The Ultimate Guide How To Decorate A Console Table

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Using a console table is a great opportunity for styling at home! You can create a beautiful display (or a vignette) that can be an anchor piece for your room. And a console offers practical and functional solutions depending on what room it’s in.

So how do you decorate a console table? Customize your styling with your own personal touch with decorative objects, storage items and organic elements.

Here are ideas to consider on how to decorate a console table. 

Steps How To Decorate A Console Table

The main consideration is where your console table is going. Is it going in your living room? Or is it for your entryway? You might have space for a console table in different rooms.

Choose tables that suit the style and function of the room. Is it a traditional console table or a contemporary style? The next step is deciding the type of table that is best for the space and finding the perfect place for it.

Always measure the space where your console is going beforehand, such as a wall or your sofa. Your console table shouldn’t extend over the length of space you have available.

Having empty space underneath your console table allows you to keep your area clean and minimal.

Or you can use the space under the console table for extra storage. Keeping woven baskets under the console table is a great idea to keep items hidden and out of the way. Whereas a console table with a lower shelf has the potential for more styling or smaller storage solutions.

A console table with top drawers is a practical option too. For a small entryway pick a narrow-width table to keep the entryway clear. 

Console Table Focal Point

A mirror or artwork is a great focal point for a console table.

Artwork hung on the wall above the console table should be kept a couple of inches within the width of the console table. Either a large art canvas or you can use multiple prints in a grid style on the wall.

Choose a bold abstract or a landscape piece, any art that fits your personal style. Leave 4 – 8 inches on either end of your console table to centre your artwork. The size of the artwork should be about two-thirds of the length of your console.

You can pick your color palette from the artwork you’ve chosen. This will create a vignette that looks cohesive and intentional.

Layering and overlapping different art prints on top of the console table is a great alternative to hanging decor on the wall. This is a better option if you’re renting or you prefer not to drill holes in your wall.

These are some great places you can get affordable artwork online; Minted, Etsy, Society 6 and Artfully Walls. 

Use a mirror

A large mirror is a great piece to use instead of a piece of art.

Mirrors are a good idea for making a small space feel larger and bounce around natural light. The main focal point doesn’t have to be something that’s wall hung. Instead, it could be a large frame that stands on top of the console table. 

Styling Decor

Console Table Styling

You keep the styling with a main focal point in the centre. And three of the similar objects placed evenly spaced on the table. For more interesting arrangement, it’s important to play with the scale of items.

Using stacks of books or a tall vase adds interest and height variation. Mix in small, short objects like decorative bowls and small picture frames. Vary the shapes you use as well.

Use the rule of three and pairing when grouping decor items together for styling. Opt for different materials and textures and sculptural pieces. Try arranging natural materials with polished and luxe elements together.

Be intentional about the pieces you choose to display. Is it a pretty decor piece? Or is it a functional piece? If it’s neither pretty nor functional don’t use it. Keep the styling balanced and not cluttered.

Including a natural element such as flowers or a plant keeps the look fresh and interesting. 


Using lighting is an option but may be used for purely decoration purposes, depending on which room the styled console table is in. A pair of light sconces can be wall-hung as an extra light source in an entryway.

Or use a pair of table lamps on the console table in the living room. Maybe one large lamp is enough to make a big decorative impact and is rarely used as a light source. It’s up to you and how you decorate your console table. 

Interior design cheatsheet

Styling Your Console Table By Room

Simple styling Console Table

How To Decorate A Console Table In The Living Room

Console Table Against The Wall 

When you have a wall as the backdrop to your console table you can use it as a great focal point. An oversized mirror or a large piece of art serves as a great central starting point for styling your vignette.

Centralizing a gallery wall is also a great option as an alternative to a large art piece. When you have a central point you can choose to style it symmetrically balancing the two sides of the table exactly the same or like for like.

Using two of the same table lamps on either side would be styling the exact same. Styling like for like would be using two different decorative objects symmetrically that are similar in height and scale and spacing them apart at an equal distance. 

It’s also important to consider the negative space the wall behind your console table provides. You don’t have to fill up the whole of the wall to make an impression. Using negative space helps focus attention on other decorative pieces on your table. 

Styling A Console Table As A Divider 

Using a console table is a great way of defining a large open living room space if your sofa is floated in the middle of the room. It acts as a room divider and creates zoning areas.

Instead of seeing the back of a sofa, you can style a gorgeous console table for visual interest in your living room. This is sometimes known as a sofa table. The height of the console table shouldn’t be taller than the height of the back of the sofa.

It’s better if it’s at least one inch lower than the back of your sofa. You can style the console table with your family photos, favorite books and a statement lamp. These are just some of the decorative items you can use to make it useful and attractive. 

Adding a lamp on the console table behind the sofa is a good option for an extra light source in the evenings. If you have floor sockets you can run the lamp wire to the floor and hide the wire under a rug.

Decorating An Entryway Console Table 

Console Table Entryway

First impressions count! And a decorated console table is a great idea to welcome people in from your front door. It makes a good first impression on your home. As well as styling your entryway it’s a great way to make the most of your storage space.

Make sure not to overdo the entryway table decor though as it’s usually the first thing you see. Your entryway can easily become cluttered with people coming in and out with bags, coats and shoes. So your entry space is a great place to make a drop zone.

Storage options like woven baskets underneath your entry table turn your space into a practical and clutter-free zone. 

How To Decorate A Console Table In The Dining Room 

Console Table In Dining Room

In the dining room, the console table is a prominent piece of furniture. As it’s going to be used a lot for displaying and storing dinnerware, glasses and bottled drinks. Usually, the console table in the dining room will be against the wall. So you can use a mirror or artwork as your focal point.

It’s better to have fewer decor items displayed on top of the console table if it’s going to be a functional piece used at mealtimes.

The great thing about using a console table in the dining room is that it’s visually lighter than a buffet, sideboard or cabinet. But a console table works just as well. 

Using A Console Table In The Bedroom 

​If you’re tight on space in the bedroom, a console is an ideal alternative for displaying and storing your essentials. With an ottoman or a small chair stowed underneath it can double up as a nice little vanity or a bedroom work desk when needed. 

Favorite Console Tables

Seasonal Decorating

Whichever room your console table sits in, seasonal decor elements are a great way to change the design style of your home.

When it comes to the holiday season think about changing the colour scheme of your display area. Use different textures and add some seasonal decor pieces.  

Console Table Decor Items

Underneath the console table:

Hope you found this guide on how to decorate a console table helpful!


FAQS How To Decorate A Console Table?

What Is A Console Table?

A console table is usually a long table that’s quite narrow and doesn’t take up a lot of room. So it’s easy to place up against a wall or behind a sofa without interfering with the rest of the space.

The average height of the console table is between 28 inches to 32 inches. The average height is 30 inches from the floor to the top of the table. (About the same height as a dining table).

Console tables are versatile pieces of furniture and are typically used in the entryway or hallway, the dining room and the living room.

How Do You Make A Console Table Look Nice?

There are lots of different ways to make a console table look nice. It depends on your style and personality.

An easy way is to style the console table symmetrically with a piece of art or mirror in the centre of the wall, above the console table. Style with a pair of lamps on either side of the table.

And fill in with other decor pieces of different heights, shapes, scale and texture in the middle. The items displayed on a console table should be beautiful or practical. 

What Do You Display On A Console Table?

You can use flowers, art and personal objects and your favourite items to display on your console table. If your console table has a bottom shelf, style it according to the height space you have available. 

How Do You Decorate An Entryway Console Table?

Depending on how big your entryway is, a small table with a couple of display items will be enough in some circumstances. In larger entryways, a drop zone is a great idea. Using a big entry console table with storage would be a great addition to the area.

You can still make a drop zone in a small entryway but utilizing the wall space is the best way to create a practical area. 

How To Decorate A Console Table Infront Of A Window?

The best thing about decorating a console table with a window behind it is that the window is the focal point. With this in mind, you’ll want to keep the decor items short in height. So you can stay focused on the window view.

Still use dcor items that vary in height and width but you won’t need a tall lamp and similar items.

The Ultimate Guide How To Decorate A Console Table

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