9 Best Mood Board Apps You Need To Know About 2023

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If you’ve been around the blog a while you’ll know that planning is one things I go on about for any room design. And the best tool you can use is a mood board. It’s fun, it’s creative and helps you get a good idea of what you want to create before rushing in and buying things left, right and centre. And no you don’t have to be an expert designer to a create a mood board.

Of course you can use mood boards for just about anything. So it doesn’t have to be just room interiors that you’re focused on. You can use a mood board for planning a party, a vision board, a wedding and lots of other uses. It’s a good way of putting down a starting plan for your vision to come to life.

From beginner friendly mood board apps up to the more professional programs, here are some the best mood board apps you can try!

Best mood board apps


Pinterest Mood Board Home Feed

I love Pinterest! It’s the best place to collect lots of different ideas and save them to one place. For home interiors they have the try on home feature which is a great tool. Plus you can add notes to individual pins and collective boards. And for those reasons it’s on the list even though technically I wouldn’t call it a mood board app.

In fact I think they missed a trick here! But in terms of putting together simple ideas together in a digital space, Pinterest is still one of the best apps out there. You can add notes to the pins that you’ve saved as well.

If you haven’t already got a Pinterest account it is free to sign up.


Canva Mood Board Templates Home Page

Canva is one of best apps to create your own digital mood board. This is one of the best apps for someone who hasn’t used a creative or graphic software before. It’s really beginner friendly and easy to use.

It’s one of my favourite creative apps. I use it on my computer and it’s just as easy to use on my phone. And I do use it on my phone a lot! The Canva pro version is great and comes with an easy background remover tool.

Canva also has a lot of free templates you can use and stock photos. Or you can upload your own photos too. Little extras like graphics and stickers can use to make your mood board more fun. Choosing fonts that match your theme or idea helps make your mood board more interesting.

You can sign up with your email address for the free version of Canva. Or the pro version is $10.99 a month. The pro version also comes with a brand kit which is super helpful. As you can save your colours, fonts and logos all to one place.



PicMonkey is another beginner friendly app for creating lovely layouts for design or social. It has a similar tools to Canva, with a one click background remover. Which is one the most useful things to have when it comes to creating your own mood board. Again like Canva, PicMonkey does offer lots of different templates you can try.

If you’re wanting to keep things really simple for a mood board. You can try their collage creator. A simple and customizable grid templates to set up your mood board. They also have an art collage if you want to create more of a freestyle mood board.

PicMonkey does offer a free trial for you to start out with. And 3 options after if you choose to continue. A basic package, a pro and a business version.


Moodzer home Page

The Moodzer app is another grid based mood board program. It is simple and easy to use and that reflects in the pricing. There is a free trial as well as reasonable pricing of just $5 if you choose to carry on using the app. Which allows you to save your mood boards, make as many as you like and go add free.

As you’d expect the grids are customizable. You can resize, add filters and use fonts in your boards. Everything you need for the basics!


Go Moodboard App

The great thing about Go Moodboard is that you don’t even need to sign up for an account to use it. It has a small selection of templates you can use. And you just drag and drop your images into the template. You can add some comments and ideas underneath your mood board too.

When you’ve finished your mood board hit save and publish. Simple and easy!


Evernote Best Mood Board Apps

Evernote is an usual app on the list. But this note taking app can be used for making mood boards as well. As Evernote is a great organization tool it makes sense that it would be a great place to put all your thoughts and ideas together.

Adding in a few images and grouping them together with your notes and there you have your mood board!

Best Mood Board Apps For Interior design

Any of the mentioned apps on the post can be used for interior design. It just depends on how you’re wanting to create your mood board for your design. If you’re wanting to explore interiors more or a creative design route, these are some of the apps and programs you can look into more.

Adobe Suite

Adobe Suite

There is more than one app you can use from Adobe Suite for your mood boards. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe’s Illustrator are the most popular. These are two apps I still use today as there is so much you can do with them.

If you’re planning to print out bigger sizes of your mood board then Illustrator is the best program to use. As it is vector based graphic app. This means you can digitally trace over images so they don’t become blurry if you need them to be larger.

Use Illustrator if it’s more of a professional setting at work or school, for a clean crisp image. Photoshop and Illustrator are worth learning if you’re wanting to get into any creative career.

There’s so much to cover with these two apps. I still learn new things every time I use them! There are Adobe courses you can take to really push your skills further.

The basic tools you should know about is the draw tool, the lasso and magnetic lasso tool, the fill tool (the bucket), rectangular marquee tool and the move tool.

With Adobe Suite you can do a free trial first. You can pick an individual app or choose the whole graphic suite both at a monthly fee. Once you pay for the apps you can have them on your phone and desktop.


Milanote Mood board

This is an app that I really like and that I should use more! Milanote is great for putting your ideas together and creating your own mood board. Allowing you to save links, videos to make a really interactive digital mood board.

If you’re collaborating with a client or your team, Milanote is ideal for sharing, organizing and managing your creative ideas. You can create bullet lists, notes and direct links to your home decor and furniture.

With Milanote you can start with a free trial and then upgrade to a individual or team package later.



If you’re thinking about a career in interior design or architecture, the Morpholio is a great app to start practicing on. A lot of big design companies use this app for presentations and drawing work.

For creating a mood board in Morpholio, you’ll need to download the Morpholio Board app. The Morpholio apps you can only download if you have the Apple products. Devices such as the iPhones, iPads and the Macs.

With the Morpholio Board you can connect your Pinterest account inside their app. Quick and easy for direct access to your saved ideas. If you’ve saved furniture pins you can easily remove the background and add it to your mood board. Which is great if you want to create a mood board interior and lay out the pieces as you’d expect to see in a room.

When pinning furniture pieces Morpholio also has a spreadsheet section. It automatically saves the pieces you’ve used in an itemized format. It also saves all the links to all the pieces you’ve saved. So helpful!

So if you’re wanting to stay super organized for a client or your own room renovation or makeover this is a good tool to use!

That rounds up the best mood board apps. There’s a tutorial post on how to make your mood board on Canva. And if there are any other apps you have tried which you feel should be added let me know!


The Best Mood Board Apps You Need to know about @chloedominik

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  1. Great mood board comparison! You might have a look at https://Moodboardly.com too. I built this product for my wife to simplify her interior design process. I focused on making the editing experience similar to Canva but made importing products a breeze. The shareable purchase lists are nice too, I think. I would love to hear your feedback!

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