21 Best Places To Buy Artwork Online

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Great art helps to create a personal and unique living space. Whether it’s a larger piece of art work or creating your own gallery wall there are plenty of places to find a great piece of art. From fine art prints, and abstract art to original paintings there is a wide range of places to finish off your space. 
Now, from an interior decor point of view, art can be the soul of every space. Whether you want to revamp your living room, add a pop of color to your bedroom.

Or simply create an all-new decor theme without having to break the bank – turning to art is the best possible way to keep your spaces alive, happy, and, well, artistic!

The Best Places To Buy Artwork Online

But where to buy art that is perfect for your décor? To make your art shopping super simple, we’ve listed some favorite places to buy artwork online. 

1. Minted

If the tile of your artwork hunt goes, “In Search of Customized Prints that are Budget Friendly,” Minted is a great place to get all kinds of art from talented artists. 

Here, collectors and newbies alike can journey across a collection of over 4,700 works with selections in drawings, paintings, prints, collages, and more. Expect to pay anywhere between $24 to $228 for prints.

And upwards for original work. This store will offer you art forms in different media such as sculptures, abstract paintings and original pieces.

Choose from various sizes and between a frame or canvas for your art piece. Once ordered, Minted will ship your artwork in six to eight days with shipping prices ranging from $4 to $100.

2. Etsy

Looking for trendy, eclectic art pieces that won’t give your wallet a panic attack?

Etsy is your answer with artists’ work from all over the world at a variety of price points. With an inventory of over 15.8 million pieces, Etsy is one of the best websites for affordable artwork and home decor. Buy a single art print or a set complete for your gallery wall. 

With Etsy, you’ll find independent artists, and small businesses selling original oil paintings, handmade goods, vintage photos, and so much more.

Because Etsy is an online platform where independent creators sell their creations, shipping varies with the seller so you’re sure to find some great pieces to fit your art budget and style.

Be sure to check the estimated shipping times and the seller’s return policy before buying. 

3. Society 6

Society 6 is a dream for anyone who loves decorating on a budget with the coolest art prints out there. It’s a great option for affordable prints online. 

You can see it as an online marketplace, brimming with independent artists selling eye-catching prints between the price range of $11 to $377.

Once you find the prints of your dreams, you can choose the medium you want them printed on (paper, canvas, or wood). You can choose from a variety of sizes and frame. 

You’ll have your prints shipped between 5-10 days with shipping pricing varying for different regions. Society 6 is the only online art haven that lets you return your art win 60 days. 

4. Art.com 

Art.com is one of the best places to buy art prints that feature the work of the old masters. 

Let’s face it: At some point, the decorator in us has always fantasized about hanging a Picasso, Gaugin, or Van Gogh in our living rooms. Now, while we can’t shell out millions (or billions) to get one of those originals, we can always get a printed copy.

Art.com is the most straightforward store out there to help you snag some prints from the best artists ever known. 

You can choose to buy just the print itself. Or choose from a canvas or their custom frames. Oh, and this place also offers free shipping and returns. 

5. Saatchi Art

If you’re a fan of work that is original, unique, and 100% exclusive, Saatchi Art is where your next virtual art travel should take place. 

With an online gallery featuring over 1.6 million, you’ll find a wide selection of artworks in forms such as paintings, oil paints, drawings, sculptures, and more.

Saatchi Art also accommodates pockets of all sizes – you’ll find limited-edition prints for $40, drawings for around $100, and life-size sculptures for over $110,000. 

Shipping here takes 5-7 days, and you have between 7-30 days to return an item based on its type.


If anyone told you original artwork costs a fortune, Artfinder is here to prove it doesn’t. 

This platform unlocks over 10,000 pieces, with most not exceeding one grand. A trip across Artfinder will take you through prints, paintings, collages, drawings, sculptures, and so much more.

And if you’re willing to do some digging, you might even snag a piece at an unbelievable price. 

7. 20 x 200

“Art for Everyone” is the tagline 20 x 200 identifies itself with. So, naturally, you can expect to find a super-diverse collection of photos and other forms of artwork here. 

Every item this store produces is exclusively measured at 20 x 200. The prices here range from $24 and go upwards of $10,000. We love how 20 x 200 sends a small documentation explaining any type of work you order. 

One of the best websites for artwork, 20 x 200 is also super quick to announce any new launch via a nice little writeup on the new work and its creator. 

8. Zatista

Zatista is another one of those original art havens that promise top-quality artworks. 

This online store features carefully curated collections of tasteful original artworks that we normally get to see in the homes of celebrities and influencers.

Each piece you order comes with the artist’s signature and a certificate of authenticity. The price range here lies between $1,000 to $22,000 (or more).

9. 1st Dibs

Ever wondered if there was an entire platform dedicated to selling second-hand artwork you could decorate your home with? 1st Dibs is a virtual antique marketplace featuring over 393,000 artsy items such as photos, paintings, sketches, prints, maps, sculptures, and more. 

The price range is where it gets crazier here – you could shell out anywhere between forty bucks to almost $4 million. 1st Dibs’s shipping time varies based on the vendor you transact with. 

10. Rifle Paper Co.

If chic, clean, and beautiful is your motto for decorating your home, Rifle Paper Co. is a place you should consider. Their wall art collection includes prints featuring “florals, whimsical characters, and inspirational quotes.” 

All prints they sell are printed using original artwork. Most prints are priced at a standard $30. If you throw in another $65, you even get to pick a frame finish of your choice (and a pretty little mat!)

11. Artfully Walls

Ever had your heart fall hopelessly in love with an artwork but you ended up not buying it because the sizing and frame simply didn’t sit right with you? 

Artfully Walls is an art-universe that solves this problem by offering custom sizes and frames. Here, you’ll find thousands of diverse prints that can be easily customized. 

The online art house even boasts a super cool “Wall Designer” feature that helps you design a wall from scratch so you can see how your wall will look before you make that purchase!

12. Redbubble

Another all-encompassing, wallet-friendly online art store, Redbubble offers “original wall art designed and sold by artists and printed for you when you order.” 

Here you’ll find colorful posters, photographic prints, mood-setting canvas prints, framed prints, tapestries, and so much more.

The prices start at $13 and go north of $30 based on the type of print you order. We love the vibe Redbubble’s pieces set for any space they grace!

13. Artsy

Art enthusiasts will love stepping into the world of Artsy. You get to travel in the proverbial art time machine, exploring the works of many artists (and nearly two million pieces of art).

This art site has a selection of works from well-known artists and new artists coming up in the art world. Check out their auction rooms as well where you can place a bid on their favorite artists of the moment. Some pieces start from as little as $50. 

Whether you’re looking for pieces that scream “modern eclectic” or can’t wait to get your hands on art dating back to 800 B.C., you’ll find anything your decor needs. 

While you can buy some pieces directly from Artsy, you’ll have to auction for others. The price range? Between $6 to $500 million!

Remember some art pieces could end up being a significant investment over time. So keep an eye on the new and contemporary artists that you like. You’ll be able to buy their works at lower prices now if they should get big later. 

14. Anthropologie

Anthropologie is more than just an online furniture store. It is the destination you visit when your decor needs scream, “Insta-approved, gorgeous, and affordable art reproductions!”

From mixed media works to photos to tapestries and more, you can find works that will liven up your bare walls. If you’re willing to shell out over $50, Anthropologie will even give you free shipping!

Like lots of home online retailers Anthropologie has the option to fill your empty wall with some great artwork. They often showcase different artists along with limited edition prints. So it’s always good to keep an eye on the artists’ work they have in. 

15. Chairish

Chairish is an online art marketplace that pretty much mirrors 1stDibs concept-wise. However, unlike the giant antiques mammoth, Chairish goes super easy on your wallet.

So, if you’re looking for a way to revamp your space with unsigned oil paintings, vintage posters, sculptures, or more on a budget, Chairish will welcome you with open arms!

16. Citizen Atelier

Citizen Atelier is ultra-famous for offering carefully curated luxury art. You’ll find many of their pieces hanging gracefully “in the homes of some of Hollywood’s biggest names, as well as luxury hotels and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.” 

At Citizen Atelier, you’ll find an ultra-exclusive range of art prints and contemporary photographs created by world-renowned artists to instantly upgrade your decor.

Of course, the items here will be a lot pricier than other stores but for quality standards, it’s a good place to go. 

17. The Poster Club

If you don’t particularly look forward to crafting a gallery wall from scratch for your decor, you might want to take a trip across The Poster Club. 

Unlike other online art stores with thousands and millions of selections, The Poster Club has a small, but powerful selection of 800 art items from emerging and established artists. 

This will save you the overwhelming hassle of going over mountains of art items. The Poster Club also offers an “Art Wall Designer” tool so you can try out a tasteful selection of curated wall art layouts before making your order. 

18. Amazon

Although not many people talk about it, Amazon is a one-stop shop for everything including art decor. It has a vast array of artwork at a reasonable price.

From posters and prints to retro pop art and reproductions – there are high chances you’ll bump across a perfect art piece (or two, or maybe ten!) for your decor here. If you need a few prints for your art gallery then Amazon is always a great resource. 

19. Juniper Print Shop

Juniper Print Shop offers a diverse collection of art prints curated by Jenny Komenda, artist and founder of the store. From digital downloads to large, framed items, this online store sends affordable statement art pieces to your doorstep.

Over 40 independent female artist craft awesomeness on their canvases every day so you can rest assured your decor will only get the best!

20. The Crafted Prints

Another great stop for all your wall art needs is The Crafted Prints store. It features unique collections of artworks from today’s emerging artists.

While we all love buying works of artists who are either ultra-popular or long gone, The Crafted Prints gives us the chance to support today’s artists who lend beauty to this world, as we speak.

Not only do you find some of the best prints here but you also get to support artists with every purchase you make. 

21. eBay

Of course, we’re going to talk about eBay when we talk about how to buy artwork online. This is a place that you’ll always want to check back to as you’ll never know what you’ll find!

It’s an online treasure trove for you to find the perfect piece. From a lovely vintage painting to antique wall art and wall hangings and so much more – there is always something for every decorator on eBay.

I hope these art sites help you find your perfect piece and discover artists’ works you may never have heard or seen of before. Art, after all, has the potential to make us happy and brighten up any blank walls at home.

If you want to save even more money selecting art for your home you check out these super affordable art hacks. 


21 Best Places To Buy Artwork Online

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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