Hygge Decor Essentials and Ideas

9 Gorgeous Hygge Decor Essentials To Style Your Room

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Interior trends are always cycling around and back again. But the Danish term Hygge is more of a way of life. It’s been embraced by many because of the cozy and welcoming atmosphere that the concept is centred around. Hygge decor is all about the details in helping to achieve a beautiful and cozy home. A home that you can’t wait to get back to.

Think about what your ideal day at home looks like. There might be a few different versions of a perfect day at home. For example, a perfect day by yourself. A day with family and with friends visiting. Hygge is all about well being. So choosing elements that help create a warmth and contentment to your home is key.

Hygge decor is about the simple comforts that you can bring into your home, to make everyday the best it can be. Just by simply slowing down, being present and enjoying little moments. More importantly Hygge is about creating a safe space. Where anyone can step in to your home and feel like they belong.

The Hygge concept is not something that can be bought. However it’s the little details that make the big picture. Check out some of the Hygge inspiration ideas and the essential hygge decor items to put down on your list…

Hygge Decor Essentials

Candles & Holders

Candles create a soft and ambient light. Using a natural light is a great way to Hygge. Perfect for relaxing and taking it easy.

A scented mimosa and lemon all natural wax candle that’s named happiness! It’s very Hygge!

Hygge cadles by Broste Copenhagen

These candles are from Broste Copenhagen, a Danish company. The Nordic Hygge life is their inspiration for their home decor.

Scandinavian wood hurricane

A simple Scandinavian design glass and wood hurricane to hold the candles in. This decor fits in perfectly for the Hygge style.


Styling your seating area with cushions give it the ultimate Hygge feeling!

Hygge decor knotted cushion

I love these knotted cushions they add a playful element for styling the sofas.

Neutral chunky knits are must for the Hygge winter season!

Mix up the textures by adding these fluffy woollen cushions to the group.

Blankets & Throws

hygge decor faux fur blanket anthropologie

A luxurious faux fur blanket to get super cozy under!

Add a touch of Hygge elegance with this super soft fringed Mohair throw.

A lightweight blanket option with a stylish merino wool throw.

How To Step Up The Hygge Decor

Here are a few inspiration ideas to take the Hygge decor up to the next level using some or all of the decor essentials. As it’s the details that help create the bigger picture and the desired atmosphere.

1. Create A Reading Nook

Ultimately Hygge is going back to the simple things. So even though we live in a world of technology sometimes its good to unplug and get back to the basics. Create a little reading nook where you can escape to by yourself. Or share some quiet company with another person. Cozy up with cushions, blankets and your favourite books. And a good view if it’s available!

2. Sentimental Spaces

Your home should be a place where you can look back at your fondest memories. From family to places you’ve visited. Happy memories make a happy home. And that’s what Hygge is all about. Whether it’s a personal gallery wall of your favourite photos or a putting together a photo album to style your coffee table with.

I love this modern gallery wall from The Blush Home, its a great focal point for the space.

3. Mixing Textures

When trying to create a cozy environment mixing up textures is necessary when it comes to Hygge decor. From chunky woollen knits to fine knits, fluffy pillows, cottons and velvets cushions. Styling the sofa with accessories is one of the best ways to create a cozy setting.

4. Spa Inspired Bathroom

Where better to relax and take it easy? The bathroom! Take a long soak in the bath to unwind and relax. Creating a spa like inspired bathroom only needs a few decor accessories to make it feel like a sanctuary. Add some candles and get your favourite bath and body products and you’re good to go.

5. Make A Spread

Socializing with family and friends make the Hygge life. And it doesn’t get much better than sharing a food based experience! Intimate gatherings with friends and family calls for a mini food spread. It’s immediately going to set the tone of creating a friendly and homely atmosphere.

Get creative with how the food is presented and the settings are laid out. I love this lovely set up from Ingredients LDN. Candles and green foliage create the centrepiece fro the table. And the food, simple finger foods to nibble on so it’s quick to put together and everyone can help themselves.

6. Making An Entrance

It starts from the outside. Before you even step inside the home you want to feel like you’re being invited inside from the front door. What’s your front door entrance say to your guests? Stay away or come on in?!

Putting out something as simple as a welcome mat outside the front door and a decorative feature such as a wreath gives a warm invitation in. This front door decor idea from Seasons Of My Home is a cute set up all year round.

7. Hygge Outside

Make an extension from inside living space to an outside space. Some comfortable chairs, and some thick blankets to wrap up in will make an easy transition for a colder day or evening. Gather around a fire pit and add lanterns and lights to enjoy the outside the Hygge way, whatever the season!

You couldn’t get a better example of Hygge outdoors than this gorgeous setup by Marzena Marideko. Tending to your outdoor spaces is another way to extend indoor outdoor living.

Remember Hygge is not just an idea for winter. Even though Christmas Hygge is a great time to fully get in the Hygge mood. Hygge decor is small but important part to getting your home to feel just right. And the rest is up to you with the experiences and memories that you make!


Hygge decor

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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