The Only 5 Things You Need For A Stylish and Neat Nightstand

The Only 5 Things You Need For A Neat and Stylish Nightstand

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The nightstand is one area of your bedroom that can easily get messy and over cluttered with things. Once the nightstand gets over crowded it can spread to the rest of the bedroom. Here are the only 5 things you need to keep your nightstand looking stylish, neat and functional.

1. Lighting

Lighting is the first thing on the list! A task light or a table lamp should be the main feature of the area. If the nightstand is a small a wall sconce above or a floor lamp next to the nightstand will work nicely. It’ll also save you extra space.

2. A Good Book

One or two good books close by stacked on the nightstand. I love a good autobiography or an inspirational book. It’s the best way to get to sleep at night and to start off in the mornings. I’m re-reading Jen Sincero’s Badass at the moment. All her books are good!

3. Florals & Leaves

Adding real flowers or faux flowers to your nightstand will always make it look extra pretty! Or botanical leaves will add shape and texture.

4. Art Print

An art print or a personal framed photo on or hung above on the wall is always nice. More inspiration or good memories!

5. Decor Accessory

Keep accessories to a minimum so it’s not over crowded. A decor piece like a candle or a crystal geode will look nice. Pieces like this, with no storage will stop you from adding more unnecessary items. Especially if you have limited space in the first place!

What are your essentials that you like to keep on your nightstand? Let me know in the comments below!


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The Only 5 Things You Need For A Neat and Stylish Nightstand

This post contains affiliate links.

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