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25 Cute Cottagecore Room Decor Buys (That Aren’t Thrifted)

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If you’re in love with the cozy and comforting feel of cottagecore, then you’ll love this post! Finding the right decor is key to creating any look for a home. And with cottagecore room decor you’ll more than likely be scouring the vintage stores and your grandmothers knick knacks. Maybe you’re even trying your hand at some crafts to get the ultimate unique piece.

Some things are great as a find scouring the local vintage shops, and other pieces you can buy new. Cottagecore has picked up quite a following! So there are lots of home retailers you can find that style you’re looking for.

Here are the favourites for cute cottagecore room decor that you might be missing!

Cottagecore Room Decor Faves

Cottagecore Living Room

1. Camilla Mantel Mirror

This mirror from Anthropologie looks as if it’s straight out of antique shop! The gilded finish and decorative scroll details are right at home for a cottagecore interior. This would look great anywhere! Living room, bedroom and hallway.

2. Sanderson Caverley Wallpaper

When doing the cottagecore look floral wallpaper has a great impact. And this wallpaper definitely has a traditional cozy feel about it. The moody blue background gives it a modern edge but it has two other colour ways as well.

3. Windsor Back Arm Chair

The Windsor Back Armchair is a classic piece to add to any cottagecore style room. Great as a stand alone piece in a corner. Decide how to style it with or without cushions.

4. Floral Patterned Cushion

Another floral home decor piece. This time pretty floral cushion design with muted colours. Mix in other cushion covers for the ultimate cottagecore cozy look.

5. Olivia Frame

Gorgeous ornate vintage feel frames to display your favourite photos. These frames feel like they could have been passed down through the family.

6. Stoneware Candlestick

This stoneware candlestick definitely takes you back to the simple days! A cute and authentic style decor piece that will fit in perfectly.

7. Escape Into Cottagecore

Get fully into the cottagecore mindset and nostalgia by curling up with Escape Into Cottagcore book. More daily inspiration to go with your surroundings!

8. Pussy Willow Wreath

Wreaths are a cute addition to any home. Indoor or outdoors. Whether you make the wreath yourself or buy it. I think willows are very country! The natural rustic feel of this wreath is great for the cottagecore style.

Cottagecore Kitchen

9. Ceramic Pitcher

A beautiful ceramic pitcher to add to your cottagecore kitchen collection. Plus a fantastic piece to add to your table setup!

10. Tablecloth

Tablecloths are a must if you’re channeling the cottagecore kitchen style. This cotton tablecloth is suitable for everyday and occasional use.

11. Wooden Hanger

A simple wooden peg hanger to have in the kitchen to store the tea towels or cups. Obviously this can be utllized for organization anywhere else in the home!

12. Striped Tea Towel

Something striped needs to be brought in to the countryside aesthetic. A classic style no matter what type of kitchen you’re creating.

13. Napkin Rings

These flower napkin rings are so cute. A thoughtful little touch to add to the morning breakfast table. Or for a special dinner hosting!

14. Cake Stand

If you’re into cottagecore, no doubt you’ll probably be into the baking too. Or at least looking like you bake! So this cake stand is a little statement piece for your table.

15. Enamel Beverage Tub

Definitely a vintage inspired piece! This enamel beverage tub is in keeping with the cottagecore times. And is practical too. Great for garden parties or to keep on hand in the kitchen.

16. Breakfast Tray

I love this nature inspired breakfast tray carved out of wood. A late morning breakfast in bed for a weekend.

17. Wildflowers Art Print

A beautiful illustrated nature poster to add to your flower knowledge and style your kitchen shelves!

Cottagecore Bedroom & Office

18. Writing Bureau

A writing bureau has a sense of old school tradition about it. This bureau is more of a modern style but still works for the style.

19. Jewellery Box

.A simple glass trinket box to keep your important and favourite pieces safe.

20. Wood Keyboard

I know the cottagecore style is about going back to simpler times, but not many of us are going to be get rid of our computers! But this keyboard is a inspired touch of nature for our tech!

21. Mushroom Mouse Mat

Some more cottagecore inspired nature for our tech! A cute mushroom mouse mat to match.

Cottagecore Inspired Rug Stina Floral Rug from Urban Outfitters

22. Stina Floral Rug

A gorgeous vintage inspired floral rug. Muted blush colours and the fringed edged rug will be right at home in a cottagecore bedroom.


Cottagecore duvet cover from Urban Outfitters

23. Floral Mushroom Duvet

This pattern is so quirky! Mushrooms and floral are the status symbol of the cottagecore style for sure! These bed covers will give you a great bedroom refresh without you having to do much!


24. Kasia Tiebacks

These floral brass tie backs are a cute and practical touch for your curtains at home.

25. Floral Knobs

Little changes can make a difference too. Tie in the cottagecore look by swapping the hardware on some of the drawers. These cute brass floral knobs are a great pick!


Those are the favourites for cottagecore room decor buys for 2022!


Cottagecore Room Decor Buys

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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