How To Declutter Your Room

The Full Guide On How To Declutter Your Room

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Ok, you’ve done all the quick declutter tips for every room in your home. And it’s starting to look a little better. But getting down to the real nitty gritty stuff, how to declutter your room? Properly?

Sometimes we can easily shift things round from room to room. But to declutter each room properly, there is some work involved! No matter how hard it might be to get started. The decluttering needs to get done. We all know it’s worth it in the long run.

So where to start decluttering?!

How To Declutter Your Room?

Which Room First?

No doubt they’ll probably be more than one room you’re intending to declutter. Decide which room to declutter first. And stick with that one room until it’s finished. The room you decide to declutter first, is totally up to you and may have a few deciding factors…

  • How often do you use the room?

Everyone’s home is different. And everyone uses their home differently. You might not use your kitchen for big dinners in the week because you’re rarely there. So the kitchen isn’t a big problem for you.

Your bedroom on the other hand maybe the room to look at first. Decide which room is going to have the biggest impact for you. And choose a room that you think is manageable to start with.

  • How bad is the mess?

The room that might be the absolute messiest will need some momentum to get through it.

Choose to a declutter a room that isn’t as bad as the messiest room in the house first. This tip can be for used for size too. The bigger the room, usually the more daunting the task. Declutter a smaller room first.

  • The only messy room in the house?

Only have one room in the house that’s truly bothering you?

You will have to get it done. If the room is on the bigger size, split it up into zones. One area at a time. And tackle the decluttering that way.

Remember Your Why

Most of us know that decluttering is really good for us. And it will all be worth the effort at the end. But in the midst of it, it can be easy to give up. During these moments remember your why. What is the end goal?

Decluttering your home helps you save time and energy in the long run. And you’ll end up with a room you will actually love and enjoy in the end.

These maybe just a couple of your “whys”. But keep those in the forefront of your mind. Add your own reasons to the list too!

  • Are you selling your home?

Keeping your home organized while selling your home can be difficult while still living there. But if you can stay on top of the organizing it can pay off in a higher asking price.

Create a Vision for your room

If you’re taking the time out to declutter, that means your room can better than it is currently!

Create a vision for how you want the room to look and feel before you start decluttering. This will keep you focused on your why and towards the end result.

You can write a list.

List all the ways you can use your room after you’ve decluttered and organized. Or you can create a visual mood board for the room. Once you’ve finished organizing you’ll see even more potential for the room.

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You might even take the room a step further after you’ve finished. It doesn’t have to be a full room makeover. Just a room refresh and some swapping around of furniture items. It will look like a totally different room which ever you decide. And for the better!

Also having a plan for the room, will keep you focused on what you can and can’t keep when decluttering.

Decluttering The Room

One of the best ways to get your room decluttered is to clear out the whole room. Or like mentioned above to split the room into different zones. This will totally depend on you. The size of your room. How much time you have? As well as how much help you do or don’t have.

You might feel you’re better off doing it yourself! And that is fine. As long as you stay focused. Whichever option you choose set yourself a deadline.

Total Declutter Clear Out

Emptying the whole room of its contents will help light and fire under you to get the room finished. Seeing the room as a blank canvas will set a clean start. You’ll also have to make quick decisions as to what is allowed back in the room and what goes. Refer to your list or vision board for this!

This approach is best for smaller rooms. Or if you have some extra help.

Zoned Declutter

A zoned clear out is when you take the room section by section. This might be a slightly longer process if you have a lot of storage and furniture to sort through to. With lots of knick knacks you might have to take your time with sorting things out.

If your closet is in your bedroom it might take you at least half a day for that one area.

Using this path will be easier if you know that you will be organizing things within things. It will be easy to see where you got up to with decluttering in the room, should you have to come back to it.

What Stays?

When you have decided the vision for your room, you can get decisive!

Put aside three boxes or areas for throw away and donate and sell. Which items are important to you? What things or memories can’t be replaced? These things stay.

You might want to create a fourth box for items you’re unsure about. If you’re having trouble deciding, come back to the box later and make a final gut decision. Whatever box it goes in, it stays!

How To Declutter Your Room: Sort Out

Declutter Room By Room

Living Room

If you’re going to do action plan or vision for any room, do it for the living room. We use our living rooms for so many things, especially with families. So it’s good idea to have vision for the space after decluttering.

What area is for what activity? Plan out your zones. Reading area? Where’s your spot for watching tv? Set up each area with the essentials for whatever activities will be taking place there.


Clearing out the kitchen is best done zone by zone, as there are so many drawers and cabinets to clear out. As well as the fridge and the freezer!

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Your nightstands are the easiest place to start. Keep your essentials on the nightstands or the top drawers. Then dive into the drawers and organize. Next your bed, under and around it.

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You may or may not have a dedicated room for your clothes. Either way sorting out your closet is a big task. You might even put some time aside for a try on session. Just to make sure you love what’s staying in your closet. And for those items you’re getting rid of!

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The bathroom is probably the easiest room to declutter. Start with the products that you can see. Throw away empty containers and expired products. And then move on to the drawers into the vanity.

You can make quick fire decisions based on what’s never been used and what’s empty. These things can go. As well as your favourites. Decide your favourite essentials to keep out on display. And the rest can be stored away neatly in drawers and cabinets.


Letters and papers can easily pile up in the office. Tackling any paperwork you might have will get a large chunk of organizing out the way!

Keep your desk as clear as possible. Only the projects you’re currently working on should be easy to access. This way you’ll have a more productive work space.

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How To Declutter Your Room: Tidy Desk Office

Storage Solutions

While you’re deciding what stays you’ll be having to think about good storage solutions. This might be furniture from around the home already. Or new furniture that needs to be purchased. Any furniture piece that doubles up as storage is helpful.

Of course not every piece needs to be storage functional but think about what is going to work best for your space. Other items like storage boxes, shelving and decor will be helpful for storage and organization. As well as styling for the room.

Going Forward

By just decluttering one room, that can give us the confidence to get organized in other areas of our lives! From organizing our day to day and setting up a great morning routine. All these things can take our lives up another level. And help us to enjoy our homes better!


How To Declutter Your Room

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