5 Great Design Ideas Worth Incorporating Since Home Lockdown

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I know that the majority of us have been aching to get out of the house and back to regular life, since the “L” word has been on the scene. A lot of us have been putting in some major stock into our households since the age of home lockdown. (As we should be!) For the obvious reason being that that’s where we’ve been spending most of our time in recent months.

Whether you’ve been enjoying the time at home getting creative or focusing on self care, there have been some home design ideas that the lockdown may of had us considering…

1. Home Office

Many of us have had to find new ways of working thanks to the lockdown. School and the company office have been no go zones on and off during the previous months. So some kind of working space at home is a must for the now and for future to come.

Whether we’re working for ourselves or for a company, creating a dedicated work space in the home is most definitely a good idea because things can change in a quick instant! I think a lot more of us will be working from home in the years to come.

Cute Girly Office Desk Corner - 5 Great Design Ideas Worth Incorporating Since Home Lockdown: Modern drawer desk put in the corner of a room and styled with accessories to create an inspired little working area from home. Decorated in white, black and blush colours. #cuteofficeideascornerdesk #girlyofficedecor #girlyofficeideas #girlyofficedesks #homeofficecorner #homeofficecornerideas #whiteofficedecor
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2. Plants & Greenery

I’m sure that going on walks have been one of your “treats” to save you from going crazy during lockdown. (I know that they have been for me). There’s a reason that getting outside amongst nature is so good for us. It revitalizes and centres us.

Bringing in some greenery adds some life and vibrancy to the home and connects you with nature. The closer you are to nature in and out the home the better it is for you, also known as biophilic design. So on those days you can’t get out for a walk you have that connection with nature regardless. Especially of you haven’t got an outdoor space or garden of your own.

Source: Casa Vogue

3. Design Outdoor Spaces

If you do have a garden, you’re one of the lucky ones! Gardens and any kind of outdoor space around the home have been a god send! I think it’s safe to say that after lockdown it’s worth investing a bit more time and effort into your gardens.

Our garden is essentially an outdoor room of the home and we should treat it as such. Unless you’re already a keen gardener, the garden can often get neglected. If the lockdown has taught us anything it’s to look after any outdoor space that we have been blessed with!

Use your garden to grow you’re own food and to create an extra room.

Urban Courtyard Home Garden - 5 Great Design Ideas Worth Incorporating Since Home Lockdown: A tropical styled urban garden courtyard with a green corrugated backdrop decorated with home furniture and potted tropical plants to create an outdoor living area. Garden design unknown. #urbancourtyards #urbancourtyardgarden #urbancourtyardgardenideas #urbancourtyardgardendesign #homegardencourtyard
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4. No Empty Corners

Empty spaces around the home should be maximized to it’s full potential! Especially those empty corners in the home. You can carve out a corner working spot or a reading nook. If you’re struggling for storage add some shelving to help keep the clutter at bay and the home organized. Or add some personality to the area by telling some of your story with a gallery wall or some art work.

I think we can all agree that during lockdown the last thing we wanted to be looking at for the majority of the time was blank walls all the time.

5. Making Private Space

If your family home is open concept you might have been hard pressed to find some private space around the house. Having some down time for yourself is important. So try and carve out a private space that’s just for you. Your bedroom might be the only space you have for yourself so make sure you enjoy it and it’s the way you like. That means choosing the right colour for you to relax. The right bed linens and it being neat and tidy so you can rest properly!

What ideas around the house have you been contemplating about changing and improving during the home lockdown? Let me know in the comments below!


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