16 Nightstands & Side Tables Perfect For Small Bedrooms

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I recently wrote a post about tips to make a small bedroom look and feel larger. One of main things that was mentioned that makes a huge difference is nightstands. With a smaller size bedroom nightstands and side tables are an important furniture piece to decide on. Depending on the size of the room and the positioning of the bed, you might have room for only one nightstand. Or two small ones either side.

If you have a smaller bedroom and you need a nightstand there are a few of things to consider:

A nightstand that is off the floor on legs or on a frame will give the illusion that there is more space.

Sometimes a nightstand just isn’t going to work. A small side table or stool might work out to be a better option. You won’t have the storage but at least you have a resting place for your books and knick knacks!

If you haven’t got the floor space, have you got the wall space? A wall mounted nightstand will leave the floor clear and give you a little bit of needed storage.

Shop Nightstands For Small Bedrooms

Here’s a design roundup of the best nightstands and side tables up for consideration if you have a small bedroom you’re trying to figure out:

  1. This black slim line traditional style nightstand will fit nicely into a tight corner.
  2. A marble topped round side table set on slim metal legs that gives it an open and airy feel about it.
  3. A beautiful modern faux shagreen navy drawer nightstand.
  4. Another modern and clean nightstand with an artistic pattern with a single drawer.
  5. A beautiful white double storage nightstand from Roar+Rabbit with silver inlay.
  6. This bright yellow stand will be a bright ray of sunshine for your bedroom everyday.
  7. An elegant pastel patterned top marble side table.
  8. A traditional style wood drawer finished off within a welded steel frame makes a cool contrasting nightstand.
  9. How pretty is this scroll inlayed piece from Anthropologie?
  10. An oval double layered side table will add some interest to your space.
  11. A simple wooden side table on a metal frame.
  12. Perfect if you have zero floor space left this mounted storage drawer.
  13. A contemporary terrazzo side table will finish off any modern bedroom.
  14. How about totally see through nightstand that just melts away in the bedroom?
  15. A one drawer mid modern century hairpin nightstand will make good use of the limited space.
  16. A cool marble hexagon side table on a brass frame adds a modern touch.

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Need some more tips for designing and decorating a small bedroom? You can check out that post here. Which nightstands are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!


16 Nightstands & Side Tables Perfect For Small Bedrooms

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