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13 Gorgeous Interior Fluted Detailing Inspiration & Best Furniture Finds

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Fluted detailing is all over interiors at the moment! It’s popping up on doors, the walls and featuring on furniture from bathroom vanities to bedroom nightstands. Why is it becoming the most popular must have?

It’s all about about adding texture and interest. Which is what you want to do, regardless when decorating your home! But adding the fluted details gives furniture, walls and doors a decorative and elegant style.

What Is Fluted Detailing?

From a distance the fluted details give elements dimension and interest. And up close and in person the fluted detailing gives a tactile feeling. Giving the surface a different texture rather than just a smooth and plain finish.

Fluting is in the realm of panelling, moulding and trim. An architectural detail that adds that extra interest without being too over the top.

Fluting is also can also be referred to as reeded, ribbed and grooved. There are so many ways it can be used and applied. I featured a fluted glass door from a bathroom in one of the Pinterest favourites and got so many questions about it!

It just popped up on my Pinterest feed and I posted because it was something that look so good but was also really effective where it was used.

That’s what is so great about using fluted detailing in interiors. It can be used as a wall treatment or as something to add a little more privacy depending on the material chosen.

A fluting detail can be applied using so many different materials. Including wood, glass, stone and plaster so you can use it in lots of different design styles. From traditional, to a neo-classic look or to a modern styled space. Depending on the material and width of the fluting you have lots of different options.

You can even do a DIY fluted option. Here are just a few inspiration ideas around the home using the fluted detailing…

Fluted Detailing Inspiration

Fluted Kitchen Islands

Using marble in the kitchen is still a classic, but adding a fluted detailing to the centre island adds a unique and unexpected finish. This marble island is amazing! I love the oval shape of the kitchen island. The fluted finish on the island is something different.

Fluted Glass Textures

If you’re not untidy with storing your serving ware, then using glass is a nice option for your kitchen cabinets. A fluted glass panel gives texture and some discretion if anything should get slightly out of order!

I think a fluted glass screen for a bathroom ensuite to the bedroom is a nice idea. Especially if the only natural light is coming in from the bedroom. The textured glass screen gives some privacy but still feels open to the rest of the space.

Fluted Bathroom Vanities

Fluted details are becoming really popular on bathroom vanities as well.

Fluted Tables

Fluted coffee tables and side tables make a nice addition to the living room. Different materials like wood and ceramic give totally different looks to the space.

Fluted Dining Tables

Two totally different looks with these oval fluted based dining tables. Both gorgeous!

Fluted Wall Panels

This kind of detailing can be a really interesting use for using on the walls, similar to panelling and mouldings. An all over application can turn into something really fun like a hidden doorway or for just adding texture and interest to the room.

Reeded Finished Doors

It can be used on smaller areas like doors as well if you feel like all over the wall would be to much.

Fluted Furniture DIYs

And of course there are some great DIYs on creating the look yourself on furniture or wall surfaces. Applying wooden dowels to furniture surfaces will get you the ribbed furniture effect.

Best Fluted Furniture Finds

If you’re not part of “the do it yourself” crowd, here are some fluted home finds you can use all over the house…

The Fayette nightstand has a great mix of finishes, that work great together. A very chic marble top finish with a single fluted drawer and brass legs. If you’re tight on bedroom space and need some interest this is a lovely option.

I like that it’s a leggy nightstand that still has some storage so it won’t take up too much space. And it’s definitely not boring!

This oak sideboard would look great in a minimalist interior. Like a Wabi Sabi inspired space. As it has the warm wood finish and the black hardware finish. And you can hide a good lot of tech and clutter away in this sideboard.

For such a glamorous desk, it’s pretty simple in style. The Quinn desk has clean lines and a nice length to it. Brass finishes, fluted detailing and a lacquered surface add the glamour to this office desk.

You get a similar look with soft furnishings, usually referred to as channelled. This is another way to get the look if you want to soften up your space a bit.

Another piece from the Fayette collection from Crate & Barrel. This time a sophisticated drinks cabinet in black and brass.

I love how unfussy this desk is. It’s easy to mix and match with other furniture. And the two concealed fluted front drawers add a nice detail.

This fluted side table will work around the home in lots of different places. It’s ideal for a beside table or next to the sofa at home. And there’s not a lot of things it wouldn’t work well with.

The bamboo reeded doors are the feature of this stylish storage cabinet. A practical piece of furniture to create a drop zone for the hallway.

Corner bookcases are ideal for making the most out of awkward corners at home. I love that this bookcase comes with a closed storage section and open shelves. Maximizing the vertical space at home.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of the fluted details for home style. This style has always been around but I’m definitely been noticing it a lot more. I love the look, as long as it’s not overboard and used in every part of the room. Just here and there for features, I think it’s a keeper!

Let me know what you think in the comments!


Fluted Furniture Finds Favourites and Fluted Inspiration Interiors

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