15 Cute Items To Style: Office Desk Accessories For Her

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Whenever it comes to refreshing the workspace the desk is always a main focus point. Have I got everything I need? What am I missing? Or just do you just need to rearrange your work desk to make work flow a little easier for yourself? If you get excited for desk accessories the same way I do then here are some practical finds for the office…

BEST office desk accessories for her 

1. desk top Storage rack

If you want to absolutely maximize the space on your desk adding another storage level is a great option. This removable desk top storage will help keep everything in order without crowding your desk.

2. Digital Planners

When it comes to work, it tends to be busy all the time! Track and plan your time from month, week and by the hour with my practical digital download planners.

3. Data Line Storage Box

Cables are the easiest things to get tangled and to make your desk look messy! These data storage boxes you can keep on your desk or put away in your desk drawer.

4. Posey Table Clock

This elegant little clock is perfect as it will hardly take up any space on your desk. Or you can pop it on a shelf close by. No need to be checking the time by distracting yourself with your phone!

5. Fountain Pen

Almost all the work we do is on a computer but I do love an old school fashion fountain pen for making notes and journalling. A nice pen will get you writing loads more.

6. Mosiso Keyboard cover

This keyboard cover has been on my wish list for ages. I’m always having to clean between the keys of my laptop and this cover would make it so much easier. Plus it adds some colour to the desk too.

7. Rifle PAPER desk calendar

Adding a colourful desk calendar is another way to add some fun and colour to your office. Rifle Paper always have some of the best calendars I see for the year.

8. potted Chinese Money plant

Rather than just looking at screens, papers and files all the time, bring in a plant for something different to look at. Succulents are low maintenance plants. So you don’t have to worry about water on light much.

9. Bethany Task Lamp

Mixing a little bit of vintage with the modern tech. This task lamp from Anthropologie gives a nice touch to lighting your work space.

10. Desktop Trash can

If you’d rather not have a big trash can taking up space underneath your desk then how about a mini one on top of the desk?

11. pencil cup holder

Keep all your pens and pencils in order and right where they’re needed with a pencil cup holder.

12. Ceramic tray

Sometimes you have to look outside of the usual office supplies category. This pretty patterned ceramic tray I found on the kitchen category on Rejevunation. But I think it’s a nice storage place for the smaller office items.

13. Paper clip Holder

Traditional office supplies are usually needed in one way or another. It’s always handy when you can reuse the container after as well.

14. Gold Double Frame

Frame your favourite inspirational quote or photo on your desk to keep you motivated through your work days. Or just frame your goals for the year for a reminder to what your working towards.

15. Lamicall Tablet holder

This Lamicall tablet holder was featured in a different colour for the gift ideas for the guys work desk too.

Those are the gift ideas for office desk accessories for her that will help with organization and setting up a good office work area.


Cute items to style: office desk accessories for her at home or in the office

This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the disclosure and terms and conditions page.

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