7 Great Tips On How To Enjoy Your Home

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We can often fall into the trap of, “I’ll enjoy my home when…” And we can find ourselves going down a long to do list before we can appreciate what we already have. Although there are tasks that will no doubt need to get done eventually. We can use what we already have and make the best out of it, so we can truly enjoy our home! Here are a few of best practices on how to enjoy your home now, whatever stage of the home journey you’re at!

How To Enjoy Your Home

1. Plan Out Your Space

Planning out your room plays a huge part in how we use and enjoy the space. We all change and evolve over time and so will how we use each room in our home. This applies whether you’re moving to a new home or if you’re staying put where you are now.

A lot of the times we can find ourselves no longer enjoying our homes because it’s simply not working for us anymore. Do a little quick assessment of your rooms to see what needs changing. What’s working for you and what’s not? It doesn’t have to be a huge change. It could be as simple as moving a chair to a different spot.

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2. Sort Out The Stuff

Honestly, decluttering can work wonders for you and your home! Whether you’re aware of it or not, too much clutter visually can be overwhelming for us. Decluttering is one of the simplest ways to start enjoying your home. It’s a small expense for some suitable storage but apart from that just a firm decision making process to what stays and what goes.

Try to reduce the amount of clutter you have around the home. Visual clutter can have big impact on how stressed we’re feeling. You can start small with some quick declutter wins and work up from there. Once the stuff has been separated from the goods, your home will look like a different place. A place that your can start enjoying. And you’ll feel much better in yourself too!

3. Create A Routine

Creating a routine doesn’t mean doing a long list of things to drag down your day. It can be a one of two simple things that not only inspire you for something better but cause you to slow down and enjoy your home. An act of self care for yourself and a time to appreciate what you have in your home.

This could be a simple as taking the time to sit down and enjoy a meal. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Slowing down to plan a couple of things for yourself at home will inspire you in the long term.

4. Take Your Time

I think the trap for a lot of us when starting new or redecorating is to fill the room up immediately! There are of course a couple of necessities that you will need but don’t feel like you have to rush decorating the room and getting it finished. It’s likely that you’ll be staying a while so you have time to think collect and buy pieces you love. Instead of filling up the space for the sake of it.

Not everything has to mean something but it’s important that some pieces do! You don’t want a space that feels like somebody else’s, or to feel like you’ve stepped into a store. Your home should always feel like it is your home. Good things to take time!

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5. Display Your Faves

Take the time to display your favourite home decor pieces. These pieces make up a home that is uniquely for you. Sharing and styling all your best moments and memories as well as reflecting your personality. Seeing your favourite things everyday will make your happy and appreciative of memories you’ve created. Be selective about the pieces you choose and where you put them.

6. Natural Elements

Bring in some natural elements. Nature is one of the best ways for us to enhance our mood. This could mean swapping out the curtains for some sheer curtains to allow some extra daylight in through the day. Bringing in plants and flowers always helps to lift the mood too.

7. Retreat

A few little moments of privacy and quiet time is needed. Turn your bedroom into a retreat for a private hideaway from time to time. Or create a spa like bathroom at home for some pampering sessions. We quite often feel that to treat ourselves we need to get away but that’s not always the case. Sometimes we have all we need right at home for some reflective time.

Those are some simple tips on how you can start to enjoy your home straight away! And to learn to love your home journey process!


How To Enjoy Your Home

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