Nightstand Decorating Ideas

17 Beautiful Nightstand Decorating Ideas To Create For The Bedroom

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How do you decorate your nightstand? Is it even styled in any way? Or is your nightstand another place to put any random things you come across, until you find a better place for it? There are lots of great nightstand decorating ideas that you can recreate if you’re stuck for inspiration. This post will share a few favourite nightstand decorating ideas that I’ve found!

However there are a few things to think about when decorating your nightstand. Think about your nighttime and morning routine. What do you do before you go to sleep? Do you tend to wake up during the night and struggle to get back to sleep? Have a think about how your night usually goes and when you wake up.

If you rarely go to sleep straight away before going to bed, chances are you’ll want some room on your nightstand for reading books. Or a place to house your phone, if you keep your phone with you at night. And it’s up to you whether those things are styled out on display or kept hidden away. So decide if a one drawer nightstand works best or if you need more room for storage.

Then comes your design style and other things with personal taste in how your nightstand looks! The style of your bedroom will play a big role in your nightstand decor. Unless you’re thinking of a total bedroom makeover.

Here’s a roundup of nightstand decorating ideas. Ranging from a classic, traditional look to a more modern nightstand styling arrangement. And all for different lifestyles!

Nightstand Decorating Ideas

Classic Nightstand Styling

A stylish modern lamp together with a simple vase full of flowers makes for a classic look. Perfect for a transitional bedroom style. The top of the nightstand is simple and clutter-free. While there’s space underneath to keep knick-knacks and reading material.

Studio McGee is always on point when it comes to styling at home. A larger closed drawer nightstand gives a bit more room to style and accessorize. With the focus being the top of the nightstand only, you can think about the wall area too. Two simple botanical wall prints complement the vase of flowers on the nightstand.

All of the accessories on the nightstand are at different levels. As well as different shapes and sizes which creates lots of visual interest. Just like coffee table styling!

Get The Look:

If you’re the type who can’t keep their eyes open once they’ve gotten into bed, you might want to go ultra simple for nightstand decorating. A simple pot of flowers is all that’s needed to add some style. Decide whether it’s best to go for faux flowers or if you can maintain fresh flowers.

With this nightstand look, the rest of your bedroom has to be super organized with plenty of storage!

Quirky Nightstand Styling

This decor idea is opting for maximum storage with a two-level open nightstand. Even though the nightstand is full, it’s been styled and organized nicely using storage baskets, books and personal items.

As the nightstand is the same colour as the white walls, it makes nightstand styling stand out even more so.

A tight bedroom corner is made into a quirky mini art gallery. Because of the limited space a wall light sconce has been used instead of a lamp. A small potted green plant on top of a couple of books completes the overall look.

Minimalist Nightstand Decor

If a minimalist look then a Scandinavian look is great design go-to. A simple shape in a light washed colour for the nightstand. Use contrasting items like black accessories against a light colour give it a modern edge.

This look could be quite an easy DIY nightstand idea. Just a simple open box frame fixed to the wall, creates enough space for your bedside essentials and a surface space for decorating. Bare foraged branches are used for decor to tie in with the minimal style.

A bare bulb light cord wrapped around a pole provides the lighting over the wall nightstand. Sculptural branches with green foliage and yellow buds on top of the dark wooden nightstand soften the neutral interior.

A super casual idea for a nightstand with just two main furniture pieces. A wooden stool with a modern floor light next to it. With just enough space on top of the stool to pop your essentials on.

Modern Nightstand Decor

This modern open tray nightstand has couple of decor pieces for styling. A contemporary style pitcher with lots of green foliage and a beauty essential leaves plenty of room for a morning coffee and a newspaper.

Get The Look:

Another styled nightstand with a framed art print on a smaller scale. Which is the backdrop for the nightstand setup. A mix of ceramic and glass decor pieces and books add more interest in front of the art print. The art print is from Hotel Magique and styling by Polly Florence.

Get The Look:

A large scale framed print behind a stool is a modern bedside table idea. Fixing a clamp desk light to the stool is a smart way of saving space. Plus the double arm lamp is within easy reach to turn on and off from bed.

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Country Style

A country style nightstand decorating idea. Styled by filling a traditional style ceramic pitcher full of flowers with a couple of thrifted books placed to the side. A simple second hand wooden nightstand completes the cottage core look.

More Nightstand Ideas

Get The Look:

A traditional small drawer nightstand is suitable to hold the night time beauty essentials with some room left for a desk light. As well as trinket dish for jewellery. A coffee table book is used to give extra height to the decor pieces. Underneath hosts a stack of magazines for some night time reading.

Layer multiple pieces of artwork on your nightstand similar to Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design. She added in her own abstract canvas and layered in with some bought prints. Which playfully contrasts with the classical pieces on the nightstand.

Creating your own piece of artwork is a great way to style and personalize your nightstand. And you don’t have to be a great artist, you can always take an art course.

If your bed is in the corner, maybe a larger nightstand will be better option on the one side of the bed. That way you won’t feel like you’re losing out on the space you’d had both sides of the bed.

Get the Look:

Beautiful nightstand styling by Ashley Kane. A stack of white magazines and books host the smaller decor items with a wicker sconce above.

Those are some of the best nightstand decorating ideas I found! I hope these ideas helped with finding your design style. Some decor ideas that will be functional for your bedroom space. And of course styling that is pretty that you enjoy seeing everyday when waking up in the morning!


Nightstand Decorating Ideas

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