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The world of online learning is getting bigger and bigger! With big changes happening in the world and more people working and studying from home, online learning is here to stay. With so many online platforms to choose from, you might be trying to decide which is best for you. Domestika is the online platform focused on creative learning. And creative skills are getting increasingly important and needed more than ever!

Gone are the days where creative fields were thought of as unimportant or not a credible to career. In this world creatives are needed every day. Whether that be creative skills to stand out through career and business in getting noticed. Or creativity as a personal experience and for enjoyment in hobbies.

What Is Domestika?

Domestika is currently the fastest growing online creative community. Where top creative professionals all over the world pass on their experience through Domestika courses. Through their courses students learn and develop and hone their creative skills.

Domestika started as a small online platform where creative professionals could share their thoughts and ideas. That small creative community turned into the online learning platform of today. The creative community is still very much at the centre of the platform. It’s the place where beginners and professionals go to grow and expand their skills.

The great thing about Domestika is that you can learn at your own pace. With no monthly membership fee or subscription. You pay for the course that you want and do it in your own time. It’s totally free to sign up for a Domestika account. That way you can take advantage of the free tutorials and resources they have. And you’ll be able to keep an eye out for new courses and interviews on their blog.

With your profile you can create a portfolio to showcase your final projects. Before taking a course you can check out the student ratings and reviews. There are lots of comments left from the students so you can decide if the course is right for you.

The course prices are very affordable with regular discounts available. Also creating your own course bundles is great way to get started. Bundles are made of three of courses of your own choice and for a great price.

Courses On Offer

The courses are for anyone looking to tap into their creative side. A lot of the courses from Domestika are for beginner entry. There are specialized courses that are more advanced for anyone looking to build on the skills they already have.

Domestika offers two types of courses. The regular courses which goes into specific techniques depending on the class. And Domestika Basics which is made up of 5 to 6 courses which teach how to use a creative software from scratch. Ideal for learning and building a good foundation in softwares like Adobe and AutoCAD. Helpful if you’re thinking about a career in design.

There are lots of other courses available. From interior design, photography, marketing and copywriting. Illustration, drawing techniques and paintings in different medias to creative writing. Crafts are also well established on Domestika. So if you’re looking to get creative with home DIY projects or pick up a new hobby, there’s plenty on offer. There are quite a few macrame classes to choose from. Plus embroidery, ceramics and carpentry and furniture ideas.

Once you pay for a Domestika course you have unlimited access it. Which is great because you always go back for a refresh. You can choose an annual subscription which gets you additional discount on all courses.

Domestika Teachings

Domestika select their teachers from all over the world. Picking the best professionals in the creative industries. Like the late illustrator Willian Santiago who has his own course on Domestika. And UK watercolour artist Laura McKendry.

All courses are produced in Domestika’s own studios. The studios are located in cities across the world like London, Madrid and New York. Including many other major cities. They always have their eye open for new talent coming up. Which means there’s no shortage of new courses.

Just as you can do your research before taking a course, each course has it’s own forum for after completion. Where teachers can give feedback on your final project. As a part of the focus of at Domestika is to share with community to get ideas and inspiration! And to keep learning! After completing your course you’re able to download a signed certificate with your name and class.

Domestika Teachers

Domestika originated in originated in Spain so a lot of courses were in Spanish. Now they’re a global company they offer courses in a few different languages. All the courses do have subtitles but depending on how you like to learn that might be a plus or negative.

If you’re taking notes which I find is always helpful, the subtitles won’t be an issue. You can also choose courses that have audios in your native language. One of things I like is that courses are taught from people all over the world.


Overall Domestika offers a wide range of creative courses that are structured well and easy to follow. I think it’s great that the majority of courses are available in more than language for audible as well as subtitles. Diversity is what makes Domestika different from other online learning platforms. I hope you find a course that sparks your creativity!


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