13 Chic Tips For French Parisian Style Bedroom

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It’s easy to see why the French Parisian style is so captivating. Parisian style has charm, elegance, and a timeless beauty about it. Known for its understated beauty and intricate details, the Parisian style is a gorgeous style choice to go for in the bedroom.

If you’ve ever been to Paris you’ll know how beautiful the city is. (I thought everyone was exaggerating until I went to see for myself). Literally, every building is stunning!

There are beautiful iron balconies around every corner. And interior spaces filled with paneled walls, moldings, amazing artwork, and paintings. And it’s easy to create a little bit of that for yourself! So we’ll be looking at the main decor elements and how you can bring the French Parisian style to your bedroom. 

What Is The French Parisian Style Bedroom?

The French always have the right balance between new and old. Contemporary pieces combined classic features. The overall palette tends to be neutral and clean with a touch of glamour. Think of lots of white walls with black and gold accents.

Due to the Haussmann building style interiors tend to have original features like marble fireplaces and wood herringbone oak floors. This adds to the warmth of the space and gives it a traditional look. Mixing in contemporary decor pieces makes bold statements in the classic interior. And gives the space an eclectic modern look. 

How To Make A Bedroom Parisian

French Parisian Bedroom Wall Molding Details

1. Parisian Colour Palette

I know it’s cliche but a white bedroom is the go-to option to start the Parisian decor style bedroom. The colour is classic, sophisticated and timeless. It’s a colour you can’t go wrong with which is why it’s the favourite colour for Parsians in fashion and at home.

Paris apartments can be a bit small even though they usually have high ceilings. Warm colour tones like cream, ivory and beige are also ideal. Light shades of colour go a long way to maximize the natural light in any room and make your bedroom feel bigger.


One exception for the Parisian look that goes against an all-white bedroom, is a mural accent wall or wallpaper. This is a great way to make a bold statement in a Parisian-style bedroom. 

Adding wall panelling and moldings is a perfect way of creating an elegant Parisian interior. These details might not be original but they’ll look just as good!

3. Choosing A Parisian Bed Frame

The bed frame is obviously important. But when decorating Parisian style the bed doesn’t always have to be the focal point. It really depends on what you do with the rest of the bedroom.

Paris is famous for its Haussman buildings which have amazing moldings, wall details, and high ceilings in all white. And in having those Parisian architectural details to show off, the bed frame can often mean a simple bed with no headboard.

The other option is to go for a bed with more detail but a low headboard will still show a lot of wall space behind it. A wooden bed frame or cane bed is a great option, as it will bring warmth into the bedroom with its material and texture.

Parisian spaces usually feel light and spacious because of their tall windows and high ceilings. And having a low bed with a low headboard will mimic that feeling in your space even if your windows aren’t quite so big. 

4. A Statement Mirror

A mirror is another way of making the most of the natural light in the space. And is a beautiful way of adding some decorative detail to an all-white bedroom.

A gilded gold finish mirror will add a sophisticated contrast to the space. And it can be a large statement ornate mirror to lean against your bedroom wall. Or a gilded mirror you can hang on the wall.

Placing your mirror in the right place to help bounce the natural light around the room.

5. Parisian Bedding Options

Selecting neutral bedding with minimal pillows is key to achieving the Parisian-style bedroom. Invest in high-quality bed linens such as cotton and linen sheets for the summer months.

Keep to colour shades such as white, grey, or beige to create an elegant and sophisticated look while keeping things refined. Keeping the bedding neutral keeps the colour palette consistent and allows other bedroom features to come to the forefront.

Add a few throw pillows made from velvet, linen or cotton. But not too many. This kind of bed styling maintains the Parisian aesthetic of simplicity with quality. 

6. Light Fixtures 

For the lighting, a contemporary light fixture like a modern light pendant with exposed light bulbs will work. Or go all out for a romantic Parisian feel with a lovely crystal chandelier.

Either choice can be the perfect focal point for your bedroom if you’ve chosen a simple bed frame. Opt for finishes in gold or black for the lighting. These kinds of lights will add sculptural interest and will be a good main light source. 

7. Bedroom Furniture

To get the Parisian bedroom look for furniture that has clean lines and a minimal design style. Mid-century modern pieces are a great style to go for in the bedroom for a bedside table and a chest of drawers. 

Sleek modern side tables in a marble finish will bring in the Parisian aesthetic as well.

8. An Accent Chair

Is it a must to have an accent chair in the bedroom? No. But it is very Parisian chic. It just offers an alternative seat in the bedroom rather than using the bed. So if you have the space put a little dining chair or bench in.

Slipper chairs or other compact options that fit well within smaller spaces are typically found in Parisian apartments. It’s extra seating when needed but also adds something different to the room.

It’s up to you whether you choose a simple modern style. Or use a fantastic vintage find you’ve found. 

9. Mixing Design Styles

The French love to mix design styles and combine vintage pieces and classic features with new and modern items. It’s one of the ways they make their interior look so effortless and unique.

Of course, a nice Parisian home already has the classic architectural elements to work with, like paneled walls, wooden parquet floors and a fireplace surround. But we can put our own spin on mixing the old with the new to get the French look. 

You can mix the traditional style of wall molding details with a contemporary light fixture. Parisian flea markets are where you’d go to find your statement piece for your antique pieces or vintage looks.

But you can find great one-off statement pieces online and can have a look around your local area to add some character to the Parisian look. 

10. Window Treatments

Opulent velvet or silk curtains provide privacy while adding character to your Parisian-style bedroom. Make sure your curtains are floor-to-ceiling length for dramatic effect and to make your bedroom feel like you have tall French windows.

Hanging your curtains floor to ceiling will make your bedroom look and feel larger regardless of your bedroom size. You can go for cotton sheer lightweight curtains as well.

It’s up to you whether to have your curtains just touching the floor or with extra fabric to puddle on the floor for a more luxurious look. Pick neutral colors that blend seamlessly with other elements in the room.

Parisian decor Elements

French Parisian Style Bedroom Decor

11. Artwork

Paris is the capital of the art world, with some of the most famous artists and paintings coming from the city. So the artwork is a must in French interior design. The artwork you choose of course doesn’t have to be French. As long as you like it.

The artwork will be a bold statement in your Parisian bedroom. It can be a modern abstract piece or a framed poster of a well-known painting. A city map or photos of Paris architecture are other pieces of artwork that would look great in the bedroom. 

Minted is a great place to find original artwork and art prints.

12. Rugs With or Without?

Because of the beautiful wooden floors in Parisian bedrooms, it’s not unusual to leave the floor bare. If you have wooden floors you can choose to go without too.

But if you’d rather have something warm underfoot when you get out of bed, just keep it simple. Area rugs that are overall neutral in colour. The rugs can still be patterned rug but not busy.

Using a traditional decor element like a Moroccan or a Persian rug will help in mixing the design styles in your French style bedroom. Just make sure your rug is the right size for your bedroom.

13. Styling & Accessories

A Parisian chic bedroom has extra touches that you can use to style and enhance your bedroom. It might be something as simple as some fresh flowers or scented candles to adorn your nightstand.

Perfume bottles are a lovely way to style a dresser to reflect your individual personality. Coffee books can be used for styling. Or use a small stack of books on the floor next to the bed.

It’s always the styling that makes it your own personal chic oasis. These decor pieces should be treasured personal items that you can style around the room. Small vintage pieces can be used for styling too.

If you’re shopping for new pieces opt for marble, glass or gold. To keep the feel and look elegant and sophisticated. 

Vintage Accessory Ideas

  • Antique picture frames to showcase cherished memories or artwork.
  • Scented candles placed on nightstands or shelves for added ambiance.
  • Elegant perfume bottles displayed on vanity trays or dressers.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to create the Parisian bedroom of your dreams!


FAQs about French Parisian Style Bedroom

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Parisian?

To create a Parisian-style bedroom, focus on selecting elegant furniture pieces with subtle details. Incorporate neutral color palettes for timeless elegance.

What’s The Difference Between Parisian Style and French Country?

The French Parisian style is a mixture of classic elements like ornate architectural moldings with modern and luxe decor pieces. Bringing the two design styles together to make an elegant and eclectic interior.

Whereas French Country is a lot more rustic, cozy and natural in design style. French Country tends to have decor pieces such as armoires and cabinets that are in a more elaborate style.

Floral fabrics are often a favourite in French Country with French Parisian plain fabrics are best. The French Parisian look is clean, luxe and minimal. 

What Are the Elements of a French Parisian Style Bedroom?

The key elements of a French Parisian bedroom include minimalist bed frames, marble-top bedside tables accessorized with candles and luxe accessories.

Slipper chairs or a small bench for practicality. Bold artwork selections for decor statements. Strategically placed mirrors that enhance natural light. Additionally, consider using luxurious window treatments and patterned rugs to complete the look. 

What Are the Characteristics of Parisian Style Interior Design?

The main characteristics of Parisian style interior design include:

  • Elegant furniture with intricate detailing
  • Bold artwork selections
  • Vintage accessories for personalization
  • Muted color schemes paired with pops of vibrant hues
  • Strategic use of mirrors to enhance natural light
  • Luxurious window treatments and patterned rugs
Chic Tips for French Parisian Style Bedroom

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