9 Great Ways To Make Your Home Feel More Mature

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Sometimes we can look at our home and feel that we have everything we need for living but some things don’t feel quite right as yet. If you’re looking to create a home that feels more grown up here are few sure ways to create that mature home feeling.

Top Tips For creating A Mature Home

1. What’s your Design Direction?

Having a design direction for your home for and space will really help elevate how your home feels. If we don’t have an idea for how we want our space to look and feel overall, the style and design can sometime go a stray.

We tend to buy furniture and decor as we go along, so it’s easy to buy what we need when we need it and according to the money we have at the time. A mood board, a reference picture or a wish list will keep the design for your room on track so it doesn’t feel disjointed. This will help especially if you know you won’t be able to buy everything at once.

A mood board is a great reference point to have, as a cohesive design will help make your space feel more mature.

2. An Inviting Entrance

The entrance to your home is where the first impression is made! So the hallway entrance is an important place to get right to make it feel inviting. At least make sure that the area is neat and tidy. This isn’t just for your guests coming in, you want to feel welcome and happy to be home.

3. Storage & Organization

Good organization isn’t just for the hallway, it extends to the rest of the home.

Having a proper declutter and enough storage throughout the house to keep everything as tidy as possible is the best foundation for having a home you love and enjoy all year round.

4. Style Your Coffee Table

Styling your coffee table is a great way to make your living room feel a bit more grown up and mature. What you choose to put on your coffee table says a lot about you. Do you want to show it off as display only? Or is it a chance for interaction with coffee books, games and photos to look at?

Instead of using it for just a place holder for magazines and drinks, think a bit more about how you use the coffee table as a point of interest. Practical use of the coffee table is still important of course!

5. Dress Your Windows

Dressing the windows in the home tend be an after thought. With a new house especially. Privacy is the main concern for the moment, as it should be! So we can often rush out to buy the most standard blinds or drapes just to keep out prying eyes. And quite often that’s how it stays!

Using the windows in your home is one of the ways you can bring your space up a few notches. Quality draperies and blinds will make your space feel more of a mature home and a lot more cozier.

6. Add a Drinks Station

Having a drinks station isn’t a must for every home but it does add a good hosting element. something that your friends and family will love! It will be easier for you too with everything organized in one place. This could be a bar cart styled in the living room.

Or you could have just a nice tea and coffee station set up in the kitchen.

7. Add Your Personality

Your home should always show who you are. So choose a few areas around the home to display memories and treasures from loved ones and your travels. The key is picking a couple of places that will attract attention and not to go overboard so it becomes clutter.

8. Living Things

Adding living plants and flowers will always help in completing a more mature space. As long as they’re well watered and kept alive. There are a lot of easy house plants you can get that don’t need too much maintenance.

9. A Signature Scent

Try out a few candles or oil diffusers to see what kind of scent you like the best for your home. Have a few back of your favourites around the home for a comforting feel.

What are your tips on creating a more mature home? Let me know in the comments below!


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