Kitchen Shelves Ideas

13 Kitchen Shelves Ideas The Best Styling From Pinterest

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Styling is an important and creative part in any room of the home. It’s the most fun part of finishing a room! (I think). And kitchen styling is definitely not an area to be forgotten about! As we use the kitchen everyday is some way. Theres lots of styling inspiration for kitchen shelves ideas floating about on Pinterest!

And while kitchen styling is fun it has to be practical for use as well. How much styling is too much? Using open kitchen shelves for styling are ideal as its tends to keep all the daily essentials out of the way. Where as countertop space is a bit more precious for functional reasons. It’s a good idea to keep the counter a bit more free from clutter.

Here are some favourite kitchen shelves ideas from Pinterest. From all open shelving to mixed kitchen storage ideas, from small to larger kitchen spaces!

Double Shelves

Layering shelves vertically makes the most sense for maximizing the kitchen space. It keeps things out the way and you can style a much or as little as you like! Here’s some inspiration for kitchen shelves…

A modern farmhouse style kitchen, with thick wooden shelves on black shelf brackets. The clean and minimal styling using glass, white ceramics and tinted green takes the modern kitchen up a notch or three!

The wooden shelves balance out the stark white of the subway tiles and the styled homeware. Using plants also helps soften the look. You can use different types of foliage and shades of green for interest. The plant pots blend in with the rest of the minimal decor, to keep the look consistent.

Double shelf might not be the first thing that pops into mind with this design. Just because its a totally different look to what’s expected. A framed niche shelf unit across the back wall for a non fussy look. Style items in the niche and on top!

Harlowe James has kept her kitchen in neutral shades with warm woods. There are lots of pretty little decor accents to finish off a classic look. A simple, pretty but functional kitchen space.

Don’t fancy open shelving in the main part of the kitchen? Create a drinks area or a coffee station in a kitchen corner. This drinks station uses chunky floating shelves in a natural wood finish. Which stand out against a neutral hexagon tiled backsplash.

Open Shelves With Cabinets

Open shelving throughout the whole kitchen, may not be the way to go for a good number of people. Mixing closed cabinets with open shelving gives you the best of both worlds.

A gorgeous kitchen design from Studio McGee, contrasting the colour and style between the open and closed storage. The open shelving becomes the focus point in between the black framed cabinets.

In this kitchen they’ve opted for three types of storage. Glass door cabinets for the uppers and closed cabinetry for the bottom. All in a lovely teal green colour. A single shelf in the middle of the cabinets keep the everyday essentials close by.

It is possible to mix all three styles together and the kitchen to look great. Also you don’t have to worry about everything being styled to perfection. There’s plenty of storage to change and swap things about!

The Single Shelf

If you like the less is more look, then you’ll love the idea for a single shelf in the kitchen.

Tanja van Hoogdalem’s kitchen is beautifully styled. With the black shelf providing lots of interest with a mix of quirky decor items. Contrasting the neutral backdrop above the shelf with a smooth finish. And below the shelf a beautiful textured scalloped tile.

Or if you prefer a more simple look….

An all marble countertop, backsplash and ledge gives a minimal and classic style.

Open & Airy

Making the most of the storage space you have in your kitchen is sometimes necessary. Especially if you have a smaller kitchen space. Closed cabinets may feel too much in the space. So kitchen shelves ideas that feel and look a bit lighter in the space maybe a good a option.

These slim line wooden shelves on a suspended metal bracket makes the full use of the kitchen height. But doesn’t block out any of the natural light from the kitchen window. A nice option regardless of the kitchen size!

Remember it’s not only the back walls we can put to use for kitchen storage. This open shelf unit hung from the beams gives a really open and light feeling in the kitchen. The Swedish owners of this home are adverse to wall cabinets in the kitchen!

Niche Kitchen Shelving

Any original or quirky features like interior niches in your kitchen, can be transformed into open storage. Sometimes we want to cover and hide what’s already there. But it can be part of the interest and beauty of the design.

Corner Shelving

Awkward corners don’t have to be left out of your kitchen design. Turn them into a feature with some great styling. Just think about item placement and what needs to be easier to get to.

Pantry Styling Shelves

The pantry essentials don’t have to be hidden away out of sight. Make it a part of the kitchen by filling a full height shelving unit with different sized jars for display. Get creative with how the jars are displayed and think about your labels!

What do you think? Is it worth incorporating some open shelving into your kitchen?! A perfect choice for adding interest to the kitchen or too much maintenance? Either way I hope these kitchen shelves ideas gave some goos ideas!


Kitchen Shelves Ideas

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