Biophilia Interior Design and How You Can Use It In Your Home

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I think all interior spaces should benefit the person living there! That is the purpose of creating your environment and space. To enjoy it! Biophilia interior design focuses more on creating a space connected with nature. Which always is of benefit to people as we know that time in nature enhances our lives in many ways. From our mood, health and even our sleep.

It’s becoming more important for us to reconnect with nature, as we can spend so much time indoors and looking at our screens. Drawing us more in to technology every day with our phones and computers instead of nature. Which is why biophilia design is a great ethos to consider today.

More and more design trends are coming about that promotes our well being through design. Such as the greenery trend, cottage core and of course colours play a big part in how we can reconnect with nature. Bringing us more aligned and closer to our natural cycles.

Biophilic Interior design

Biophilia Interior Benefits

The best definition of the term, I found courtesy of is… “a love of life and the living world; the affinity of human beings for other life forms.” The closer to nature we are the better we feel in ourselves. This includes reduced stress, increased health, productivity and creativity.


Bringing the outdoors in to your home through plants and flowers. Or even interior green walls. Increasing plants around the home helps improves the air around us. Just by seeing a little more greenery it is said to reduce stress significantly.

Real plants are the best option but if you’re not a natural tenderer of plants try low maintenance option like a peace lily or a ZZ plant. If you’re still struggling with the thought of plant tending, mimic nature by using it in printed form. You can use a botanical wallpaper instead to create a visual connection with nature instead.


Any colour there is you can find it in nature. However the colours found to be more beneficial are the colours you see of larger areas. Like fields, forests greens mimicking the eco life, earthy tones for the earth. And blues mirroring the sky.

Think about which colours will work best for a particular room. More muted colours will be the best colours for the bedrooms. As the bedroom is the place we wind down for the day and rest. Also how much light the room gets is going to make a big difference to how the colour looks on the walls.

Organic Shapes

You can mimic organic shapes and patterns that you find in nature indoors. I love these honey comb shelving pieces from Donnut Design.

Source: James Dutton

Natural Light

Our natural cycles are timed with the sun. So getting as much natural light in your home as possible through windows, doors, and skylights. Even when we’re indoors it’s still important to get some sun. If only for the simple benefit that the sun is actually proven to make us happier!

It’s why, when it comes to the summer we like to spend as much time outside as possible! (For those of us living in all weather and season countries).

Biophilia Interior Design and How You Can Use It In Your Home - Natural Light Sources
Source: Unknown

Biophilia Decor

Any material that is as close to nature as you can get. Wood, bamboo, rattan, wicker and woven decor have become more popular in lighting and furniture. You can use linens and cotton for bedding and soft furnishings. Ceramics, crystals and geodes are great for decorating. Anything from Mother Earth herself!

So creating a biophilia interior as pretty simple to achieve and can have many benefits for us! Which of these ideas do you think you’ll try to implement in your home? Let me know in the comments below!


Biophilia Interior Design and How You Can Use It In Your Home

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