5 Amazing Benefits In Keeping A Technology Free Bedroom

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Personally, I love love my sleep! I tend to sleep extremely well! I don’t know if that’s just a lucky thing or what but I’m thankful because I know of so many people who don’t sleep well at all! I hear often of friends and family waking up regularly at a certain time and then having trouble in getting back to sleep. It’s literally foreign to me! And sometimes I wonder if has anything to do with me keeping a technology free bedroom?

Keeping my bedroom a technology free zone may be a big contribution to a great sleep or like I said it maybe just be lucky. Our homes are being introduced to more technology for security and convenience. As well as efficiency and helping with our everyday tasks in home automation. But is there any rooms we should try and keep tech free?

There are probably lots of people who sleep just fine despite having the everyday technology and electronics in the bedroom. But there have been lots of studies as to the effects that keeping digital devices around us when sleeping have on us. Here are just some of the benefits of creating a bedroom technology free area.

Tech free bedroom

1. Definitive Boundaries

I’m sure we all appreciate the blurred boundaries within our homes sometimes especially living in an open plan concept. But there are times definite boundaries are important to establish at home. (You might have found this even more so during lockdown).

The bedroom’s primary focus is for rest and sleep.

Obviously the bedrooms purpose has come to evolve and change over the years but it still serves the as the main priority. A bedroom office might have had to be carved out of your bedroom for example. As long as there’s a definite boundary between your work area and where you sleep, you’re good!

I love being able to take my laptop in the bedroom but when it comes to sleeping, the laptop is out of the room that goes for the phone too. Because it’s all too tempting to check your Instagram or check your messages that one last time before bed!

2. Reduced Screen Time

It’s so common for us to distract ourselves the last thing before going to sleep. We often use the theory that messing around on our phones sends us to sleep but the in fact the opposite is true. Even if we do fall asleep playing on our phones, it takes longer to fall asleep and to have a good deep sleep.

The blue light used in our phones, screens and tvs is a lot more stimulating to us so it keeps us up for longer. A lot of technology brands have introduced a feature that helps reduce the blue light emitted for night time use. But no screen time at all is better before bed especially if you already have trouble sleeping. Staying glued to our screens for longer and at night can throw off our body clock.

3. More & Better Quality Time

Who doesn’t like having quality time?

Whether that’s quality time for just yourself or quality time with your partner. Making some time away from the tv and phone free makes for better conversation and some much needed reflection time.

4. Intentional Mornings

With the phone not right next to us in the morning, it gives us a chance to really think about about how we start our day. What is your morning routine? Automatically reaching for our phone and responding to work emails? Other days news puts our needs on the back burner straight away.Without our phone it makes us less accessible to the demands everyone else immediately as the day starts.

Carving out an hour or so away from technology in the mornings put us in a better state of mind and happier. We can start out day in a much more productive way with doing something such as exercise or reading. Then we can get on to our usual routines for the day!

5. Improved Sleep

So with all the above tips in play, reducing your screen time before bed and removing it if possible from the bedroom. As well as creating a more productive and enjoyable morning to start your day off, these things should hopefully see some improvements with your sleeping patterns.

Creating a restful and calming bedroom will massively help in getting the best sleep you can as well. So that is a big part of helping to improve you sleep.

Technology is not going anywhere and is more integrated in our lives more than ever. But there is always a time and a place for everything and maybe the bedroom is one place to consider keeping tech and electronics to a minimum?

Let me know what you think?


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