

5. Rue Swivel Chair in Tiger Gold – With a vintage look you can get away with using bold fabric patterns. This swivel chair is a stunner by Sarah Sherman Samuel for Lulu & Georgia.

6. Varennes Sequined Cotton Throw Pillow – A combination of beads and velvet is a great decorative addition to your sofa or chair.

7. Embroidered Velvet Throw Pillow – Another gorgeous embellished pillow cover in a different gold tone.

8. Alandra Sequined Throw Pillow – How about this all-sequined gold pillow cover to throw into the mix?

9. Vienne Throw Pillow – The Vienne pillow is a different look to try with dressing up your sofa with it’s embroidered landscape scene.

10. Agate Drink Table – This small drinks table is a unique accent piece that’s just the right size for a small living room area.

11. Fiona Round Metal Coffee Table – Using different designs and textures always adds interest to an interior. And this brass wire frame coffee table is totally different look for your living room.

12. Esme Metal Lantern Holder – Add an old-fashioned touch to your styling with a beautiful lantern like this metal lantern from Pottery Barn.

13. Posey Table Clock – This brass posey clock is a cute and functional piece to style on your living room console table.

14. Aldorno Desk Table Lamp – An all-brass lamp is a great accent to put in your lighting scheme.

15. Pavo The Peacock Table Lamp – This gorgeous peacock lamp is the ultimate statement piece. It’s whimsical, quirky and of good quality from Anthropologie of course. One of the best places to get unusual decor pieces.  

Well, those are the best gold accent pieces for the living room! I hope these two different design styling ideas gave you lots of inspiration on how to use gold accents in your living room.

In my opinion, gold accents are a classic and create such an inviting atmosphere with its warmth and tone. Depending on how much you use of it and the look you’re going for. Rose gold is nice but gold is the original standard lol.

Elegant rooms are sure to have a little bit of gold in there somewhere, don’t you think?


Gold Living Room Accents FAQS

How Do I Add Gold Accents To My Living Room?

There are lots of ways to add gold accents to your living room. The best way is to start with small gold decor accents in the living room and see how you like it. You can use gold light fixtures and hardware around the living room to tie the design together. Look at the finishes of furniture pieces as well. Not everything in the living room has to be a gold finish that may be too much depending on the look you’re going for and the size of your living room. 

You won’t always get gold finishes that match exactly so stick to 2 or 3 different finishes at the most and spread them about your living room. 

Is Gold A Good Colour For A Living Room?

Gold is a colour that goes with everything. But the texture and the finish play an important part in getting the look right. A shiny polished brass is the ultimate glamorous look. An antiqued brass tends to be a darker gold colour.

So there’s a right finish and gold tone that will suit your living room and your style. 

Are Gold Accents in Style?

Gold accents are always in style for any space. The main factor is how much or little of it you use. 

Can You Mix Silver And Gold Accents?

Yes you can mix silver and gold accents together. It creates much more of an interesting design that adds depth and character to the room.

Beautiful Gold Living Room Accents That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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