6 Practical & Beautiful Uses For Sheer Curtains In The Home

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I love the look of sheer curtains in the home! They’re versatile and can be styled and layered in lots of different ways for almost any room in the home. Adding some unlined panels to the windows finishes off the space with little effort. It’s a simple addition to a room that makes it a little more considered.

The type of fabric you choose for the sheers is going to determine what style. Even though sheers are transparent there are differences in the weights and fabrics that you choose. Voiles, silks and even cottons will give a more sophisticated and classic look. A more contemporary style will be just to use sheers. For more elegant spaces you can layer with some heavier curtains. Linen sheers are a little more simple and casual, perfect for a Scandinavian or cottage core style.

Here are practical reasons why using sheer curtains at home might work for your home. As well as some beautiful ideas!

1. Privacy

Using sheers gives the best of both worlds for the rooms you might feel overlooked in. With a small space you need all the natural light it can get. Shutting the curtains completely will make the space feel a dark and and enclosed. Sheers gives the option of still letting the daylight filter through and will offer some privacy from the outside.

2. Aesthetic Only

Sheers are a great way of just softening a space to make it feel a bit more cozy. Decide whether the sheers are going to be a fixed position or can drawn for more flexibility during the times of the year. And they don’t have to be used for just the windows. For decoration add sheers to a canopy bed or a bedroom back wall for interest!

Source: IKEA

2. Natural Light

It’s no secret that the sun makes us happier! Through biophilic design and other things of nature sunlight is a key ingredient in how your space feels at home. So it’s a good to let as much light in as possible. By using sheer panels for the windows you’ll feel like you’re not losing out on any natural light at all!

3. Sunlight

Too much sun can be a factor as well. If you have a room that is a sun trap, the heat is more than likely a big issue, especially in the summer. Sheer curtains will diffuse the light and avoid direct sunlight which can cause fading in anything coloured in the room like fabrics and artwork. Adding sheer curtains will certainly help reduce the heat in the room.

5. Layering

Sheers are perfect to layer up with thicker draperies as they’re so lightweight. Layering heavier curtain panels gives the room interest and depth. It also gives you privacy options for different times of the day and through the year.

6. Zoning

Using sheer curtains is a great way of further zoning areas in a space. Great for a bedroom area or a closet if you would like the bedroom too fell more intimate by using sheers. Or if you’re working for a space that is used for more than one thing like dividing a bedroom and closet area. It’s a great way of separating areas without using a permanent and fixed structure.

Sheer curtains intimate bedroom setting
Source: Archzine

Sheer Curtains Top Tips

  • A top rule for curtains in general is you need at least double the fabric to create a full look. For sheer curtains the same rule applies.
  • Make sure your rod extends 4-6 inches either side of the window frame.
  • Remember to measure the ceiling height for your curtain sheers. Measure from where your rod is positioned to floor. Decide if you like
  • A tailored look which would be just touching the floor know as “kissing”.
  • For a puddled style add 2 to 4 inches extra. This is more is for a more formal style probably best for a room than is used as often where you’re having to open and close the curtains everyday.
  • Floating your curtains means they’re almost to the floor but only 1/3 to 1/2 an inch. (1 -1 .5cm) Anymore than this it looks like you’ve made a mistake with your curtains hanging too short.
  • Using an S track for your sheers is if you want to keep a minimal look with no visual heading. Great for a contemporary look!

Shop Sheer Curtains

  1. IKEA Silverloon: 100% cotton sheer curtains available in white and 3 other colours.
  2. John Lewis Silver Eyelet: White voile curtains with a faint stripe pattern.
  3. La Redoute Tie Curtains: 100% linen curtains with ties details.
  4. La Redoute Fishoyi: 100% linen rod pocket curtains with linen mesh weaving.
  5. IKEA Teresia: Recycled white sheer curtains.
  6. Anthropologie Cantrelle: Embroidered linen curtains.
  7. West Elm Striped: Sheer mini striped linen curtains.
  8. Crate & Barrel: Natural hemp curtains.
  9. Crate & Barrel Wallace Curtains: Semi sheer white curtains.
  10. West Elm Sheers: European flax sheer curtains.
  11. H&M: Linen and cotton mix sheer curtains in light beige or grey colour.
  12. Amazon: White sheer with tab top design.

I hope you found these ideas helpful if you’re thinking of hanging sheer curtains at home!


This post contains some affiliate links which I may make a small commission from should you purchase something. For more information check out the affiliate and terms and conditions page.

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