21 Interesting Alternatives To Nightstands

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Bringing in some personality into a space is the fun part about styling a room. And the bedroom is where you can really get creative. As it’s the most private space in your home. One place where you can change things up is swapping out your traditional bedside table. 

Thinking outside the box can be really helpful when you’re tight on space and need double duty items. Or you just want to try something new for yourself or a guest room. These are some creative ideas for nightstand alternatives. 

Styling Based Nightstand Alternatives

These ideas of great for styling purposes and you want to make a decor statement in your bedroom. If you want to show off your decorative items and only need space for your bedtime necessities within arm’s reach, then check out these ideas. 

1. A Magazine stack

a magazine stack as nightstand alternative

Have you got a stack of books or magazines at home? Stack them up next to your bed. And there you have a nightstand that you can take apart and move at any time you like. A magazine stack will give you just enough space to place your phone during the night. A few coffee table books will achieve a similar look with less as well. 

2. Wall Hooks

If you’re really looking to do something different then try using some wall hooks. There are unusual decorative hooks you can buy. And make a really interesting decorative wall display. Try using two different styles to make an impression for when they’re not in use. 

And you can hang a few pieces like hats, hoodies and little bags as a small and pretty extension of your closet. Using available wall space is always a chance to get creative with a small space and great if you’re low on square footage. 

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3. Ladder or step stool

decorative ladder and console table as a nightstand

You can lean a decorative ladder shelf up against the wall. Or a little step stool that has a different height levels you can place your items on. 

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4. Bar stool

For a laid back feel, a bar stool is an easy choice. You can pick up a one off bar stool from a market or second hand shop. So it’s a cheaper alternative to a nightstand. 

A second hand option gives you the chance to make it fit your exact style with an up-cycle project. A stool that has no back to it can offer a totally different look to a traditional bar stool. It can be a wood finish for a rustic look. Or a metal finish gives it an industrial style. 

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5. Tree Stump

tree stumps as bedside tables

A tree stump is a nice styling idea for next to the bed. Some interior stores have tree stumps to buy. Just a warning, the petrified tree stumps are really heavy.

You can find a tree trunk yourself but make sure it’s clean before you bring it inside. Buying a tree stump you won’t have to worry about anything living inside it. This is a diy nightstand idea you can try yourself. 

6. Accent Chairs

accent chair nightstand alternative

If additional seating is more of a priority then use a chair. Mix up the furniture pieces next to your bed. By using an accent chair on one side of the bed instead.

Go as simple as you like for the style by using a wooden side chair. Or go for an upholstered chair for a different look. And something more cozy. Just make sure there’s enough room for the chair you’d like. 

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7. A Side Table Or End Table

Using a small side table is a popular option instead of a nightstand. An end table tends to have a smaller top surface than a nightstand. It’s great for keeping your bedroom decor simple. You’ll still be able to style your nightstand with your favourite pieces. And it won’t take up as much floor space as a nightstand. 

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8. An Ottoman or Pouf

An ottoman is a great alternative. You can get storage ottomans and poufs for extra space. And they can offer an extra seat when needed. It all depends on what style and material you choose. 

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9. Wooden Crate

wooden crate as a nightstand

Repurposing and up-cycling is big in design. So wooden crates have been used for styling ideas in interiors for a unique look. But for the right kind of design style, like a boho bedroom they work really well. 

10. A floor lamp

floor lamp as nightstand alternative

Maybe you have more than enough storage already. Then consider a totally different piece of decor like a floor lamp. 

A floor lamp instead of a nightstand is a welcome alternative for those late night readers. Just make sure that the light switch is within easy reach, for when you can’t stay awake any longer. 

A secondary light source might be needed in some cases with a small bedroom that’s lacking natural light. Having a floor lamp also reduces the visual clutter and makes the space feel more open. 

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11. Plant stands

plant stands nightstand alternatives

Plants in the bedroom are a big plus. They help clean the air around you and produce pretty foliage to look at. So why not make use of plant stands next to your bed in place of a nightstand? Using natural colour from plants in a great way to add some colour into your bedroom. 

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12. Console Table

A console table will work just as well in a bedroom as well as a hallway. It will provide more surface space for your items. You’ll have space for a table lamp, an alarm clock and whatever else you need. But usually console tables have a lightness about them so they won’t overcrowd the room.

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Storage Based Nightstand Alternatives

If you still want a bedside table alternative that still has good a storage solution with easy access this are all great alternatives. 

13. Trunk Set

antique suitcases as a nightstand

Bringing in a vintage suitcases set as a nightstand makes an eclectic statement.

Adding in an antique trunk can be a nice change from a traditional nightstand. And will work whether you have a vintage feel to your bedroom. Or you’re curating a bedroom space with new and old pieces. An oversized suitcase can serve as extra storage too.

Suitcases are handy for putting away some seasonal stuff when not needed. You might only have the space for one on one side of the bed, which just adds to the styling. 

14. Bar cart or Rolling Trolley

Having a piece of furniture that’s on wheels is really handy. A rolling trolley that you can get for the office is a great choice. Or style a fancy bar cart instead to match your bedroom needs. With two tiers for storage and flexibility to move around, this idea is a favourite substitute for a nightstand. 

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15. Bookshelf

open shelf bookshelf next to the bed

Depending on the space you have available in your bedroom, using a bookshelf can be a useful idea instead of a nightstand. As open bookshelves are available in different sizes and heights. 

Just bear in mind the scale and the height of your bookshelf if it’s placed right next to your bed. An open bookshelf that’s low in height probably makes the most sense for practical use. You’ll still be able to use the top of the bookshelf for a few items. 

You can go for a taller bookcase if you like. If you want a mini library at your disposal. A light, leggy and open bookshelf is better suited in that case. 

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16. A Dresser

a dresser as nightstand alternative

Are you running out of closet space? Then a chest of drawers might be a better option instead. A dresser gives you lots more extra storage space for clothes and other things. And mostly closed storage with sufficient surface area for your bedtime essentials. 

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17. Writing Desk

writing desk as nightstand alternative

If you’re struggling for space elsewhere in your home then dual purpose is always a good idea. And a dressing table or a small desk might make perfect sense for you. Double up your bedroom space as a home office. And swap out one nightstand for a writing desk. 

A vanity table is another option to look at. Either way opt for a chair that can be tucked well under the desk. Or use a ghost chair that will take up less visual space in the bedroom. 

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 18. Wall Shelves

Fixing a couple of floating wall shelves or just one on the wall next to your bed. With a floating shelf you’ll only have space for the essentials. 

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19. A locker

I love the idea of a small locker in the bedroom. It gives a preppy or an industrial look. And they usually come with a set of keys. So it’s a great place to store some of your valuables and important small things. 

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20. A Basket

Adding a nice wicker basket next to your bed brings in texture to the bedroom. As well as a practical alternative to a nightstand. Even better if it’s a lidded basket or hamper. That way you can put in whatever you need and hide it away. But you’re still able to put a couple decor pieces on top or just your essentials. 

Of course it doesn’t have to be a wicker basket. There are different options but a wicker basket is a great piece to use next to your bed. 

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21. Floating Nightstands

floating nightstand next to the bed

Floating nightstands are a modern take on a traditional nightstand But a floating nightstand will have the option of hidden storage as well. Usually with a drawer. 

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Hope you found this list of nightstand alternatives interesting and that it gave you some ideas!


alternatives to nightstands

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