Black Floral Bedroom Ceiling - 20 Amazing Statement Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Home: An elegant bedroom design using black for the walls and opting for a moody black floral wallpaper design on the ceiling which and beautiful chandelier which brings the whole bedroom together. Design by Judith Balis Interiors. @chloedominik #blackbedroom #blackbedroomideas #blackbedroominteriors #floralceilingwallpaper #elegantblackbedroom

20 Amazing Statement Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Home

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When it comes to the interiors for the home, ceilings can often get left out of the frame. We tend to focus on the walls, furniture and decor and the ceilings can be an after thought. Which is silly because it is the largest surface area of the room! By not leaving your ceiling completely blank and creating a statement ceiling instead can bring the room together.

A statement ceiling doesn’t necessarily mean something over the top but just something of interest. Here are some cool ceiling designs to spark your inspiration.

Wallpapered Ceilings

A pretty cloud design for the ceiling finishes off this pretty powdered baby blue playroom nicely. Bringing the wallpaper design further down on to the walls helps creates the feeling of being surrounded by sky even more.

Floral Dining Room - 20 Amazing Statement Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Home: A beautiful traditional dining room with a twist of modern using modern chairs and a moody botanical wallpaper on the ceiling. @chloedominik #diningroomdesign #floralwallpaper #floralwallpaperceiling #darkfloralwallpaperceiling #botanicalwallpaper #diningroomideas
Source: Lime Lace

This dining room has gone for a moody floral wallpaper on the ceiling. A dining room interior with a twist, using a mix of modern and traditional furniture.

An eclectic bedroom design finishes the interior look with a bold floral up top. Mixing different patterns gives it a maximal look.

Wallpaper Tray Ceiling - 20 Amazing Statement Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Home: An inset tray design ceiling makes a focal point of this modern living room apartment by applying an abstract black and white wallpaper print to the section adding interest to a minimally styled space. @chloedominik #statementceilings #statementceilingdesign #trayceilingideas #trayceilingideaslivingroom #wallpaperceiling #wallpaperceilingideas #wallpapertrayceiling
Source: Arch Daily

A minimal apartment design adds a bit of fun and interest with a geometric black and white print. Even by just adding a small section of wallpaper to the ceiling can make a big difference.

Wooden Ceilings

Using wood for the ceiling can make a space feel a bit warmer, especially in all white room. A chunky beam and wood panel design makes this hallway feel not so cold.

Source: Room & Board

Wooden slats on the ceiling is a simple design but not boring. The ceiling here has been painted black to match the rest of the interior. With the different textures in the room it creates a modern look.

Source: Archello

The same wooden slat design for the ceiling in a slimmer format suit this contemporary dining area style.

Source: Home Bunch

If you have a plain white ceiling adding some faux wooden beams is a nice way to add some detail to the space like this coastal living room.

Adding some bold colour between the beams will definitely draw your eye up to the ceiling.

Painted Ceilings

This ceiling is painted a gorgeous emerald green. The top of the walls have been painted the some colour to match the ceiling with white panelling on the bottom of the walls. It creates an elegant space while being a bit different from the normal.

Dark Blue Powder Room - 20 Amazing Statement Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Home: A modern powder room using contrasting colours. A dark deep blue for the top and a bright white for the bottom half. @chloedominik #powderroom #powderoomideas #bathroomdecor #bluepowderroom #darkbluepowderroom
Source: Macho Moda

This small powder bathroom has been given a similar treatment but with a deep navy blue colour and white tiles for the bottom of the walls. Proving that small spaces can use darker colours with no problem.

You can try using one colour for the room but different tones for walls and ceilings like this green moody living room.

Color Block Panel Ceiling - 20 Amazing Statement Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Home: A multi coloured block ceiling covers a panelled grid ceiling to compliment the rest of the living room coloured tones. Design by Anne Sage @chloedominik #livingroom #colourblockceiling #ceilingdesign #ceilingdesignlivingroom #ceilingideas #statementceilingideas #colourlivingroom #colourlivingroomideas
Source: Anne Sage

Having an ugly ceiling tile to deal with is the worst. There are lots of different patterns and colours you can try to add some interest to the room. A cool colour block design works wonders on the ceiling, designed by Anne Sage.

If you planned the design of your room properly then you can put together a cohesive colour scheme like this bedroom. The teal ceiling matches the rest of the bedroom perfectly.

Panelled Ceilings & Mouldings

A traditional white moulded ceiling can be just enough detail to keep the ceiling from being completely lost all together.

An ornate moulded ceiling doesn’t have to stay just plain white! Contrasting a traditional design with some colour is sure to get some attention.

Source: 2B Group

You can integrate the trim design detail into the wall and the ceiling like this beautiful bedroom design.

Source: Living Etc.

Maybe you can keep the wall designs as plain as possible and go all out on the ceiling. This living room has a detailed and bold coloured ceiling with a moulding and panel design.

Keeping all the walls white balances out the drama of the ceiling.

Mural Design

Abstract Paint Mural Wall - 20 Amazing Statement Ceiling Design Ideas For Your Home: Although this abstract paint mural is only partially on the ceiling the way its laid on both the ceiling and the fall has a nice effect in this modern dining area space. So you don't always have to go all out on a ceiling to make a difference in a room. @chloedominik #ceilingideas #ceilingideasdiningroom #abstractpaintmural #wallmural #wallmuraldiningroom #wallmuraldiningroomwallpapers
Source: Fashionismo

Sometimes its enough just have a smidgen of a colour or design on the ceiling. This brush stroked mural only touches on the ceiling before making its way down the walls. Giving emphasis to the light fixture and the dining table.

What do you think of these statement ceiling ideas? Have you left your ceiling untouched? Let me know in the comments below.


Feature Image Source: Judith Balis Interiors

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