Willian Santiago: Featured Artist

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I found Willian Santiago through my Pinterest feed a couple of weeks ago! One of his illustrations popped up and I kept scrolling. I immediately loved his graphical, colourful style and went on to find more of his artwork.

Willian Santiago Brazilian illustrator

Willian Santiago is a freelance illustrator designer. Working in his home country of Brazil, Londrina. He studied and graduated in graphic design and focused on illustration. Genres that Willian have worked in fashion, editorial and children’s illustration. Another artist that does a lot of digital work as well as the traditional techniques. His work has hints of surrealism and heavily influenced by geometrical elements.

Willian Santiago Brazilian illustrator - Kalemba I

He draws inspiration mostly, from the rich culture of his surroundings in Brazil. Santiago’s work reflects the vibrant diversity with the use of bold colours and patterns in his art. Colour plays an important part in his paintings. He states “…colour arouses different feelings in people. I ultimately want my work to create feelings of joy.” Another source of inspiration is the illustrator Elfandiary from Indonesia.

You can find Willian Santiago and his artwork on his Instagram and Behance platform. To buy his art work you can find him on Society6. For previous featured artists you can click here.

What do you think of Santiago’s work? Let me know in the comments or email me below!


Willian Santiago Brazilian illustrator - Kalemba II
Willian Santiago Brazilian illustrator
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