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6 Design You Love Styles To Avoid A Messy Home

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It is absolutely normal to look around a see a messy home every now and again! Anytime I’m trying to get out of the house in a mad rush there is pretty much a trail of mess left behind in one room or another. It happens!

Some say a messy home is the sign of a genius. If that were the case for the most part I think we’d be alright! For most of us, the times when our homes get messy it can feel overwhelming and frustrating. Which isn’t the best zone for us to be in! It’s pretty hard to enjoy your home when the place is untidy.

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But if you feel like your home is tipping towards the messy side the majority of the time, here are a few design styles you might want to curb for the moment! Here are 6 loved design styles you might want to stay away from to avoid a messy home…

1. Open Shelving

Open shelving looks great when styled and organized well. Which for some people might last a week or so! But when items are being added due to convenience, it starts to end up looking overly cluttered.

Leading to a build up of some major dusting and constant reorganization thats needed. This kitchen shelf styling by Alissa Jacobs gives the best how to pull off a homely kitchen look. All open shelving in a kitchen or living room requires some constant maintenance, so this design style one to stay away from!

2. Glass Cabinets

All items stored away, but on display! Glass cabinets in the kitchen can look so amazingly stylish. Studio Lifestyle’s black metal cabinet with glass shelves is styled to perfection.

Again as with open shelving, glass cabinets look great only when organized and styled properly. If you’re not one who particularly cares where the item you took out was stored it can easily be slap dashed back in to the cupboard. A kind of, as long as it fits and the cupboard door shuts properly. This design style is a no go if you’re even slightly messy! Keep everything behind a solid door!

If your kitchen is in desperate need of some design balance, then a ribbed or fluted glass front cupboard might work better for you. Even with a textured glass front there still needs to be some kind of organization in the cabinets!

3. Off The Floor Furniture

If you have rooms on the smaller side, having furniture thats on legs and off the floor will make the space seem larger. This bedroom interior from Jolie Laide Designs shows what an impact the furniture selection has on a space.

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However having off the floor furniture won’t help if there are items scattered about and underneath the furniture. The room will look just as small if not smaller, as well as messy! Try mixing and matching the furniture styles. If possible opt for legs on the smaller pieces of furniture like nightstands for the bedroom. And side tables for the living room.

For larger furniture pieces like beds that are off the floor, smaller storage solutions is key. Stylish baskets and bins that are easy to push under the bed and pull out when needed.

4. Small Tiling

I love a stacked finger tile or a subway tile, it’s a classic design. When it comes to cleaning the tile it can be a different story. When I was renting I cooked a tomato pasta sauce which splashed up against the tile and it took forever to scrub out properly! (It was white grout too, so it really bothered me!)

Areas like kitchen and bathroom backsplashes and showers are more difficult to clean with a smaller tile, with the grout interfering every centimetre! Go for tiles on a larger scale for the bathroom And materials that come in sheet form like a real or faux marble or other similar materials. So much easier to clean a completely smooth surface!

If you are renting take a mental note on for a suitable tile for if or when you decide to buy!

5. Linen Bedding

Linen bedding is a style that looks and feels great. Especially for a good sleep in the summer but they crease really easily! So unless you’re going to get the iron out every other day, hotel style linen and cotton sheets are a look to avoid.

Washed linens and cotton sheets lends more of a relaxed style to the bedroom.

6. Clothing Rails

Not everyone has the space for their own dedicated wardrobe closet space. And a clothing rack looks good after a closet clean out and converting to a capsule wardrobe. It’s a speciality for a minimalist. So is the capsule wardrobe look for you, like Holly from Avenue Design Studio?

Pairing back on the clothes so it doesn’t become overstuffed takes some discipline. So if you like to shop regularly then a fitted closet space could be a better deal!

If you have any tips to avoid a messy home leave in the comments below!


Design styles you love to avoid a messy home

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