17 Best Coffee Tables With Storage For An Organized Space

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Modern coffee tables with storage are the unsung heroes of living rooms – quietly tucking away those throw blankets and board games, and hiding away your kids’ toys while amplifying your room’s aesthetic.

From rectangular, square, and round tables with storage to pieces that can be bunched together or lift-top tables, coffee tables today have evolved to be a solid combo of style, functionality, and versatility. And that’s something we all could do with!

With small spaces, the best coffee tables are ones with storage for style and function. And plenty of storage is always plus in any family room where the kids run the show. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best storage coffee tables for the living room that are a true combination of form and function. 

Best Coffee Tables With Storage

1. Volume Round Drum Storage Coffee Table

Volume Round Drum Storage Coffee Table - West Elm

The Volume Round Drum Storage table is a modern look for your living room with easy access to the hidden storage compartment. It’s on the bestseller list from West Elm and comes in three different wood finishes.

If you’re going for a minimalistic look the Winter wood is a great option. The Washed Oak has a warmer tone and the Cool Walnut is the darkest finish. 

Once you swivel open the top, you have a ton of hidden space underneath. So, feel free to toss any of that unsightly stuff inside and enjoy a clutter-free space. Storage aside, the table itself looks unbelievably sophisticated and tastefully simple.

Wooden coffee tables of a round shape are the best bet for a kid-friendly coffee table if your kids are anything like mine. 

Measuring 16.5” H x 36” W, this beauty flaunts a clean streamlined design to infuse that much-needed calmness and coziness into your living area.

Crafted from kiln-dried, sustainably sourced wood (yes, eco-warriors, you’ll love it!), this table is ultra-durable and comes with white glove delivery. 

2. Seb Coffee Table With Storage

Seb Coffee Table With Storage - Castlery

Who doesn’t like coming home to a warm and cozy space singing of an earthy-hued charm? The rectangular Seb Coffee Table with Storage is a rustic beauty that boasts a width of 47.2” and a height of 17.7”.

The Seb coffee table is a solid piece of furniture crafted from acacia wood. This piece comes with two storage drawers that hide away various items like remote controls and other everyday things but looks stunning.

The customer reviews come highly rated for the rectangle coffee table with ample storage space. 

The wire brush distressed finish allows the table’s natural woody patterns to spread across artfully. A true combination of form and function, the Seb Coffee Table also comes with a one-year warranty. 

3. Parkview Square Storage Bunching Table

Parkview Square Storage Bunching Table - Pottery Barn

The combination of rustic magnificence and clean design makes the Parkview Square Storage Bunching Table a sight to behold.

This piece’s clever craftsmanship allows you to use it alone or bunch it into twos (or threes). Another element that makes this magical piece even more appealing? The table comes with a lift-top, so you have a huge space within to toss away those board games, blankets, etc. 

Now, the technical part: The overall dimensions measure 26” Sq and 15” H and the table has a weight capacity of 120 lbs. Made responsibly using recycled lumber, this modern coffee table with storage boasts an antique-like appeal that blends right in with farmhouse-style interiors. 

The item also comes with white glove services with fees varying by order total and location. To keep this masterpiece as good as new, make sure you don’t expose it to direct sunlight. 

4. Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage

Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage - Bed Bath & Beyond

The Yaheetech Lift Top Dining coffee table tops the list if high functionality is your ultimate goal for a coffee table. Why? This table comes with tons of in-built storage, with one hidden compartment hiding away your stuff plus open shelving. 

The main highlight of this piece is a lift-top design which (quite literally!) doubles as a dining table cum workstation.

All in all, this ultra-functional piece stores away all your living room items, serves as a coffee table in the morning, doubles as a dining area when it’s time for meals, and becomes your mini home office when the clock ticks “work!” 

Oh, and did we tell you the design looks super gorgeous and farmhouse-y with its rugged finish? Another surprise, this super functional coffee table is priced at just $200 (definitely a top deal!).

With an average rating of 4.4-star rating out of 5 from customer reviews. Dimensions include 24.21″ H x 19.5″ W. 

5. Rothwell Lift Top Extendable Round Frame Coffee Table With Storage

Rothwell Lift Top Extendable Round Frame Coffee Table With Storage - Wayfair

If your idea of the perfect living room is “sleek decor,” the Rothwell Lift Top Extendable coffee table is the perfect contestant. This glam table comes with a flawless marble finish and metallic frame for a luxurious and stylish look. 

The best part? This round table includes a generous storage space hidden under its pop-up top. Simply swivel the top a little bit and now you have your go-to workstation!

The overall open frame lends it a much-needed sleekness and the table also has shallow shelves, so you can store even more stuff. Measuring 21.21” H x 31.5” W and the price point at just $166.99, this will give your living room an instant upgrade on a budget!

6. Drum Storage Coffee Table

Drum Storage Coffee Table - West Elm

Another West Elm bestseller on the list with Drum Storage Coffee Table. This statement piece breathes a gorgeously understated elegance into your living room. 

Measuring 32” D x 16.25” H and priced between $699-$899, this table comes with discrete interior storage that is both huge and perfect for storing all your living room knick-knacks.Its solid mango wood top and spun metal base give it a modern design style.

This table is available in two sizes 32″ and 40″ and has three different finishes. The finishes include a Walnut wooden top and antique brass, a cerused white finish and light bronze burnt wax, and burnt wax and antique bronze.

This table brings visual interest and a minimalist sophistication to your living room. Just keep the decorative items on the tabletop at a minimum if you’re going to be dipping into the storage compartment a lot. 

If you’re looking for end tables too they have a cute 20″ table version.

7. Hayston Coffee Table

Hayston Coffee Table - Wayfair

The Hayston Coffee Table uses geometric shapes to perfection with this design. Crafted from ultra-durable mango wood, this trapezoid beauty paints your living room with modern farmhouse vibes. It measures 15.5” H x 36” W (top) and 27” (bottom).

An elegant walnut finish blends flawlessly with its silhouette to exude tons of warmth and coziness.

Due to its hidden drawer to stash away your small items, odds and ends there’s plenty of surface area on top without having to disrupt anything to access the built-in storage. Which is a win-win. 

Not only does its “minimalistic angled trapezoid design” look unbelievably elegant, but it also stands on a super-sturdy platform base. Priced at an affordable price of $469 this gorgeously oversized wooden box requires no assembly!

A perfect coffee table for those wanting to style their table with plenty of room for storage. 

8. Keane Weathered Square Storage Table

Keane Weathered Square Storage Table - Crate & Barrel

For those needing a strong centerpiece to your living room the Keane Weathered Square Storage table is a top pick. Its straight lines give you plenty of square footage to display your decorative objects and keep items underneath. 

Clean lines flirt with the organic beauty of natural wood in this piece to paint your space in understated sophistication.

The storage mechanism here is simple yet ultra-efficient. A massive open shelf to stash your books, magazines, and small storage baskets, and four (yes, four!) hidden drawers underneath the open shelf to store all your living room essentials. 

These drawers come with brass-finished aluminum pulls that surprisingly contribute tons to the overall design. Crafted from a mix of mahogany wood and engineered hardwood, it measures 17” H x 45” W. 

9. Market Coffee Table

Market Coffee Table - Serena & Lily

For homeowners looking for a natural piece for their living area, the Market Coffee Table by Serena & Lily is a good purchase. 

An artistic swirl of sustainable bamboo poles is tightly wrapped in jute to bring tropical vibes to your artsy home. On top of the bamboo, sits a circular enamel tray which, when removed, reveals ample space waiting to hold all your living room items. 

Overall, this round coffee table with storage measures 36” D X 17” H and costs $548.

10. Coloma Round Storage Coffee Table

Coloma Round Storage Coffee Table -  Pottery Barn

What happens when royal elegance meets simple sophistication? Pottery Barn’s Coloma Round Storage Coffee Table takes form. 

Sensually circular, with optical linear lines running across its curve, the stylish Coloma Table is constructed using kiln-dried wood for maximum durability. It measures 40” D x 21” H and costs a tad bit more ($999, in total, to be precise) for the quality it boasts. 

This item is available in two finishes, light gray and tawny hues. The hinged lid top provides easy access to lots of storage within. With a 100% insta-approved design, all it takes to style this item is a stash of coffee table books and a statement vase to transform your living room. 

11. Rylee Coffee Table

Rylee Coffee Table - Lulu & Georgia

Another chic masterpiece for every tasteful living room décor, the Rylee Coffee Table by Pottery Barn glows with clean lines and a whitewashed finish. 

This rectangular coffee table with storage features a single large drawer to store away your living room odds and ends. There is another spacious open shelf at the bottom to stash your magazines, books, and other vignettes. 

The polished yet casual texture of the table makes it an incredible match for spaces flaunting pastels and neutral hues.

Measures 18” H x 42” W, this ultra-durable item is expertly crafted from a mix of kiln-dried mango wood, MDF veneers, and engineered hardwood. 

12. Erine Solid Wood Coffee Table with Storage

Erine Solid Wood Coffee Table with Storage - Wayfair

Everyone wants their living room decor to look unique and the Erine Solid Wood Coffee Table by Wayfair gives you that look. 

Before we jump off to its storage feature, let’s first talk about design. First, its drum shape marries a ribbed construction to give off a rugged sophistication and a fresh, earthy vibe.

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It’s made in a way that gives it a subtle floating illusion, instantly fusing a touch of magic in your living space. The item is crafted from the highest quality kiln-dried mango wood and you’ll notice a gorgeous natural finish on the surface of the table. 

The seamless top comes off to reveal a generous storage space for all your living room essentials. This round table with storage measures 12.25″ H x 35” W and doesn’t require any assembly!

13. Mid-Century Pop-Up Coffee Table

Mid-Century Pop-Up Coffee Table - West Elm

Each time West Elm’s Mid-Century Pop-Up Coffee Table gets crafted, generous dozes of class, elegance, sophistication, style, stunning finish, and thoughtful storage are poured into the process. 

This particular piece features two storage compartments both of which (surprise, surprise!) come with lift-tops, the larger compartment offers concealed storage whereas the smaller one features an open shelf.

So now, you have spots for your work and your meals and tons of storage underneath for all your living room stuff.

Crafted from kiln-dried wood, this item flaunts a natural woody texture and comes with a signature marble pop. The design also features clean beveled edges and tapered legs and measures 17.4″ H x 48” W. 

14. Ryland Coffee Table

Ryland Coffee Table - Lulu & Georgia

Sublime wood construction marries clean lines and soft corners for a gorgeously refined look in the Ryland Coffee Table by Lulu & Georgia

Thanks to its plinth base, this table taps into the power of clean geometry to give any space a sense of balance and elegance.

Measuring 13” H x 55” W, this stylish piece accommodates four massive drawers so you can keep all your living room essentials and other knick-knacks fully organized. 

15. Mid-Century Storage Coffee Table

Mid-Century Storage Coffee Table - West Elm

The Mid-Century Storage Coffee Table reignites the furniture jazz of the ‘50s and ‘60s with its chic tapered legs, beveled edges, and angular base. 

We love how its vintage charm collides with a classy oil-rubbed bronze hardware finish. The best part? It has one open bottom shelf below and two spacious drawers above, so feel free to arrange your living room items in any fashion. 

Measuring 17” H x 47.5” W, this rectangular coffee table with storage is crafted from kiln-dried solid acacia wood. 

16. Dean White and Oak Round Storage Coffee Table

Dean White and Oak Round Storage Coffee Table - Crate & Barrel

Once in a while, an out-of-the-box design enters the interior decor scene and quite literally transforms our perception of great design. The Dean White and Oak Coffee Table is one of those items. 

What makes the design truly ingenious is its three interior compartments separated by tastefully crafted oak-finished top lids, with cream lacquer gracefully running around it.  

With separate storage sections, you can now arrange your books, pillows, blankets, magazines, board games, and other living room sundries with absolute ease. 

The table measures 16” H x 42” W and is priced at $1,499. 

17. Southside Coffee Table with 2 Drawers

Southside Coffee Table with 2 Drawers - Wayfair

The Southside Coffee Table by Wayfair is all about rugged charm and generous storage. Here, a stunning dark brown natural wood finish collides with a bold metal frame to house one (huge!) open shelf above and two spacious drawers below. 

Measuring 18.9” H x 23.6” W and priced at $189.99, this living room storage beast looks stunning with neutral decor and ample indoor greenery. 

Those are the favorite coffee tables with storage in a variety of styles, any of which would suit your living room design. Any extra storage space you can utilize is a great way of keeping your space clutter-free, functional and stylish.


Best Coffee Tables With Storage For An Organized Space

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