7 Ways To Decorate An Empty Corner At Home

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I was inspired after the July Pinterest by one the photos… what would have been an empty white walled corner was turned into a little music station. Complete with a vintage record player and two picture frames above.

Quite often a whole room can get decked out with decor and furniture but when it comes to the room corners it can be an after thought. Especially in a larger space. Here are some ideas if you’re stuck on a empty corner that you’re fed up of looking at the blank walls every time you go past!

Gallery Corner

Hanging some artwork or personal photos is an easy way to turn an empty corner in to an area of interest. With endless ways to display and create a gallery wall to your liking.

Statement Chair

Sometimes it’s good to have some alone time. So having an individual chair placed in corner just speaks as “private time” even if it’s set within a larger communal area.

To make it look as though it’s part of the room go for statement piece. This doesn’t have to mean expensive but just something with character that stands out.

Statement Cocoon Chair - 7 Ways To Decorate An Empty Corner At Home: Finishing off the room with a statement chair in the corner of a living room is an ideal spot to put it allowing for private time and social time in the main seating area of the living room @chloedominik #emptycorner #emptycornerideas #cocoonchair #cocoonchairlivingroom #statementchairlivingroom
Source: Cox & Cox

A Large Plant or Tree

Bringing in some greenery is one of the simplest ways to liven up an empty corner. It literally breathes life into your home because of its biophilic qualities (being from nature) and is good Feng Shui.

That’s if its real! If you don’t want to deal with the maintenance and the care of a real tree of plant go faux.

Styled Fiddle Leaf Corner - 7 Ways To Decorate An Empty Corner At Home: Using indoor plants and greenery is a simple way of hiding those empty corners in the home. Use real or faux plant like a fiddle leaf tree depending on the level of maintenance and use as many plants or as few as you like depending on what style you're going for. @chloedominik #emptycorner #emptycornerideas #fiddleleaftree #fiddleleaftreeincorner #stylingplantsindoor
Source: The Sill

Styled Bar Cart

Something that will capture everyones attention and that will be sure to draw your friends and family round, a bar cart. You can style your bar cart around other things rather than on alcohol.

And you can change it up from season to season too.

A Reading Nook

Create a little private hideaway corner by designing a reading area. There a lot of ways you could go about turning your empty corner into a reading nook.

A series of ledges is more of a modern look for a reading nook. Painted the same colour as the room they blend in to the background.

Display A Sculpture

Turn your corner into an art gallery by displaying a sculpture. Depending on the object and it’s size you can display it on the floor or place it on an easel or high table.

If you’re a musician use an instrument as your choice of sculpture.

Create A Work Station

Do you need a dedicated space to work or sort out your paper work? Are you running out of space in the rest of your home? Use an empty corner to carve out a workstation.

Of course you can always combine a few ideas together depending on the space you have available! Let me know what you think of these ideas in the comments below!


Modern Grey Book Ledge Gallery Wall - 7 Ways To Decorate An Empty Corner At Home: Creating a corner book ledge gallery wall is a modern and stylish way to display decor and to mix up your ledge wall with frames and books. Or you can dedicate it to one use of either a mini library entirely or simply for display. Beautiful either way. @chloedominik #bookledgegallerywall #emptycorner #emptycornerideas #ledgewalldecor #ledgewalldecoratingideas #modernledgedecor

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