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14 Fantastic Colour Blocking Ideas For Your Interiors

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A trend that I’ve been really appreciating recently for the home interiors is colour blocking. It’s been all over my Pinterest feed and I’ve been loving the ideas and combinations that have been appearing for the home.

Colour blocking is great idea for those who want interest in their space but not as intense as maybe maximalism might be. And not so plain as a modern minimalist or even a transitional space might give you. Here are some of my favourite and inspiring colour blocking looks for the interior home front!

Colour Block Office Walls

Adding some simple but colourful geometric shapes to your office can uplift the space easily. And you can make them bright or as muted as you like, like the featured office image. Earthy tones work just as well.

Stairway and Entryway

This stairway is colour blocked to perfection using warm and cool colours and popping in a striped wall in the background.

Living Rooms

With all the colours used on the walls, it’s surprising as to how calm the overall space feels. Minimal decor and modern furniture help balance the room.

Source: Casa Vogue

Solid colour blocking just focusing on the walls and the ceiling help create more of a cozy feeling in a larger living room.

Dining Area

Source: Snoerboer

A simple colour change can help define a space like your dining area in an open concept home.

Colour Block Featured Areas

White Circle Colour Block Corner - 14 Fantastic Colour Blocking Ideas For Your Interiors: A creative use of colour block in this corner living room. The white circle makes the corner walls a point of interest in the painted blue living room marking it as a shelving display wall. @chloedominik #circlecolorblockwall #colourblockinterior #colourblockwalls #colourblocklivingroom #shelvingdisplay #shelvingdisplayideaslivingroom
Source: Leroy Merlin

Using coloured shapes help define smaller areas of the home that deserve a bit more attention. Like these display shelves and gallery wall.

Source: Lavorist

Colour Blocking For Doorways

Colour Blocking For Your Interiors - Green Blocked Doorway
Source: Living Etc.

I love the idea of colour framing the doors in unexpected ways. A broken up use of colour and a solid yellow block expanded outside the doorframe.

Colour Block Bedrooms

All is needed is a simple stripe down the middle of the bedroom to highlight the bed. Matching soft furnishings tie the colour scheme together. Or go multi coloured for the whole bedroom like this mint and pink scheme.

Source: Heart Home

Colour Blocking For Children’s Rooms

Colour Blocking For Your Interiors - Yellow Nursery
Source: Bellvine

Using colour blocking in kid’s bedroom is fun for the kids whether at nursery stage or toddler. Both these rooms are super cute!

What do you think of colour blocking and which images are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!


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