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Oval Table Inspiration: 8 Favourites for Dining Rooms

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Choosing a dining table can be a big expense and not something to just pick out on a whim! There are lots of things to consider. Budget, space and occasions. I’ve been seeing a lot of dining spaces using oval tables of late on Pinterest. From modern dining spaces to be using in kitchen banquettes. And I really like the shape and style it brings to the room. An oval table is a little softer on the eye and easier to navigate the surrounding space without any sharp corners. It could be the perfect table shape to work in to your dining area.

Choosing an oval table gives you the length of what a rectangular table can give you. But with the flexibility of a round table. You’re able to fit a few more chairs round if needed and the shape gives it a bit more intimacy and softness about it.

An oval table is sure to make a statement piece for your dining area as it should be! As it’s the main focal point for the eating space. The oval shape is different and unique. It is definitely an impact piece of furniture and creates visual interest as it helps break any harsh edges in the space.

If you like entertaining then an oval might be the best option for seating more people. Particularly if it has extension leaf. Style and practicality all in one! Remember to allow space for the length of the table when its fully extended so its fits in the room and not just it’s standard size. You want to be able to use it when needed!


A beautiful seating nook set with a pedestal marble oval top table. Styled with lots of warm toned and cozy cushions.

Source: Etsy

Start off your mornings to breakfast in a beautiful and simple Scandinavian nook.

Source: Planete Deco

This dining room uses a gorgeous botanical wallpaper and a deep navy interior niche as a back drops to the seating area. With the black oval table as the focal point of the dining room.

Source: Unknown

A classic wood table in an oval shape is sure to make a statement even in a small space setting.

Table Sizes

  • 4 feet (48 inches) seats 4 people
  • 5 feet (60 inches) seats 6 people
  • 6 feet (72 inches) seats 6 people
  • 8 feet (96 inches) seats 8 people
  • 10 feet (120 inches) seats 10 people

Top Tips

  • Assess the space your dining table is going. Is it a formal room or is it going to be part of a more open area where every resides on a day to day? This will determine what material is going to be best for the table.
  • The base of the table plays a key role in how many people you actually fit at the table. A pedestal base is generally situated in the middle of the table so its out of the way and doesn’t interfere with the seating.
  • When it comes to choosing the chairs to go round your oval table always remember to measure the height of the chairs. Especially if you’re considering dining chairs with arms. The chairs need to fit underneath the table.
  • Also the visual weight of the chair is important. The scale and size of the chair, you don’t want it looking to big and heavy with the table.
  • Remember to account for the space needed either side of the chairs. To leave room for you and your guests to get in and out without banging arms and elbows!

Best Oval Dining Tables

  1. Wayfair: A rustic farmhouse extendable table.
  2. Made: Mid century modern wood table with a brass detail.
  3. Crate & Barrel: A modern style wood table.
  4. Wayfair: A white marble look top pedestal table.
  5. La Redoute: A light style table with metal framework and a slim profile wood top.
  6. Made: A modern and unique style black matte table.
  7. Amara: Design by Kartell a contemporary dining room marble look table with gold legs.
  8. Wayfair: I love the decorative steel base for the support of the wood table top.

Choosing the right furniture pieces for your space may take some time. But once you find the right piece its worth the time and the money!


This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the affiliate and terms and conditions page.


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