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9 Tricks To Make A Small Bedroom Look & Feel Larger

Cozy Small Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a place of peace and tranquility, your place of rest. Sometimes it can be hard to feel like that when your bedroom is on the smaller side. It might feel like a box with a bed in it!

There are some things you can do to make your small bedroom feel larger and a bit more spacious….

1. Minimal Furniture

This might sound obvious but the less furniture you have in your room the better. Your bedroom can turn in to a room of multiple purposes. Find another place for your home office. No chair needed if there isn’t the space. Stick to what a bedroom is meant for. Sleep!

Get a good size bed that doesn’t take up the whole of the room. If the bedroom is that small you might have to decide between one other piece of furniture. Decide if you need both a dresser and wardrobe. You might only have space for one nightstand. That’s ok!

2. Multi Functional Furniture

With having only the necessary furniture for your bedroom it’s important that the furniture you do have has other features. Mainly storage!

Built in Storage Bed is a space saver

3. Clutter

Keep the floor clear. If the items don’t have a storage place in your room they don’t belong in your room. Move it to a different room or throw it away. An organised bedroom makes a huge difference.

4. Off The Floor

Choosing furniture that is on legs and off the floor helps expand the floor space. A floating nightstand will give you plenty of extra room. The more of the floor you can see the bigger the space feels.

 A Nightstand on legs will help a bedroom feel bigger by seeing more floor space
Source: Cox & Cox

5. Colour Charts

Lighter colours will make the bedroom seem larger. Also contrasting colours have the same effect believe it or not. Using a darker colour helps with creating an elusion of depth with a light colour.

9 Tricks To Make A Small Bedroom Look & Feel Larger - Contrasting Colour

6. Wall Space

With limited floor space it makes sense to utlilise the wall area. Putting up book shelves or ledges to place decor on. Instead of buying a bed with a headboard you can fit a headboard to the wall. Desk lamps can be swapped out for wall sconces for bed side lights.

Picture ledge display wall a space saving trick for a smaller bedroom
Source: Hause Dekor

7. Ceiling Space

Another area you can make use of is the ceiling. Fitting wall sconces maybe a bit of extra work. You can hang small plug in pendant lights from the ceiling for lighting.

8. Windows

What ever colour you decide to paint the room stick to the same tone for your windows. You can go a shade lighter or darker but it will blend in with the walls. I think blinds are a great idea. It’s the least interfering and has a clean look. Drapes have a more cozy and elegant feel.

9. Mirrors

Mirrors will help make your bedroom look bigger. For maximum natural light hang the mirror opposite the window. Mirrored furniture such as a night stand will help too as long as you stick to the other rules.

Which bedroom style is your favourite? Do you have a small bedroom? Let me know which idea you think is the best in the comments below.


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  • Ellen Devroe
    24th March 2021 at 15:51

    HI Chloe, love your post! I was wondering where the sheets and pillow cases came from (from the first picture)!

    • chloedominik
      28th March 2021 at 12:53

      Hi there Ellen! Thank you so much! The pictures aren’t mine all the links are below!


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